TruSens Z-3500 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

If you’re after only the best air purifier TruSens has ever made, because why not, the old TruSens Z-3000 is one of the top picks whenever you need an air purifier for virus, then the TruSens Z-3500 is it – mostly down to having a implemented set of smart features. Just a minor tweak gives the new air purifier a better ranking, of course at higher price. So, let’s check it out in our today TruSens Z-3500 Review.

The latest air purifier has been the best air purifier for mold and mildew for 1 year, thanks to its high-quality, powerful UV-C light filter.

TruSens Z-3500 ranks A- in our air purifier ranking list. We give the biggest and most thorough database of air purifier reviews in the world.

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trusens z-3500 review

  • High-end SensorPod
  • Amazing True HEPA filter
  • Compact and sleek design
  • New Smart Wi-Fi capability feature
  • Advanced dual flow technology

  • Really noisy on highest speed
  • The price is a bit higher for its performance

TruSens gives us the upgrade we need with the release of the Smart versions TruSens Z-3500 and TruSens Z-2500. These air purifiers are truly the force of dealing with mold spores, mildew and viruses at the moment, especially with the important tackle of new smart features. In our TruSens Z-3500 Review, we will check and see if the flagship is suitable for your needs.

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TruSens Z-3500 Price

The TruSens Z-3500 and TruSens Z-2500 is predicted to be released in the center of the COVID-19 epidemic, however, the air purifier doesn’t fully protect you from the viruses. You still need mask and sanitizer when you aren’t in home.

You’ll need deep pocket for the new air purifier, obviously, for the implementation of new Wi-Fi capability function. The previous TruSens Z-2500 hinted to a $150 price increase, but the TruSens Z-3500 is just only $499, $100 more than its predecessor, the Z-3000.

Yes, it’s expensive because it’s basically the Z-3000’s performance. Still, you’re getting a decent amount for your money, with what the ACCO Brands Corporation has done in this TruSens Z-3500. The TruSens Smart app is critical in convenient control, and that’s the future of air purifiers.

At this price point, it is more expensive than the Vornado PCO575DC. It also has better ranking, but let’s check more to see if it’s a definite win from TruSens or not.

Moreover, if you don’t really need the UV-C light filter for dealing with serious mold and mildew problems, the Sharp FX-J80UW, Aprilaire Allergy+Pet9550 and Oransi mod are a few names with very high performance ranking.

Top TruSens Z-3500 deals right now

TruSens air purifier | 360 HEPA filtration with dupont filter | UV light sterilization kills bacteria germs odor allergens in home | dual airflow for full coverage (large).

CARB certified, AHAM rating for high performance with low power consumption. Real True HEPA filter. SensorPod and new Wi-Fi capability features.

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TruSens Z-3500 Design and Size

Not much to say if you’re from the TruSens Z-3000 review to this article, as they look the same from the outside. And you will know it’s a TruSens air purifier from the design, starting with the original TruSens Z-1000. At 29 inches in height and 10 inches in width, we’ll get this out of the way now: if you’re looking at the TruSens Z-3500 as your next air purifier, you will need it for large rooms.

Yes, it is very big, even bigger than the tower GermGuardian AC9400W which is a big air purifier in the past. And it is certainly a problem for an air purifier with quite low fan power like the TruSens Z-3500. To solve it, the manufacturer uses the traditional bottom-to-top air flow system concept with a technology named PureDirect for a 70/30 split to distribute two separate air flow streams. The result, the design has been proven to be up to 24% more efficient in delivering air more effectively.

The flagship of TruSens also comes with an axial-centrifugal fan, to deliver optimal suction and straight the air for more focused air streams. That’s why the TruSens Z-3500 doesn’t need lots of fan power to cover a large room, however we will see if it can deal with 1425 square feet like what’s in its product page.

The top air outlet of this air purifier is simple and sleek. The control panel is equipped with simple touch buttons that are easy to clean. However, you should use caution while rubbing the buttons, since this may easily wipe them out.

trusens z-3500 review


The TruSens Z-3500 is surprisingly light at its size, with the weight of 12.6 lbs. Thanks to the signature handle, you can move it easily.

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TruSens Z-3500 Filters

To decide the performance of one air purifier, normally we will check the quality and quantity of the air filters, as well as the air filter types being used. As the flagship of TruSens family, the TruSens Z-3500 runs the top-notch 4-stage air cleaning system, with a valuable upgrade in the core.

  1. Pre-filter – TruSens Z-3500 separates the pre-filter from the carbon filter, to make it washable and permanent to use. The pre-filter is the first stage of the air cleaning system, to capture large particles such as dust and pet hair.
  2. Activated Carbon filter – Can remove certain gases and odors from the air, as well as many types of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  3. True HEPA filter – TruSens Z-3500 uses a True HEPA filter to capture 99.97% of any allergens down to 0.3 microns.
  4. UV-C light filter – Using the UV sterilization, the TruSens can kill 99.8% of hazardous germs and bacteria in the air. It also reduces the growth of odor-causing microbes on the surface of the filter.

