Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Mold, Mildew and Virus in 2022

You’ve noticed an issue with mold and mildew in your house, correct? We believe that, because the reason you’re here is because you are trying to find the best air purifiers for mold, mildew and virus for your home. To be specific, you are facing these problems:

  • You (or a family member) are severely allergic to mold spores.
  • You are not allergic to mold, but you are aware that prolonged exposure to mold can be harmful to your health. And seriously, you don’t allow that.

If you answered yes to both of the above questions, then it’s time you choose the best solution for mold, mildew and even virus in your home. They are all in the list of best air purifiers for mold in 2022.

* Important: The new nCoV corona virus, which causes the global outbreak COVID-19, is spread primarily via respiratory droplets – the liquid released from someone’s coughing, sneezing and talking. You should remember that the virus doesn’t float in the air for a long time, therefore an air purifier isn’t much helpful at dealing with the new corona virus. To protect yourself, you should get a face mask, and make sure to wash your hands whenever possible with soap or alcohol. In addition, please check CDC website for any accurate information about COVID-19.

UPDATED: We have updated our list of best air purifiers for mold, mildew and viruses on 12/17/2021. In Breathe Quality, we keep updating our posts whenever possible, so we can make sure that you will get the right air purifier for your mold and mildew problems.

Our next update will be set for 3-6 months later, depending on the release of new products from the well-known air purifier brands. However, you don’t need to wait, because the air purifier market will never change so quickly.

Let’s not waste countless hours of searching through any others of websites just to find the top rated air purifiers that fit your specific needs. Because in Breathe Quality:

  • We do give honest reviews (both pros and cons) and a base comparison for all the air purifiers so anyone will guarantee to have the wisest choices.
  • We do not (and we never) exaggerate one product just to let you click the links and buy that product blindly.
  • Air purifiers are for everyone. Believing that, we will give you the best air purifiers from low-range to high-range. To know the exact price of your air purifier, make sure to hit the Check price button.

Mold, mildew and viruses are indeed microscopic. To deal with these tiny particles, the best air purifier for mold needs to have:

  • True HEPA Filter – The most used air filter with powerful filtration process to capture up to 99.97% of as small as 0.3 microns particles, including mold, mildew and viruses. Being a True HEPA filter means it is tested strictly to meet the standards of the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – We need this filter to remove the annoying mold odors. With a granular activated carbon adsorption, this air filter can even remove the VOCs and chemicals in mold and mildew.
  • UV-C Light Filter – An additional filter of UV-C Light is highly recommended to 100% kill the mold spores. The UV-C light is used to destroy the DNA markup in the mold spores and is always the last line of defense in case your filter can’t capture the mold spores.

If you are clear with these above rules then you can now look for more information to purchase the right best air purifier for mold in 2022. Once again, we hope nothing but your health.

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This Comparison Table of the Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Mold, Mildew, and Virus in 2022 will provide you with an overview of our Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Mold in 2022. In this table, the filter types of this air purifier are compared (which must have True HEPA filter and UV-C light filter). Additionally, we provide the most critical parameters such as room coverage and yearly filter replacement. To assist you in finding the finest air purifier for mold, mildew, and viruses, we’ve compiled a list of the top devices available today, grading them from best to worst in each price category. Therefore, make sure to read the entire list to the end to determine the best air purifier for your house.

Always keep in mind to read the reviews included in this comparison table. We will offer all of our information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each air purifier. To have a better understanding of why we chose this list of the best air purifiers for mold, mildew, and virus in 2022, you should read our buying guide.

