Do air purifiers cool down a room?

There is a common myth that the consumers believe when they consider buying an air purifier. They think an air purifier could also work as a fan, or a air conditioner. With the increasing trend of air purifier buyers, Breathe Quality will find a way to help you answer “Do air purifiers cool down a room?”, or “Do air purifiers make the room cold?”

To help you select the most efficient and powerful air purifiers to achieve a better air quality improvement, we summarize all the best air purifiers in a list, so you can easily decide which air purifier to get.

Note: If you need answer for common question of air purifier, please read our air purifier FAQs.

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Do air purifiers cool down a room?

To answer this question of Do air purifiers cool down a room, you must first understand that most air purifiers are fans with air filters. The function of a fan is cooling down a room by blowing or circulating air. An air purifier can’t directly change a room’s temperature (because it is actually a fan), but the process of moving air will make the room cooler.

An air purifier typically consists of at least 1 to 3 filters, and with the more filters it has, the less direct air flow you can feel. So if you think an air purifier can replace your ceiling fan or desk fan, you should think again.

However, air purifier with higher air flow will blow out more air. To check how much air your air purifier will blow out, you should check the CADR rating. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate, tells exactly how strong an air purifier can blow the air within a particular size room. This is a measurement of the filtered air flow in cfm (cubic feet per minute).

The only exception for using air purifier to cool down the room is Dyson air purifiers: be it one of the Dyson Pure Cool Link, Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, Dyson Pure Cool Tower or Dyson Pure Cool Me. Besides the normal air purifier function, these air purifiers add the cooling fan power to actually make your room cooler.

Do air purifiers make the room cold?

An air purifier is not an air conditioner. Air purifiers do not have a cooling unit inside them like an air conditioner does that lowers the temperature of the blown air. For the question of Do air purifiers make the room cold, we must emphasize again that air purifier doesn’t create cold air.

The reason you feel cold is air purifier can push and pull air like a two-dimensional fan. This air circulation process will make your room a lot cooler. Also, with high CADR (we explained this term above), an air purifier could blow strong air, therefore cool down the room.

List of best air purifiers

Remember that an air purifier doesn’t work as a fan or an air conditioner, which means they do not for cooling a room by design. Instead, we use air purifiers to purify the air around us, because air purifiers can eliminate 99.97% of contaminant particles down to 0.3 microns.

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind when buying an air purifier is the fact that it will only work in the room you have it running in. Air purifiers can’t purify air through walls. So if you want maximum usage of your air purifier, you should move it to the room that you want to clean air the most.

We hope that you have the right answer for “Do air purifiers cool down a room?”, keep following us to know why you need an air purifier in your home. Thank you!

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