Can You Run an Air Purifier All the Time? How long to use air purifier?

Air purifier becomes one of the most popular things in a typical U.S home. The reason for this popularity is air purifiers can effectively reduce the effects of allergens, smoke and even eczema.

To help you select the most efficient and powerful air purifiers to achieve a better air quality improvement, we summarize all the best air purifiers in a list, so you can easily decide which air purifier to get.

One of our most FAQs is “Can I run an air purifier all the time?” Well, this is not just your problem. Today, Breathe Quality will help you know when to operate and how long to use an air purifier.

Note: If you need answer for common question of air purifier, please read our air purifier FAQs.

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Should you run an air purifier 24/7?

Air purifiers are designed and meant to be used 24/7. Some high-end air purifiers use a technology called Smart Sensor, to automatically adjust the fan speed to preserve the energy. Therefore you can easily run these air purifiers all day without worrying of your charged energy bill.

An example of air purifier with Smart Sensor is this Rabbit Air MinusA2, one of the best air purifier products.

Even without Smart Sensor, you still need to run your air purifiers for a long time. Because typically there are new particulates from your pets, air conditioner, open windows or even from you. These contaminants should be purified immediately.

If you don’t have serious problems with allergens or asthma, these air purifiers usually comes with a Set Timer function or Air Quality Indicator to indicate the air quality in reality. If you are satisfied with the quality, you can turn your air purifier off.

For people who have problems like sleep disorders, you should check these best air purifiers for bedroom. If you’ve already owned one out of this list, keep your air purifier at lowest settings and you should be fine.

Expert tips: Always keep your air purifier’s user guide. The manufacturer always give you the tips of how long to use an air purifier.

How to save electricity while using your air purifier

Running an electric device repeatedly will make people think it would consume a lot of electricity. The truth is to run an air purifier with many filters for many hours at a time not only wears out the filters and the machines, but also expends an enormous amount of electricity.

Therefore, you should know How to save electricity while using an air purifier.

Tip #1, you should use it when you are at home (or at office if you are using one of the best air purifiers for office). You can easily run your air purifier at lowest setting if you use plants for producing oxygen, or have specific zone for smoking…

Tip #2, your air purifier should be used differently according to the time of the year. For example, weed pollen is a trouble mostly during the summer, so keep your air purifier work hard in summer and save it in winter.

List of the best air purifiers

How Long to Use an Air Purifier Before Changing the Filter?

HEPA Air filter needs to be replaced one after 6 months to 1 year. It is better to have an air purifier with both HEPA-type pre-filter and True HEPA filter for efficiency. The pre-filter could be washable or cleaned by vacuum, therefore it could last longer than before. Also, without the large particles of contaminants, the True HEPA filter will have a longer lifetime.

If you have learn about air filter types, you will know that an air purifier need to replace the filters one they are done. Each day running and trapping a lot of pollutant particles will reduce the effectiveness of air filters, and eventually wear out them.

There are many higher technology of True HEPA filter to extend the lifetime of this filter. For example this Rabbit Air MinusA2 uses Advanced BioGS HEPA filter. Or this IQAir GC MultiGas has a technology called HyperHEPA.

I hope you have the right answer if you could run an Air Purifier all the time or not? Thank you!

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