ImageNameFilter TypeRoom Coverage (sq ft)Annual Filter ReplacementCheck ReviewCheck Price
Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Mold, Mildew and Virus in 2022Vornado PCO575DCTrue HEPA Filter, UV Light Filter, Carbon Filter, SilverScreen260Vornado MD1-0122 FilterRead More
Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Mold, Mildew and Virus in 2022GermGuardian AC9200WCATrue HEPA Filter, UV Light Filter, Carbon Filter335GermGuardian Filter HRead More
Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Mold, Mildew and Virus in 2022GermGuardian AC4825True HEPA Filter, UV Light Filter, Carbon Filter170GermGuardian Filter BRead More
best air purifiers for moldSilverOnyxTrue HEPA Filter, UV Light Filter, Carbon Filter, Ionizer500SilverOnyx FilterRead More
Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Mold, Mildew and Virus in 2022Airthereal APH260True HEPA Filter, UV Light Filter, Carbon Filter, Ionizer320Airthereal FilterRead More
Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Mold, Mildew and Virus in 2022PureZone EliteTrue HEPA Filter, UV Light Filter, Carbon Filter, Ionizer190PureZone FilterRead More
Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Mold, Mildew and Virus in 2022InvisiClean Aura IITrue HEPA Filter, UV Light Filter, Carbon Filter, Ionizer320InvisiClean FilterRead More
Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Mold, Mildew and Virus in 2022TruSens Z-3000True HEPA Filter, UV Light Filter, Carbon Filter750TruSens FilterRead More
best air purifiersRabbit Air MinusA2True HEPA Filter, Ionizer, Carbon Filter850Rabbit Air FilterRead More
Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Mold, Mildew and Virus in 2022Airpura UV600True HEPA Filter, UV Light Filter, Carbon Filter2000Airpura FilterRead More

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Mold in 2022


 Previously in our list:   Sharp FP-A80UW.

Vornado is a well-known manufacturer of residential fans and air purifiers in the United States, well known for their patented Silverscreen technology. Their latest flagship – the Vornado PCO575DC is the strongest solution for air cleaning, and we believe that it could be the future champion in the list of best air purifiers for mold, mildew and virus.

Using both UV-C light filter and a patented titanium dioxide screen, the Vornado PCO575DC can go beyond HEPA limit to trap any virus particles smaller than 0.3 microns. Let’s check its air filtration system.

  • Additional Filters – Vornado PCO575DC has a permanent, washable pre-filter to cover the True HEPA filter, extending its life time by trapping the large objects of pollutants like fur, hair and large dust. It also packs the Silverscreen technology, which is actually the Photo Catalytic Oxidation process, greatly support the UV-C light filter in breaking down the VOCs into harmless molecules.
  • True HEPA Filter – Combining with the wonderful Plasmacluster technology is a great True HEPA filter. This filtration process can trap 99.97% of airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, including mold spores, mildew and other contaminant particles.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – A high quality Activated Carbon filter is also available to help put an end to the mold odor and chemicals.
  • UV-C light filter – The UV sterilization of Vornado PCO575DC is the best way to deal with mold, mildew and viruses.
best air purifier for mold

Vornado PCO575DC could be the most affordable solution for using Photo catalytic oxidation process in its air filtration system. It not only safely destroys any mold spores, mildew and viruses, but also breaks down any Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) molecule into harmless molecules, like H2O and CO2.

Additionally, the Vornado PCO575DC is extremely powerful due to its True HEPA filter. This well-constructed layer of filtration is comprised of high-quality materials and may last up to a year. Without a doubt, this air purifier gets a minimum rating of 9 on a 0-10 scale for performance.

Another significant benefit of purchasing Vornado PCO575DC is the powerful fan. It boasts the highest air changes per hour rating, and can clean your room up to 12 times per hour (ACH rating). It is really, really incredible, because other air purifiers can deliver just 5X ACH. Its CADR rating is acceptable with 175 Dust/ 166 Smoke/ 192 Pollen (cfm).

In terms of additional features, we will have an accurate Smart Sensor and other add-ons like Sleep Mode or LED filter replacement indicator. The Vornado PCO575DC also has an Energy Smart technology, to be 80% more energy efficient, so you can easily forget your electricity bill.

Here is the pros/cons of Vornado PCO575DC:


  • Impressive innovation in air filtration system
  • Best way to kill mold, mildew and viruses, with Silverscreen technology
  • Impressive high ACH rating
  • Intelligent control
  • Energy Smart is great feature

  • Low CADR rating for the price

Review: Vornado PCO575DC Review.

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2) GermGuardian AC9200WCA – Old Champion at Killing Mold

 Previously in our list:   GermGuardian AC9200WCA.

The GermGuardian AC9200WCA as Guardian Technologies’ flagship model, was our winner for the finest air purifier for mold, owing to its outstanding UV-C light filter technology.

