Do air purifiers improve sleep?

We use the air purifier mostly for the air cleaning purpose, but do you once think the clean air from the air purifiers can help you improve your sleep? That’s right, an air purifier is indeed a vital device to guarantee the high air quality in your bedroom. As a result, breathing fresh air will both help you sleep faster and keep you for a good sleep. So, if you have a question: “Do air purifiers improve sleep?” then you have a quick answer.

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However, if you are not in a hurry, just keep reading to know why the air purifiers can help you improve the sleep. Also, we will show you a list of the best air purifiers to serve you in the bedroom. We all know that we need a good sleep, so why not invest for an air purifier to save ourselves from difficulty sleeping.

Note: If you need answer for common questions of air purifiers, please read our air purifier FAQs.

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Do air purifiers improve sleep?

The air purifiers do improve your sleep. These devices can purify the air by trapping 99.97% of down to 0.3 microns airborne allergens such as dust, dust mites, pet hair, pet dander, mold spores and lots of bacteria that cause congestion and make you awake at night. Suffering from the allergies is the most reasons why you can’t sleep at night. Of course, who can sleep with these symptoms: congestion, stuffy noses, sneezing, sinus headaches, and shortness of breath.

Moreover, the air purifier can release the white noise, which can contribute as a sleep aid. Many sleepers fall asleep using white noise, a term for static frequencies that are blended together to create soothing ambient sounds. This white noise is produced from the fan of some air purifiers, that can block outside noise to a noticeable extent. As a result, it will help you to sleep faster.

One more reason to buy an air purifier to improve sleep is the fresh air. Do you know that we sleep best in cool and comfortable environment, where fresh air plays a big role. The fresh air will somehow help your body cool the temperature, burn the calories and rest easier.

And why you need the air purifier to improve sleep? Because you really need a good sleep, as it will restore you physically, mentally, and emotionally. A good sleep will definitely guarantee a better start next day, and the bad one will ruin your day. So is this thing persuasive to you?

The last but not least, many people asked us that “Can I leave my air purifier on all night?”. Well, it is okay to run your air purifier on all night, proving as you are using the right air purifier. To understand this question more clearly, you should read our article: Can you run an air purifier all the time?

Below are some list of the best air purifiers, with specialized purposes to use in 2021.

List of best air purifiers in 2021

Causes of Sleep Issues

There are many sleep issues you may come across, but in this article, we will only note the sleep issues that an air purifier can fix it. CNN Reports that lack of sleep costs the US Economy over $63 billion per year, and this report is not bluffing. Inadequate sleep leads to fatigue, daytime drowsiness, lack of mental clarity, and a reduced ability to use one’s resources to solve problems. And the possible causes of sleep issues are:

1, Depression

One of the main symptoms of depression is poor sleep. People with this problem are able to fall asleep, but they wake up in the early morning hours and are unable to get back to sleep. And the most cause of depression is health effects. To keep yourself in a highest status, you first need to have a good environment. A good environment is a result of regular cleaning, air purifying and removal of the household chemicals. An air purifier is able to keep your indoor air quality at its best, and to adsorb some bad VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

2, Hygiene

Your hygiene is one common cause of difficult sleeping. But even if you had taken a shower before, your room is still full of smoke, odors and smells. These horrible things are lingered much longer than anything else, and will keep you awake in disgusting. Again, an air purifier is all you need to keep the odors and smoke away. Using an Activated Carbon filter, many air purifiers can adsorb even the odors and smells from your home.

Now, you must know the answer to “Do air purifiers improve sleep?” In Breathe Quality, we only wish for your health and better air quality. Thank you!

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