Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

With a top-notch air filtration process, a lovely design, and a handful of great features, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 was this brand’s successful attempt to capture the title of best air purifier last year. It’s a big jump from the previous Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 and a worthy rival with even bigger guns in the high-range air purifier segment. Today, we will make a Rabbit Air MinusA2 Review to see why this air purifier can secure the title of Best Air Purifier” this year.

Still one of the top picks for the best air purifier, is the Rabbit Air MinusA2 flagship of the brand anymore? Let’s find out in the review of the latest Rabbit Air A3.

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rabbit air minusa2 review

  • Top-notch True HEPA filter
  • Outstanding filtration process
  • Attractive design
  • Can be mounted on wall
  • Overall great performance
  • 5-year warranty

  • Quite low fan power

Rabbit Air has been one of the leaders in the air purifier industry since 2004. Given that title, this brand is trustworthy to many people, and its signature product Rabbit Air MinusA2 is no exception. If you’re on the hunt for a high-end air purifier with a perfect air filtration system and lots of advanced smart features, you may not want to miss the Rabbit Air MinusA2. Let’s find out why in this Rabbit Air MinusA2 Review.

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Rabbit Air MinusA2 Price

Rabbit Air is not a brand for cheap air purifiers. Its products are all made of high-quality materials to provide true air filtration. Moreover, Rabbit Air devices are always on the lookout. They’ve not just been functional and durable, but also fashionable and delicate.

Other than the older Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is Rabbit Air’s most advanced big air purifier (well, now the Rabbit Air A3 is) thanks to its unique and oversized design, with no identical look to the predecessors. In fact, more than a year after launch, it remains at the top of our best air purifiers list.

It’s easy to see why Rabbit Air MinusA2 starts at $549 for the SPA-700A and can go as high as $619 for the SPA-780N. Its price is $149 more expensive than the BioGS 2.0 at launch, pushing the Rabbit Air MinusA2 directly into the luxury mid-range level. For the same price, you can get other smart devices like the Levoit EverestAirBlueair HealthProtect 7470iWinix XLC and Blueair Classic 480i, or top up more money for the higher-range machines like the Molekule Air or Austin Air HealthMate Plus.

We also notice the presence of the latest series in the Dyson Pure Cool Tower and Dyson Pure Cool Link (the Dyson TP04 and Dyson DP04) within the same price range. Besides using a True HEPA filter, these air purifiers have amazing cooling fan power to help you survive the summer. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, which is slightly more expensive, will also include heating power.

There has been no change in the price since its launch, which encourages anyone to buy this Rabbit Air MinusA2 without the fear of a value drop. The highest price point of this air purifier can even match the high-range level.

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Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet True HEPA SPA-780A Black Edition (with Energy Star).

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Rabbit Air MinusA2 Design and Size

Rabbit Air MinusA2 has three main editions. The SPA-700A is the smallest one, with a smaller room coverage of 700 square feet. The SPA-780A and the SPA-780N both have the same area coverage of 815 square feet, but the latter also has Wi-Fi functionality.

There are two standard color editions, Black and White, for the SPA-780A/N models. The white edition is only available for the smaller SPA-700A. Below is the White version of this Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-780A model.

rabbit air minusa2 review

Visually, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is nothing like any other air purifier from Rabbit Air, either in terms of design or how you interact with it every day. It comes in a square shape and is mainly made out of metal with a good build. On the front of the Rabbit Air MinusA2, we have one LED panel at the center to show if it is turned on or off. On the right side are the function buttons. My only slight annoyance is that the button is quite hard to push down.

rabbit air minusa2 review

Source: Amazon.com

The air intake of this air purifier is around the front panel. Basically, the design of the Rabbit Air MinusA2 increases the amount of polluted air it can inhale and maximizes the efficiency of the fan power. You will find the air outlet on the top of this air purifier.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 is available in a variety of artist series, ranging from Claude Monet and Van Gogh to the Hello Kitty Special Edition. It is nice to have one picture in your home, right?

rabbit air minusa2 review

Source: Amazon.com, Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 could be the slimmest air purifier, with only 7 inches in depth. Though the size of the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is somehow broad with 19 inches in height and 21.4 inches in width, you can easily mount it to the wall and therefore save some precious space in your home. To compare with other air purifier brands like BlueairWhirlpool or Honeywell, I prefer the design of the Rabbit Air MinusA2. It is simple but elegant.