There is also the GermGuardian AC9400W to consider, but for those looking for an all-in-one solution to mold, mildew, and viruses, the GermGuardian AC9200WCA with its trademark air filtering technology is the superior option.

  • True HEPA Filter – The powerful True HEPA filter to deal with 99.97% of any airborne particles down to 0.3 microns, including of mold spores and some viruses.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – The pre-filter of this air purifier is attached with an Activated Carbon filter. As a result, this filter will both capture the large objects of contaminants as well as the annoying mold odors and chemicals.
  • UV-C Light filter – A prominent UV-C lamp to destroy the structure of any viruses and mold spores.
best air purifier for mold

As Guardian Technologies’ most powerful flagship console air purifier, the GermGuardian AC9200WCA effortlessly combats mold, mildew, and viruses. Additionally, we selected this air purifier as one of our best air purifiers last year, a title that requires rigorous testing of over 300 air purifiers in order to compile a convenient list of all the finest air purifiers available on the market right now, based on what matters most to you, the consumer.

This air purifier’s strong performance is also due to its powerful fan, which has a CADR rating of 216 Dust/216 Smoke/ 265 pollen (cfm). Although it does not have the best fan power on our list, the UV-C light filter is still worth purchasing this GermGuardian AC9200WCA.

It’s unfortunate that this air purifier lacks the Smart Sensor, but this does not disqualify it from the top-rated air purifiers for mold and viruses.

Here is the pros/cons of GermGuardian AC9200WCA:


  • Great performance against mold and viruses
  • Powerful UV-C light filter
  • Decent fan power
  • Energy Star rating

  • Quite noisy at highest setting
  • No Smart Sensor

Review: GermGuardian AC9200WCA Review.

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3) GermGuardian AC4825 – The most popular Air Purifier for Mold and Mildew

 Previously in our list:   GermGuardian AC4825.

To maintain impartiality and fairness, we generally do not include two air purifiers from the same manufacturer on a list of the top air purifiers in Breathe Quality. But this time, Guardian Technologies is able to secure the slot for two best air purifiers, and we all know the reason. The GermGuardian AC4825 is a lifesaver for those in need of a low-cost air purifier that kills mold, mildew, and viruses.

And you can trust this air purifier since it is equipped with a robust air filtering technology that includes the following components:

  • True HEPA Filter – The True HEPA filter can’t match the performance of high-end air purifiers in terms of the quantity and quality of filter media, but it is still certified to capture 99.97% any particles as small as 0.3 microns, including of mold spores and viruses.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – Reduces odors from mold and other household odors.
  • UV-C Light filter – Kills airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores.
best air purifier for mold

The GermGuardian AC4825 doesn’t feature any additional filters, but with the only 3-stage air cleaning system, this air purifier has enough power to deal with your everyday mold and viruses problem. For a compact air purifier, it can clean an area of 170 square feet for you.

But the main reason you might be interested in this air purifier is because of its low price tag. For under $100, the GermGuardian AC4825 is also the most popular air purifier for mold and mildew, with more than 9200 reviews on Amazon (rated 4/5). This was also our everyday beater for air purifier, and we can say that it worked great for the price.

Of course, the limit of this GermGuardian AC4825 is its low performance for large rooms, as well as the annual expense of filter replacement, because you can only use the air filter for a maximum of 8 months. Still, you can’t find an air purifier with the same performance and great UV-C light filter like the GermGuardian AC4825 under $100, so don’t hesitate to buy this most popular budget air purifier.

Here is the pros/cons of GermGuardian AC4825:


  • Great performance for the price
  • Decent air filtration system
  • Affordable price tag
  • Energy Star rating

  • Quite noisy at highest setting
  • Lacks of Smart features

Review: GermGuardian AC4825 Review.

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4) SilverOnyx – Best budget Air Purifier for Mold and Viruses

 Previously in our list:   SilverOnyx.

If you can spend somewhat more than the GermGuardian AC4825, sometimes as little as $20, you can get the SilverOnyx – an ultimate air filtering solution from a tiny electronics business in Utah. We have been blown away by this air purifier’s raw performance, and it is now one of our finest air purifiers for mold, mildew, and viruses.

