Do air purifiers remove odor?

When someone needs our advice on buying an air purifier, one of the most common questions is “Do air purifiers remove odor?” or “Do air purifiers help with smell?”

Though this question is the top reason people search for an air purifier, the answer is not just a simple yes or no.

An air purifier is able to remove odor and smell; however, you need to know about many other things to help control the smell in your house. Also, it is not easy to select a random air purifier and hope that it works perfectly for you.

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We’ll go over everything there is to know about Do air purifiers remove odor and smell? in this post.

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What are common types of odors?

Odors are mostly caused by one or more volatile chemical compounds (VOCs) that can be felt by the sense of smell. They are generally described as unpleasant odors, while the pleasant ones are called scents.

Not only that, but the sense of smell is different from person to person. While some odors may not bother you enough, their effects can be much more unpleasant or even trigger problems for others.

Today, we will take a look at the most common types of odors.

Cigarette smoke – Most typical unpleasant odors

Any nonsmoker will admit that the most offensive odors are those of cigarette or cigar smoke. If someone in your family smokes all the time, this annoying smell will always be there.

The smoke can not only flow with the air in your home; it will also cling to your furniture surfaces, clothes, and even your body. For smokers, they will have a bad smell and stained teeth. Even the hair will smell bad.

Tobacco and cigarette smoke are the number one cause of lung cancer. To get rid of cigarette smoke completely, we need an air purifier.

Pet odors

Today, 68% of Americans own at least one pet. We all love our pets, but we never love their odors in the same way. No matter how much we wash or bathe them, they always smell. Especially for dog odors, people who stay with their dogs inside their homes will suffer from a bad natural smell all day.

As bothersome as pet hair and dander are in our homes, pet odors can cause a slew of issues for you. This smell is a total nightmare for those who suffer from allergies. If you need something to help you absorb the odors from your pets, their beds, and litter boxes, you should find an air purifier.

List of the best air purifiers

Food and Cooking smell

The primary source of odors and smoke in your home is cooking. One of the most common dishes is fried fish, which can leave a strong and lingering odor behind. Foods with spices and similar ingredients may be especially bad for making bad odors, too.

You’ll have an even bigger problem if you’re not the only one carrying the burden. This is a typical issue for people who are living within an apartment or sharing a dorm.

To make matters worse, some foods, when cooked, distribute minute food particles in the air, which can build up over time on your interior surfaces.


Believe me, the worst scenario is when you forget to take out the garbage. Then the bad odors will linger for hours after you get rid of the garbage bag. It is because garbage contains a wide variety of materials like food, chemical compounds, or even your pet’s droppings that tend to begin to decompose in a short amount of time, creating gases in the air that become very strong odors.

Household chemicals and construction materials can also cause serious odors. Some of these chemicals are more harmful if you directly inhale them.

Do air purifiers remove odor?

Yes, air purifiers are the best and safest method to remove odors from your home. Air purifiers work to remove odor by using a fan to cycle the air in a room through an Activated carbon filter, which will adsorb the chemicals that cause odors. Carbon is a porous and adsorbent element that has the ability to trap odors and airborne chemicals.

While the True HEPA filter doesn’t adsorb the smell like an activated carbon filter, it will help capture even the tiniest particles of contaminants that release the odors. Combining both of these filters will clean your air better. These filters, however, are only found in high-quality air purifiers. 

However, we strongly advise you to clean your home regularly. You also need an air vent for your kitchen, and don’t hesitate to open your windows widefor your kitchen, and don’t hesitate to open your windows wide. It will help you reduce as many unpleasant odors as possible. For the garbage, you need to dispose of it quickly. These habits will help your air purifiers remove odors better and prolong their filters for much longer.

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