If you decide to move your Rabbit Air MinusA2 to another room, this air purifier is only 19.4 lbs in weight. With the added benefit of being mountable, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is the best air purifier to choose for any type of room.

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Rabbit Air MinusA2 Filters

The number of filters and air filter types are the most important factors in determining an air purifier’s power. In this Rabbit Air MinusA2 air purifier, a six-stage air filtration system works to help you remove almost any allergies and asthma problems.

  1. Pre-filter – The polluted air must pass through a pre-filter, capturing all large particles along with dust mites and pet hair. It is washable and permanent.
  2. Medium Filter – Traps large pollen, pet dander, mold, and dust particles that are too small to bypass the pre-filter.
  3. Advanced BioGS HEPA Filter – It is a True HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold, and fungi particles down to 0.3 microns. Rabbit Air advances its air filter process, thereby extending the HEPA filter’s optimal filter effectiveness and filter life.
  4. Customized Filter – Chooses from a variety of customized filters including Germ Defense, Pet Allergy, Odor Remover, and Toxin Absorber. It can increase the efficiency of this air purifier.
  5. Activated Carbon filter – Eliminates odors, smokes and chemical vapors.
  6. Ion Generator – It either traps the particles in other filters or drops them onto the floor, where they can be picked up by your vacuum instead of accidentally inhaled. Can be switched on/off.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 is proud to show off the extremely powerful 6-layer air filtration. It is reasonable because the common air purifier only uses 2 to a maximum of 4 filters for air purification. The air purifier that could rival the Rabbit Air MinusA2 in terms of the number of physical air filters is only the Austin Air HealthMate Plus at a higher price. With double the pre-filtration, the MinusA2’s True HEPA filter won’t need to capture as many contaminants as others, increasing the durability of this precious HEPA filter.

Most low-cost air purifiers don’t go far with their True HEPA filter. It only lasts for months. But note that the Rabbit Air MinusA2 has a longer lifetime due to its Advanced BioGS technology (an upgrade from BioGS on previous machine models) at the heart of the True HEPA filter. This means better air filtration against pollutants, and the air purifier can now last up to two years without needing to be replaced. If you really focus on the air filters, you must admit that the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is an unstoppable winner.

To perfect the air filtration process, Rabbit Air invented a Customized Filter. You can tailor this air filter to fit your needs, from Germ Defense, Pet Allergy, Odor Remover, to Toxin Absorber.

Last but not least, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 makes use of an ion generator. It will remain the last line of defense to trap any tiny pollutant particles and send them back to the physical filters. Overall, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 has a perfect 10/10 performance rating for air purification.

rabbit air minusa2 review

Another issue that many customers are concerned about is the amount of ozone emitted by the Rabbit Air MinusA2 that could cause asthma. It can, however, be easily turned off to produce no ozone. Even when you turn on the ion generator (for more cleaning power), I have recorded that the amount of ozone is about 0.002 ppm, which is 25 times less than the 0.05 ppm maximum ozone safety standard set by the California Air Resource Board.

rabbit air minusa2 review

However, the quality of its air filter pushes the cost to a whole new level compared with common ones. Whenever you need to change the Rabbit Air MinusA2’s filter, you need to pay $89 for a kit of HEPA and customized filters. Though the cost is a bit higher than the Blueair Classic 480i‘s air filter at only $59, the MinusA2 filter can last for 2 years with a better annual filter cost of $42.5.

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Rabbit Air MinusA2 Room Coverage

The room coverage is something you should be aware of before purchasing any air purifier. Also, some terms like ACH (air changes per hour) and CADR (cleaning air delivery rate) will also come to mind.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 has two editions with different room coverage. While the SPA-780 A/N can cover up to 815 square feet in your room, the smaller SPA-700A can only cover 700 square feet.

The ACH of Rabbit Air MinusA2 is 2X for normal residential use and up to 4X for allergy sufferer. Note that a 4X ACH translates to an air purifier that can clean a room four times in an hour, which means this Rabbit Air MinusA2 will clean a room at least once every 15 minutes.

The CADR of Rabbit Air MinusA2 is 200 Dust/ 193 Smoke/ 208 Pollen (cfm), for SPA-780A version. In the case of the SPA-700A version, the CADR rating is 181 Dust/ 161 Smoke/ 171 Pollen (cfm). CADR measures how well an air purifier cleans the air in a specific-sized room. With this CADR rating, the MinusA2 is not really good as an air purifier for an 815-sq-ft room. For optimal performance, I recommend using this air purifier in a 300-square-foot room.