This air purifier will represent a 5-stage air filtration process, which is truly rare in this price range.

  • Additional Filters – You will have a mesh pre-filter and an ionizer in SilverOnyx. With the help of the ionizer, SilverOnyx can increase the performance of the True HEPA filter a lot more. The ionizer can be shut off.
  • True HEPA Filter – A True HEPA H13 filter captures 99.97% of dust and allergens up to 0.3 microns in size and is a perfect filter for mold spores.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – Neutralizes household odors and mold odors.
  • UV-C Light filter – Included in a photo catalyst filter, this UV LED light can destroy contaminants like mold and germs.
best air purifier for mold

You can’t imagine an ultimate air filtration system that includes every imaginable air filter types can be included in a single low-range air purifier, can you? However, make no mistake, the SilverOnyx is capable of eliminating any form of mold, mildew, or virus in your house. The manufacturer recommends a room size of up to 500 square feet for this air purifier.

This air purifier has a Smart Sensor that assists in automatically adjusting the air flow to maintain the maximum possible air quality. This function is exclusive to high-end air purifiers and adds value to our SilverOnyx. That is why, for numerous years, SilverOnyx has been highlighted as an Amazon’s Choice.

Of course, there will be downsides for a budget air purifier with too many impressive key features. First, the SilverOnyx’s ionizer produces just 3 million ions/cm3, although the best models’ ionizer may create up to 10 million, limiting this air purifier’s performance. Second, its CADR rating is just 83 cfm, which is much insufficient for the 500 square foot room coverage. Without a doubt, this air purifier will take a long time to clean a 500-square-foot space.

Here is the pros/cons of SilverOnyx:


  • Amazing performance rating to kill mold spores
  • Powerful air filtration process
  • Smart features like Smart Sensor
  • Has quiet operation
  • Compact and sleek design

  • Very low CADR for large room coverage
  • Weak ionizer

Review: SilverOnyx Review.

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5) AIRTHEREAL APH260 – Another Low-range Air Purifier for Mold and Mildew

 Previously in our list:   Airthereal APH260.

The compact SilverOnyx may be the more favorite item of many people, but some will prefer the console system. This Airthereal APH260 meets all the requirements, to ensure that it will give you the complete filtration and viruses disinfection.

For a low-range air purifier, the ultimate 7-in-1 air filtration system is enough to deal with any mold spores that might cause allergies for you.

  • Additional Filters – Airthereal APH260 uses a pre-filter, to trap the largest particles like fur, hair and large dust. It also comes with an ionizer, to positively charged air pollutants, neutralizing them. Can be switched on/off.
  • True HEPA filter – With the True HEPA filter, this air purifier can capture 99.97% of as small as 0.3 microns allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold and fungi particles.
  • Activated Carbon filter – The real power of Airthereal air purifiers is inside the carbon filter, as a combination of Nano mineral, Cold catalyst, Photo catalyst and Molecular Sieve carbon. It will adsorb odors, chemicals and smoke from the indoor air.
  • UV-C light filter – Adds deeper level of air sanitation with the UV-C light bulb, to kill viruses, mold spores and bacteria. You should change the bulb every 5 years.
best air purifier for mold

The core features to buy the Airthereal APH260 over the previous SilverOnyx is because of its high performance. It has all air filter types in its air filtration system, together with a double CADR of 152 cfm. Though the manufacturer’s suggested room size for this air purifier is only 355 square feet, we can confirm that this Airthereal APH260 will perform better than SilverOnyx in large rooms.

The true selling point of this air purifier is its Smart Sensor, which is uncommon in this price range. It may assist in monitoring the present indoor air quality and automatically change the fan power to meet the needs of the environment.

Here is the pros/cons of Airthereal APH260:


  • High-end filtration system
  • Low-range budget
  • High fan power
  • Lightweight for a console air purifier
  • Quiet operation

  • High energy consumption

Review: Airthereal APH260 Review.

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6) PureZone Elite – All-round Air Purifier for Mold

 Previously in our list:   Pure Enrichment PureZone Elite.

The next all-round air purifier (air purifier with all air filter types) in the list of best air purifiers for mold is the PureZone Elite – the flagship device of Pure Enrichment, a California-based air purifier brand.

