Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

The Levoit PlasmaPro 400S sold out quickly on Levoit’s main website, so its fate is unknown. Thanks to a friend of ours working at Walmart, we have a quick preview of this air purifier. Because we do not perform the same tests on this device as we do on other Levoit air purifiers, you should take our Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Review with a grain of salt.

Levoit PlasmaPro 400S ranks A- in our air purifier ranking list. We give the biggest and most thorough database of air purifier reviews in the world.

Update: The new Levoit Core 600S is out, with an A+ ranking. We’ve also made a complete review of the flagship Levoit EverestAir, so check it out.

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levoit plasmapro 400s review

  • Solid performance
  • Future-proofed with Smart features
  • Better CADR rating
  • Upgraded laser sensor

  • High annual filter cost
  • Hard to find a copy
  • Initial price is too high

Levoit doesn’t stop improving itself. The company has made a total of 18 different air purifiers, but this time, it marks a prototype by the name of Levoit PlasmaPro 400S. So is anything different from the mainline Levoit Core 400S? Let’s find out in our Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Review today.

Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Price

The Levoit PlasmaPro 400S isn’t the most exciting new launch from the company; instead, it seems like a sort of prototype to try new plasma technology in its next-gen lineup of air purifiers. This technology is very similar to the PlasmaWave from Winix, which isn’t a new technology. Also, the new Levoit EverestAir reminds me of some old Winix air purifiers, as a combination of the Winix C535 and Winix HR1000.

Back to the Levoit PlasmaPro 400S, which is initially priced at $289 on the Levoit website, which is $70 higher than the starting price of the Levoit Core 400S. That much for an air purifier is 95% the same. Perhaps that’s why Levoit stops selling it at the moment—to adjust the price or to implement new technology into the next-generation models and discontinue the PlasmaPro 400S.

Whatever the reason, if you’re someone who likes using limited devices from one brand, you can check our deal for more information, as it can lower the price to only $179. If the deal is sold out, we will update this article as soon as possible.

Top Levoit PlasmaPro 400S deals right now

Levoit Air Purifier PlasmaPro 400S for Large Room (990 sq. ft), White.

Combining new Plasma technology into the current HEPASmart filter. Smart features. CARB, and FCC certified, as well as ETL listed and CA Prop 65 compliant.

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Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Design and Size

Design and size aren’t any different from the Levoit Core 400S, and it feels exactly the same as the reviewed unit in my memory. It is a marketing strategy to name only one model differently. After all, the Levoit PlasmaPro 400S is just a prototype to test customers’ reactions to the new PlasmaPro technology.

So being quick for the design section, the Levoit PlasmaPro has the same dimensions of 20.5 x 10.8 x 10.8 inches as the original Core 400S, putting it firmly between the Levoit Core 300S and Levoit Core 600S in size.

There’s the same bottom-to-top airflow system concept that’s loved and used by almost all of the Levoit air purifiers, with a 360-degree air inlet and a top outlet.

For people who want a new look, let’s check out the new Red Core 400S version. It’s the first time Levoit uses this color code for an air purifier, and the logo is changed, too. I’m not sure if the new version is selling well or not because this review is only read by people who like limited editions, but here’s a good deal on the red version.

Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Other than that, the Levoit PlasmaPro 400 has the same weight, at 11 lbs.

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Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Filters

The most important criteria for determining the power of an air purifier are its air filters. We will basically look at how many filters it has and what types of air filters are used. The Levoit PlamaPro 400S is supposed to make a tweak to its internal system and grant a 4-stage air cleaning system:

  1. Pre-filter – Using the fine preliminary filter, Levoit PlasmaPro 400S is able to capture most of the large objects right at the first stage of its air filtration process. In addition, the pre-filter is vacuumable and can be reused for a long time.
  2. True HEPA filter – Levoit PlasmaPro 400S uses a H13 True HEPA Filter to reduce 99.97% of as small as 0.3 microns of allergens, virus particles, pollen, and bacteria particles.
  3. Activated Carbon Filter – This Activated Carbon filter captures and neutralizes smoke and odors from the kitchen, your pets, or even the outdoors. Levoit ARC formula for high-density activated carbon filter.
  4. PlasmaPro technology – The same method as the PlasmaWave from Winix that generates positive and negative ions to break down the contaminant’s molecule structure.

Even with the new PlasmaPro technology, the new Levoit PlasmaPro 400S is certified by the CARB (California Air Resources Board) for meeting an ozone emission concentration limit of 0.050 parts per million (ppm).