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Rabbit Air MinusA2 Sound

The definition of an air purifier is literally a fan with air filters. Because it is a fan, people will want to know if it is quiet or not. For this criteria, we must give the Rabbit Air MinusA2 an upvote.

Many air purifier brands were keen to shout out about their Quiet Mode, which uses a thinner filter and a lower-speed fan. Rabbit Air instead uses brushless Brushless Direct Current Motor technology that uses coiled copper wires along the outside to move the electric current along. If the current motor is not overheating, the fan will run very quietly.

That is why it is referred to as an “ultra-quiet air purifier” and not just for commercial purposes. In fact, with 5 fan speeds, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 produces virtually no sound at the lowest settings. The noise level is 20.8 decibels for the SPA-700 models and 25.6 decibels (dB) for the SPA-780, which means the SPA-700 is one of the quietest air purifiers, while the SPA-780 is somehow good to no sound.

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Rabbit Air MinusA2 Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” In fact, air purifiers must be used for a long time to be efficient. And power consumption is one important criterion to review to determine if this air purifier is good or not. Below is a simple comparison graph to show exactly how efficient a Rabbit Air MinusA2 is in your home.

rabbit air minusa2 review

The power consumption of the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is just 7 to 47 watts (for the SPA-700) and 7 to 61 watts (for the SPA-780). This difference from the lowest to the highest is due to the speed of the fan settings. The maximum power consumption of 61 watts for an air purifier with five fan speeds is extremely low, especially when others in the same price range require much more power. The Blueair Classic 480i needs 90 watts to operate at the highest fan speed, while the Austin Air Allergy Machine runs at 132 watts.

I believe that is enough to prove the Energy Star certification of this air purifier. Normally, running the Rabbit Air MinusA2 for 8 hours per day at the highest settings costs between $17 and $25 per year.

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Rabbit Air MinusA2 Additional Features

Rabbit Air MinusA2 might have a lot going on, but I found it to be highly responsive and easy to live with. The Smart Sensor in the device model automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the air quality in your room. With this technology, your air purifier will be more energy-efficient and help you save energy.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 is also designed to be an air purifier for bedrooms. With a light sensor, the MinusA2 will automatically transition to sleep mode in a dark room. If you need some source of light in the dark, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 will also provide a series of LED mood lights on the front panel.

To control this Rabbit Air MinusA2, you won’t need a remote control. Instead, you will use its Wi-Fi function. With a single iOS application, you can control your Rabbit Air MinusA2 anywhere and anytime. However, one minus point is that Android users will not have their own app to control MinusA2. Now the app is available for both iOS and Android.

Also, you don’t need to remember the date to replace your air filters. To remind you, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 has an LED life indicator.

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Rabbit Air MinusA2 Customer Service

The top reason why you should choose Rabbit Air is because of its wonderful customer service. The company has a total of four offices, which are open from Monday to Friday if you need to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, you can call customer service for free (only available in the U.S. and Canada) with this number: 888-866-8862. Or you can reach Rabbit Air via email at CustomerService@RabbitAir.com. Remember that the live chat and free line are available 24/7, and you can call customer service anytime for anything.

Beside friendly and fast customer service, Rabbit Air also provides the best free shipping policy for all domestic orders, excluding those from Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. If you are within the 90-day money-back guarantee, you can return the order with free shipping. However, I doubt that you need to refund any products from this brand.

Rabbit Air’s warranty policy is one of the most comprehensive in the air purifier industry, covering all defects in workmanship and materials for a period of five years. The manufacturer doesn’t give you any special rules or fine print to honor its warranty, which is really awesome.

Top Rabbit Air MinusA2 deals right now

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet True HEPA SPA-780A Black Edition (with Energy Star).

The most powerful Rabbit Air MinusA2 with the popular black edition. Pay as low as $27/month and get Free Shipping.

Our verdict

Rabbit Air MinusA2 is our top choice for the best air purifier both for its design and its power. It could easily be the number one choice for people who are willing to spend as much as it takes to have the latest and greatest features. While it is a mid-to-high-range air purifier with a high base filter replacement cost, it is still a wise investment if you are in desperate need of a good air purifier and want a long-term saving device.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: True HEPA ✓ Wi-Fi: Great ✓ Value: 4.4/5 ✓ Certified Review.

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Rabbit Air MinusA2 is our former best air purifier in just about every area in which you could get it. This air purifier still manages to do everything with aplomb – it has no serious weaknesses.