Just like the above 2 air purifiers, you still have the ultimate air filtration system in the PureZone Elite.

  • Additional Filters – Another air purifier makes use of the ionizer to increase the efficiency of capturing airborne particles. This features can be shut off.
  • True HEPA Filter – This True HEPA filter is able to capture 99.97% of all airborne particles, especially including mold spores and other pollutants.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – Reduces odors created from mold and mildew to help you breathe easier.
  • UV-C Light filter – A good UV-C Light is also included in a photo catalyst filter to be used.
best air purifier for mold

The PureZone Elite is one potential candidate to be selected in Breathe Quality because of its combination of all air filter types. This powerful air filtration process is the reason this air purifier can win over other air purifiers for one spot, for example the GermGuardian CDAP5500BCA. No matter how many mold spores are present in your home, PureZone Elite can effortlessly eradicate them all.

PureZone Elite also has the Smart Sensor, which enables you to live with it more comfortably. Additionally, we like the PureZone Elite control panel. It is straightforward, uncomplicated, and intuitive.

This air purifier is fantastic for its own system’s quality, but its fan power is pretty weak. In fact, with a decent CADR of 120 cfm to cover a small area of 190 square feet, the Airthereal APH260 is a better air purifier. However, because of the added photo catalyst, this air purifier can safely convert pollutants to harmless water molecules, making it more effective against mold spores and mildew.

Here is the pros/cons of PureZone Elite:


  • Decent performance rating to kill mold spores at low-range
  • Good all-round air filtration process
  • Includes of photocatalyst filter
  • Smart features like Smart Sensor

  • Quite noisy on highest speed
  • Small room coverage

Review: PureZone Elite Review.

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7) InvisiClean Aura II – Best bang for the buck

 Previously in our list:   Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier.

With a new update of honeycombed Activated Carbon filter and H13 True HEPA filter, the InvisiClean Aura II makes a spectacular comeback to the list of best air purifiers for mold, mildew and viruses in 2022. To completely combat with the mold, InvisiClean Aura II is your best bet today, with an amazing performance for the price.

With its strong ultimate air filtration system, the InvisiClean Aura II is another all-round air purifier in the list.

  • Additional Filters – InvisiClean has a separate pre-filter to remove large particles like dust and pet dander. It also includes an ionizer, to positively charged air pollutants, neutralizing them. Can be switched on/off.
  • True HEPA filter – The core filter of this air purifier (H13 graded), efficiently removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, like dust, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, pollen and fungi.
  • Activated Carbon filter – The honeycombed Activated Carbon filter can adsorb smoke, odors, gases and even Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in household products.
  • UV-C light filter – InvisiClean Aura II uses ultra violet light to kill mold spores, bacteria and viruses.
best air purifier for mold

The second edition of the once popular InvisiClean Aura is now available, with a perfect 5-stage air filtration system including of all air filter types possible. Though it is not as popular as the last contender – the Hathaspace HSP001, the fact that Hathaspace removed the UV-C light filter out of this product, and InvisiClean Aura II has much better fan power in the same price range, it is a clear win for the InvisiClean’s representative.

Indeed, the InvisiClean Aura II is capable of eradicating nearly all forms of mold and mildew found in the air in your house. We conducted multiple rigorous tests to ensure that our air purifier kills 100 percent of mold spores. Under the same conditions, the InvisiClean Aura II outperforms the Hathaspace in terms of eradicating mold, mildew, and viruses.

Furthermore, the powerful filtration process is a plus; the InvisiClean Aura II’s fan power is excellent for the price, with a CADR rating of 170 cfm. It is recommended for usage in a 320 square foot room with a 4 air change per hour rating.

There is only one shortcoming: the InvisiClean Aura II lacks the required Smart Sensor, which automatically adjusts the fan power to meet the current air quality. If you choose these premium features over overall efficiency, you should search for a different air purifier.

Additionally, it operates quietly at the lowest speed setting. If you require your air purifier to operate while you sleep, we recommend the InvisiClean Aura II.

