Levoit LV-H135 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

The Levoit LV-H135 is finally out there, but at the time of writing, you can only find it available on Amazon. Whatever the case may be, this is still the most accomplished air purifier we’ve seen from the company, and a slew of new design changes make this one of the best air purifiers you can buy right now. We are happy to be the first honest Levoit LV-H135 Review you can find right now.

Update: We highly recommend you to read the review of the Levoit Core 400S or Core 600S right after this review, because both new air purifiers have much better value for the price than this Levoit LV-H135.

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levoit lv-h135 review

  • Solid performance
  • Great add-on Smart features
  • Powerful yet elegant design, with enough mobility
  • Better CADR rating
  • Low power consumption for the size

  • A little bit noisy
  • The power cord is weak
  • High filter cost

Levoit is increasing its popularity more and more in the air purifier market, both thanks to its advertisement strategy on Amazon and the actual fame of the Levoit LV-H132. In Breathe Quality, we have followed Levoit’s development day by day, and we are happy to introduce its latest model, the Levoit LV-H135, in our Levoit LV-H135 Review.

Levoit LV-H135 Price

It is extremely rare for a brand to release two flagship air purifiers per year, and it does not always work. There’s often not enough new tech to make for a meaningful upgrade, and bringing a new device to market every six months can cause fatigue for even the keenest air purifier fan.

Levoit has been following the two air purifiers per year schedule since the beginning of 2017, but it seems it is trying to break the regular tradition this year. After the release of Levoit LV-H134, we are welcoming the new introduction of the Levoit Vista 200 and “another flagship,” Levoit LV-H135.

Although Levoit has never committed to only making two air purifiers in one year, the release of the Levoit LV-H135 is still a surprise to us. Looking closely, I find out that the Levoit LV-H135 is somehow a worthy update to the Levoit LV-H133. Of course, nothing is new on the inside, but there are lots of changes on the outside.

The Levoit LV-H135 price will be $249, at least for now. It is $50 less than the previous LV-H133 and $150 less than this year’s flagship LV-H134. It only has one white version, and it’s worth noting that the Levoit LV-H135 is the only air purifier with built-in casters.

Having said that, the Levoit LV-H135 is competing against a more aggressive segment; a number of high-profile air purifiers have launched before, such as the Honeywell HPA300, Airmega 200M, Coway AP-1512HH, and, of course, the Medify MA-40, which is supposed to be the inspiration for our air purifier today. I won’t go into detail about potential competitors, but you should be aware that choosing just one air purifier within your price range will be much more difficult.

Today, it appears that Levoit is taking another step toward high-end entry with the new Levoit EverestAir.

Top Levoit LV-H135 deals right now

Levoit LV-H135 Large Room Air Purifier for Home with True HEPA Filter, Air Cleaner for Allergies and Pets, Odor Eliminator for Smokers.

Designed in California. 100% ozone free, does not use ions which produce trace amounts of measurable ozone. For large room up to 463 square feet.

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Levoit LV-H135 Design and Size

Levoit has embellished the design credentials a good deal in the last couple of iterations of its flagship air purifier, but nothing like the new Levoit LV-H135. It feels like the culmination of lots of hard work – a great-looking device that didn’t skimp on some of the essentials. I feel the new Levoit LV-H135 like another Winix AM90 or Medify MA-40, or a small version of AIRMEGA 300S and AIRMEGA 400S. It is a compliment, as all these aforementioned air purifiers are high-end machines.

The Levoit LV-H135 has a 3D rectangular shape, which is unlike any cylindrical shape previously used. In fact, this change is great for setting up the casters at the bottom, so it is worthwhile and well implemented.

The body is plastic on both the front and back of the device, and this Levoit LV-H135 is a bit shorter than the LV-H133, with 25 inches in height. It feels comfortable to set up in your house, especially thanks to its rolling base, which lets you move the air purifier anywhere.

It seems Levoit won’t compromise to change the airflow system concept, and the Levoit LV-H135 still uses the bottom-to-top concept, with the 360° air intake grill and impressive top air outlet.

A brand new display control panel draws attention from users, and I must admit it is really beautiful. The Levoit air purifier will always be the winner of my heart for its pure beauty, and the Levoit LV-H135 could easily be the most beautiful.

levoit lv-h135 review

Source: Amazon.com

Levoit LV-H135 is also lighter than the previous LV-H133, as it is only 18 lbs compared with 21 lbs. With the wheeled design, you won’t have any trouble moving it around your home.

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Levoit LV-H135 Filters

The most important criteria for determining the power of an air purifier are its air filters. We will basically look at how many filters it has and what types of air filters are used. As the flagship of one brand, I had high expectations for the Levoit LV-H135. This air purifier will continue to use the all-in-one air filter from now on, with the 3-stage air cleaning system described below.

  1. Pre-filter – Using the fine preliminary filter, the Levoit LV-H135 is able to capture most of the large objects right at the first stage of its air filtration process. In addition, the pre-filter is vacuumable and can be reused for a long time.
  2. True HEPA filter – Levoit LV-H135 uses a True HEPA Filter to reduce 99.97% of allergens, virus particles, pollen, and bacteria particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  3. Activated Carbon Filter – This Activated Carbon filter captures and neutralizes smoke and odors from the kitchen, your pets, or even the outdoors.