I’d like to know if the PlasmaPro technology is a plug-and-play module or if it’s a built-in component in air purifiers. If it’s the latter, perhaps each Levoit Core 400S selling in the market right now contains that part. So when the feedback for the new technology is overall positive, you can change the setting inside your smartphone application.

Even for a quick preview, I’m able to run a stress test for the Levoit PlasmaPro 400S. The result, my testing unit’s performance, was considered the same as the old Core 400S’s data, cleaning 99.92% of all particles down to 0.3 microns in 200 square feet after 1 hour. So, I just borrowed the old chart to help you compare the Levoit PlasmaPro 400S with the top guns on the market: the Coway AP-1512HH, Winix AM90, Blue Pure 311 Auto, and Honeywell HPA300.

levoit plasmapro 400s review

It’s not a surprise that the PlasmaPro 400S continues to use the same Core 400S-RF filter. It is recommended to change the filter every 6 months.

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Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Room Coverage

Being the same internals, it’s not hard to tell that the Levoit PlasmaPro 400S has the same room coverage as the Core 400S, or 403 square feet for its maximum performance.

The ACH of Levoit PlasmaPro 400S is 5X. Thanks to its new VortexAir technology, the air purifier can purify the recommended space for up to 5 times per hour.

The CADR of Levoit PlasmaPro 400S is 225 Dust/ 226 Smoke/ 237 Pollen (cfm). The CADR rating is measured officially because the Levoit PlasmaPro 400S is certified by the Energy Star. It is actually a bit lower than the Core 400S.

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Levoit PlamaPro 400S Sound

There is no marketing material on the product page of the Levoit PlasmaPro 400S, like the new QuietKEAP technology or something alike. However, running this air purifier at its lowest setting produces almost no noise. I measured a noise level of around 27 decibels (dB) at the lowest speed, which is quieter than even a whisper.

The highest noise level of this air purifier is around 53 decibels. So to say, it is a very silent air purifier, and you can use it for your bedroom and your baby’s room without worrying about the white noise.

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Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Power Consumption

A good air purifier is designed to run for a long time to be more efficient, making the high-priority question in Breathe Quality: “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” To know the answer, we will need to check the power consumption of this air purifier.

Levoit PlasmaPro 400S shares the same rated power of 38 watts, though it is measured a little lower in our test at around 33 watts. Remember that the Levoit PlasmaPro 400S is an Energy Star air purifier.

If you already own a Levoit PlasmaPro 400S, you can be sure that it will cost you just $14 to run the air purifier for at least 8 hours per day.

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Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Additional Features

Besides the real difference of the PlasmaPro button on the control panel, it’s tempting to repeat everything from the Core 400S. So it’s the same good smart sensor and high-end Wi-Fi capability that Levoit brings all the way down to the Core 200S. Thanks to its app, you can control the device easily with voice commands, like Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Smart Sensor, even though it can detect only dust particles, is a laser sensor, not an infrared sensor. Yes, it is more accurate and detects things quicker than the common low-end sensor you’ll find in other air purifiers.

Other than that, the Levoit PlasmaPro 400S still has any additional features you could have had from its predecessors, like a timer, child lock, or a simple yet necessary LED indicator for filter replacement.

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Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Customer Service

Levoit is a brand that strongly focuses on its customers and community. If you buy one of its products, you will receive everything you need to set it up and run it. Negative customer service reviews are almost nonexistent.

There is only one thing: it gives a basic 1-year warranty. To get an additional 1-year warranty, you need to have some free registration. It is easy, and everyone is willing to sign up for another year of warranty. It seems newer products are getting a 2-year warranty by default.

You can contact Levoit freely from Monday to Friday via phone at 888-726-8520 or via email at support@levoit.com.

Top Levoit PlasmaPro 400S deals right now

Levoit Air Purifier PlasmaPro 400S for Large Room (990 sq. ft), White.

Combining new Plasma technology into the current HEPASmart filter. Smart features. CARB, and FCC certified, as well as ETL listed and CA Prop 65 compliant.

Our verdict

It’s the Levoit PlasmaPro 400S, which is essentially the Core 400S with the PlasmaPro effect. However, the added technology doesn’t improve performance, though it doesn’t have any drawbacks either. So if you’re looking for a Levoit Core 400S vs. PlasmaPro 400S, it’s a draw.

Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs 2024
Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Levoit PlasmaPro 400S Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: True HEPA ✓ Smart Control ✓ Value: 4.3/5 ✓ Certified Review

Product Brand: Levoit

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 179

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Editor's Rating:
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New PlasmaPro technology doesn’t add any improvements to the Core 400S.