Here is the pros/cons of InvisiClean Aura II:


  • Great-value air filters
  • All-round air filtration system
  • High fan power

  • No Smart Sensor
  • Quite noisy in Turbo Mode

Review: InvisiClean Aura II Review.

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8) TruSens Z-3000 – High-end Technology for Mold and Viruses

 Previously in our list:   Winix 5500-2.

TruSens is an air purifier group of the ACCO Brands Corporation, a big corporation of manufacturing home and office products in the U.S. Their flagship – the TruSens Z-3000 is the best air purifier of this company, with the exclusive PureDirect technology and DuPont air filter, which is truly a force to deal with all problems of mold, mildew and viruses.

What could you get from the signature air filtration system made only for TruSens?

  • Additional Filters – TruSens separates the pre-filter from the carbon filter, to make it washable and permanent to use. The pre-filter is the first stage of the air cleaning system, to capture large particles such as dust and pet hair.
  • True HEPA filter – The True HEPA Filter that captures 99.97% down to 0.3 microns allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold and fungi particles.
  • Activated Carbon filter – Can remove certain gases and odors from the air, as well as many types of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • UV-C light filter – Using the UV sterilization, the TruSens can kill 99.8% of hazardous germs and bacteria in the air. It also reduces the growth of odor-causing microbes on the surface of the filter.
best air purifier for mold

TruSens’ DuPont air filter is a powerful blend of True HEPA and UV-C light filtration, providing one of the greatest levels of UV-C light filtration available. TruSens’ UV sterilization kills 99.8% of dangerous germs and bacteria in the air, protecting you against all types of airborne viruses.

With a CADR rating of 200 Dust/ 191 Smoke/ 208 Pollen, the TruSens Z-3000‘s design and high fan power enable it to cover a space up to 750 square feet (cfm). Despite its high fan power, the TruSens Z-3000 is exceptionally silent because to its Sleep Mode, which reduces noise to the level of a whisper.

TruSens Z-3000 is also special because it packs with a signature SensorPod – a remote air sensor to detect accurately the air quality index where you concern the most. It can take accurate air quality measurements within 49 feet, and respond to the air purifier in less than 5 seconds.

Here is the pros/cons of TruSens Z-3000:


  • Design-wise build
  • Amazing performance for dealing with mold and viruses
  • Compact and sleek design
  • High-end SensorPod
  • Advanced dual flow technology

  • A bit higher power consumption
  • Really noisy on highest speed

Review: TruSens Z-3000 Review.

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9) Rabbit Air MinusA2 – Champ in Mid-range segment

 Previously in our list:   Rabbit Air MinusA2.

The Rabbit Air MinusA2 is not a strange device for Breathe Quality’s readers at all. In fact, this is our current best air purifier in 2022, thanks to the versatility and power of its air filters. It is also the most picked air purifier in mid-range segment, and is widely trusted by nearly 700 reviews on Amazon as the champion in the mid-range segment.

Within this air purifier, you will have a perfect air filtration system as below.

  • Additional Filters – The dual pre-filter and Germ Defense customized air filter can effectively trap and reduce airborne bacteria, mold spores and particles that carry viruses. Moreover, you will have a built-in ionizer in this Rabbit Air MinusA2, to further enhance the air filtration efficiency. The ionizer can be shut off.
  • True HEPA Filter – An ultimate Advanced BioGS HEPA filter can remove 99.97% down to 0.3 microns allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold and fungi particles. Rabbit Air advances their air filter process, therefore prolong optimal filter efficiency and filter life of their HEPA Filter.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – Eliminates odors from mold.
best air purifier for mold

Amazing! Perfect! These words are enough to describe the actual performance of Rabbit Air MinusA2. The 6-stage air cleaning system of this air purifier, along with Germ Defense customized air filter, is able to totally remove any elements of mold, mildew and viruses.

There are plenty further reasons to purchase the Rabbit Air MinusA2: its stunning appearance, low noise level, low power usage, and exceptional customer service. This air purifier is also a smart high-end air purifier, as it is equipped with a Smart Sensor that monitors the interior air quality automatically.

But still, this air purifier has a quite low CADR rating for its large room coverage of 815 square feet. If you plan to use the Rabbit Air MinusA2 in a smaller room, you will enjoy the fresh air a lot quicker.