This is exactly the same air filter being used in the Levoit LV-H133, and if you notice the amazing performance of the previous model, you will likely love the new Levoit LV-H135. For those who don’t know, this air filter is enough to deal with your common airborne allergies. The certified True HEPA filter is the best method to capture 99.97% of any impurities with sizes down to 0.3 microns.

levoit lv-h135 review

Source: Amazon.com

Given the internals are much alike to the 2018 model, I believe the performance rating of this Levoit LV-H135 remains the same. So to say, I used the same test as the LV-H133, with a room size of 200 square feet and a duration of 1 hour. This time, I chose the Whirlpool WP1000 and Winix U300 as the testers to compare with this Levoit LV-H135. Just like I predicted before, the Levoit LV-H135 scored after both of them, with a high efficiency of 99.93% for trapping any particles down to 0.3 microns. For more details, you can look at the chart below.

levoit lv-h135 review

You need to use the new LV-H135-RF air filter in this Levoit LV-H135. The filter costs about $84 and must be replaced every six months.

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Levoit LV-H135 Room Coverage

Levoit, just like a lot of American air purifier brands like Rabbit Air, Alen, and Oransi, are more likely to impress their audiences with large room coverage while, in fact, their air purifiers don’t have enough fan capability. The Levoit LV-H135, while being as modest as possible, is claimed to clean a large room of 463 square feet.

levoit lv-h135 review

Source: Amazon.com

The ACH of Levoit LV-H135 remains 5X. This Levoit LV-H135 will clean your room every 12 minutes.

The CADR of Levoit LV-H135 is 212-235 cfm in general. The CADR rating is not high, but it is not low either. In real-world use, the Levoit LV-H135 is able to clean a room of around 400 square feet really quickly, in about up to an hour.

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Levoit LV-H135 Sound

Levoit is always proud of its quiet operation in every air purifier, and the brand believes its devices can easily be used in the bedroom or the office, where silence is required the most. It is due to the highly specialized mechanism of its advanced fan that it reduces the noise to a barely audible level.

With three fan speeds, you will enjoy a minimum noise level of only 26 decibels, which is virtually silent for any person. Your children won’t be awakened at night, and you’ll still have clean, fresh air.

levoit lv-h135 review

Source: Amazon.com

Even when you run this Levoit LV-H135 at the highest setting, the noise level is just 54 decibels (dB). This is the noise level of normal conservation at home or in the office, and if you are at work, you won’t be interrupted by this air purifier.

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Levoit LV-H135 Power Consumption

A good air purifier is designed to run for a long time to be more efficient, making the high-priority question in Breathe Quality: “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” To know the answer, we will need to check the power consumption of this air purifier.

The LV-H135 advanced brushless motor from Levoit is capable of consuming as little power as possible. I have recorded the power consumption of this air purifier to be only 33 watts, which is nearly half the Blue Pure 121 with 61 watts or 1/4 the rated power of the Whirlpool WP500 with 110 watts.

For this criteria, we can all believe in the Levoit brand. An advanced fan motor in the Levoit LV-H134 allows this gigantic air purifier to run with a power consumption of only 45 watts. This power consumption is still far below the maximum of the Blue Pure 121, which is up to 61 watts. That is the exchange we have for this Levoit LV-H134: a little bit weaker fan power for a little bit better power consumption.

If you root for a Levoit LV-H135, you only need to pay about $12 annually for this air purifier, with about 8 hours of use per day. I bet that you will turn this air purifier on 24/7 after reading this review.

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Levoit LV-H135 Additional Features

Just like the Levoit LV-H133 and Levoit LV-H134, the Levoit LV-H135 contains the great Smart Sensor to help detect any changes in the indoor air quality and give feedback to you via the LED indicator. Moreover, with the Auto Mode on, you can clean the room in a smarter way, as the Levoit LV-H135 can automatically adjust the fan speed to match your needs and therefore save energy.

levoit lv-h135 review

Source: Amazon.com

You can still use the sleep mode to keep the air purifier running at the lowest setting during the night.The Advanced Timer is also available, so you can schedule your air purifier. These functions are just the most basic ones for any air purifiers in this price range, and I don’t want to dig too deeply into the details.

Finally, you will have the LED indicator for filter replacement.

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Levoit LV-H135 Customer Service

Levoit is a brand that strongly focuses on its customers and community. If you buy one of its products, you will receive everything you need to set it up and run it. Negative customer service reviews are almost nonexistent.

There is only one thing: it gives a basic 1-year warranty. To get an additional 1-year warranty, you need to have some free registration. It is easy, and everyone is willing to sign up for another year of warranty. Moreover, you will get community rewards, which are like loyalty points, for your next purchase.

You can contact Levoit freely from Monday to Friday via phone at 888-726-8520 or via email at support@levoit.com.

Top Levoit LV-H135 deals right now

Levoit LV-H135 Large Room Air Purifier for Home with True HEPA Filter, Air Cleaner for Allergies and Pets, Odor Eliminator for Smokers.

Designed in California. 100% ozone free, does not use ions which produce trace amounts of measurable ozone. For large room up to 463 square feet.

Our verdict

Well, this could have been the most anticipated Levoit air purifier last year, as it fills the wide price gap between the Levoit LV-PUR131 and Levoit LV-H133. Levoit’s LV-H135 has impressive fan power and a great air filtration system, as well as a very sleek and convenient appearance that users will love and appreciate. Its only drawback is its high increase in annual cost.

However, the successors normally supersede the old ones, so you’d better buy the Levoit Core 400S instead.

Levoit LV-H135 Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
Levoit LV-H135 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Levoit LV-H135 Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power:True HEPA ✓ Large room: 463 sq ft ✓ Value: 3.4/5 ✓ Certified Review

Product Brand: Levoit

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 249

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Editor's Rating:
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The Levoit LV-H135 is a good-looking and powerful air purifier that can compete with devices from the larger and more established brands on the market.