Here is the pros/cons of Rabbit Air MinusA2:


  • Top-notch True HEPA filter
  • Outstanding filtration process
  • Attractive design
  • Can be mounted on wall
  • Overall great performance

  • Quite low fan power

Review: Rabbit Air MinusA2 Review.

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10) Airpura UV600 – Top-notch Solution for Mold Purification

 Previously in our list:   Airpura P600.

When you find your home in extremely dangerous mold and mildew problem, this Airpura UV600 is the best air purifier you can buy right now, packing the best of what Airpura – the top North American air purifier brand, has to offer.

But apart from the high-range price, let’s find out why Breathe Quality choose this flagship air purifier of Airpura to be the Best Air Purifier for Mold in high-range segment.

  • Additional Filters – Airpura UV600 is the only air purifier of this brand to deliver the TitanClean Photocatalytic oxidation, to create hydroxyls and attack the contaminants such as bacteria, mold spores and viruses, and transform them into harmless airborne particles.
  • True HEPA Filter – Airpura UV600 makes use of the top rated True HEPA filter in the world, a 40-sq-ft big air filter that can filter out 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size, certainly including of the mold spores and viruses.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – If you hate the odors created from mold and mildew, the powerful 18-lb carbon filter from Airpura UV600 will totally adsorb them, releasing only fresh air for you.
  • UV-C Light filter – With the 20-watt UV-C light bulb, the Airpura UV600 holds the best UV light filter to kill all viruses and mold spores.
best air purifier for mold

The ultimate air filtration system from the Airpura UV600 is at least $400 less expensive than the previous Airpura P600, but it is about 99.98% power of the flagship. This air filtration system is composed of high-quality air filters to guarantee 100% removal of mold spores and viruses.

With a CADR rating of 560 cfm, this Airpura UV600 can effectively purify the air in a 2000-square-foot space. The sophisticated Airpura Central Air System ensures that air filtration for mold, mildew, and viruses reaches every room in your home.

Our only criticism is the hefty price of this high-end air purifier unit, which we recommend for utilizing in areas with a high virus population. Of course, you’ll want one, but if you’re unable to purchase one, you should consider other air purifiers.

Here is the pros/cons of Airpura UV600:


  • Perfect air filtration system
  • Powerful air flow with high CADR
  • Overall complete finish
  • Quiet operation on lowest fan speed

  • No Smart Features
  • High cost

Review: Airpura UV600 Review.

What are mold and mildew? Are molds harmful for your health?

What are mold and mildew? In a nutshell, mildew is a sort of mold. And molds are fungi that not only harm the surfaces on which they develop, but also emit massive amounts of spores.

Are molds harmful for your health? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), exposure to damp and moldy conditions can result in a range of health impacts or have no effect at all. However, simply because you are not sensitive to mold does not mean you are immune to it. Indeed, prolonged exposure to mold may cause anybody to acquire a severe allergy.

“In 2004 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) found there was sufficient evidence to link indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, and wheeze in otherwise healthy people; with asthma symptoms in people with asthma; and with hypersensitivity pneumonitis in individuals susceptible to that immune-mediated condition. The IOM also found limited or suggestive evidence linking indoor mold exposure and respiratory illness in otherwise healthy children.” (Source: CDC gov website).

If you’re still unsure about the air purifier’s influence on mold, mildew, and viruses, you may read our following articles to fully understand why you need an air purifier.

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Mold and mildew prevention

Eliminating mold using an air purifier is an excellent prevention. You may rely on the following activities to boost the effectiveness of mold and mildew prevention.

  • Fix leaks: A leaking roof or plumbing system may increase the amount of moisture in your house, fostering the growth of mold. Repair any leaks quickly and dry up any moist areas.
  • Clean up after floods: Do not abandon your flooded basement, since it is a significant source of increased moisture for mold growth. Cleaning up after a flood is vital to keep your basement dry.
  • Check your air ventilation: The kitchen and bathroom are ideal environments for mold growth. Ascertain that your air ventilation system is performing optimally in terms of venting moisture outside the house.

And last but not least, you need to pick up your best air purifier for mold in 2022. Thank you for reading!

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