With the latest update, now we can use True HEPA filter in all TruSens models. It won’t be the selling point for the flagship only anymore, but still we can trust in the performance of TruSens Z-3500. Together with the UV-C light sterilization, it could render the viruses, bacteria and protozoa from reproducing and infecting in the surface of the filter.

trusens z-3500 review


TruSens Z-3500 comes together with new releases of two new customized air filters for it. While the Odor & VOC filter is suitable for dealing with odor with its larger honeycombed carbon canister, the Allergy & Flu filter is the most powerful filter with a denser HEPA filter.

Again, we have another TruSens air purifier with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification, with the highest standards of safety.

In the same test as the TruSens Z-3000, the TruSens Z-3500 does stably the same performance as its predecessor. However with the new Allergy & Flu filter, the air purifier can go tie to tie with its competitors, most notably the Oransi mod Jr and Vornado PCO575DC, cleaning 99.97% of any particles as small as 0.3 microns in just 1 hour, in the same 200 square feet. It can win over the old champion of title “best air purifier for mold” GermGuardian AC9200WCA.

trusens z-3500 review

If you want to replace the filter, you should look for the new HEPA drum filter (AFHZ3000-01). It costs a bit more at $59, but the air filter can last 12 to 15 months.

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TruSens Z-3500 Room Coverage

The TruSens Z-3500 is claimed to be even better than old marketing, to be able to clean up to 1425 square feet by the manufacturer. Again, it is a bit too much for the air purifier, and decrease the overall score of its performance. You can use this air purifier for such room coverage if you run it 24/7, but if you need quick cleaning, you should run the air purifier at only 300 square feet. This is also the verified room coverage of the AHAM.

The ACH of TruSens Z-3500 is 1X to 4X. The AHAM certification is meant for testing air purifiers at 4X ACH.

The CADR of TruSens Z-3500 is 199 Dust/ 188 Smoke/ 207 Pollen (cfm). Its power is double the fan power of TruSens Z-2500.

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TruSens Z-3500 Sound

It is still the internal engine of the old TruSens Z-3000, but the testing TruSens Z-3500 does a bit better at only 60 decibels (db) on highest speed, and 30 decibels on lowest speed. However, the TruSens Z-3500 is far from ideal to sleep with highest fan power.

So to say, we recommend to keep its fan power as low as possible, either by the SensorPod or manually, if you want to run it in bedroom.

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TruSens Z-3500 Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” In fact, air purifier must be used for a long time to be efficient. And power consumption is one important criteria to review if this air purifier is good or not.

TruSens Z-3500 is an Energy Star air purifier, but it requires no less than 68 watts as its rated power. Its average CADR rating per watt is not really the best, but well, it is still an energy-saving air purifier.

If you run the TruSens Z-3500 for 8 hours per day, it would cost you $24 each year.

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TruSens Z-3500 Additional Features

The TruSens Z-2500 includes the SensorPod, a remote air sensor that can be placed nearly anywhere in the home. It is capable of calculating the air quality index for a given place (up to 49 feet from the device) and displaying it accurately on the control panel. Additionally, the Auto Mode can regulate and vary the fan speed automatically to assist in cleaning the air in your room.

And the difference between TruSens Z-3500 and its predecessor, TruSens Z-3000, is the addition of Wi-Fi functionality. With the TruSens Smart App, you can control your air from any location on the planet and check the quality of your interior and outdoor air in real time. Track history of your AQI (Air Quality Index), build a schedule, and receive reminders for filter and UV bulb replacements directly from your smartphone. The TruSens Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Air Purifier is Alexa-compatible.

With the remote air sensor, this TruSens Z-3500 may be the most accurate air purifier on the market. The SensorPod is capable of detecting contaminants throughout the room, not only in the area served by the air purifier.

Additionally, the TruSens Z-3500 features an embedded timer that turns the device off after 2, 4, 8, or 12 hours. Finally, a filter replacement LED indication is included to alert us when it’s time to replace the air filters.

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TruSens Z-3500 Customer Service

TruSens is a big air purifier brand in the world, so they truly value the customer service. Whenever you need a support, you can get the answers and tips from their website easily. Or else, you can contact the support, either via live chat or via phone at 833-878-7367, from Monday to Friday. You can also email the customer service at TruSens “Contact Us” page.

At the moment, TruSens does business in 20 countries, and you can easily track your order to see when it will come to your house. All air purifiers can be returned within 30 days, risk free. Just wait for 4-8 weeks for return processing.

All air purifiers of TruSens family is covered with a 2-year warranty. You should remember that the warranty is only applied for the machines, not the air filters or UV bulbs.

Top TruSens Z-3500 deals right now

TruSens air purifier | 360 HEPA filtration with dupont filter | UV light sterilization kills bacteria germs odor allergens in home | dual airflow for full coverage (large).

CARB certified, AHAM rating for high performance with low power consumption. Real True HEPA filter. SensorPod and new Wi-Fi capability features.

Our verdict

Yes, it’s a bit of a tired trope to moan about how expensive the smart Wi-Fi capability feature charge you in the TruSens Z-3500, but it is the top dollar for the best air purifier for mold. Though its performance is a bit inflated, especially its suggested room coverage, its new upgrade HEPA filter and smart design allows it to deal with the variety of mold spores and mildew. That’s why we happily recommend the TruSens Z-3500.

TruSens Z-3500 Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
TruSens Z-3500 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

TruSens Z-3500 Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: HEPA filter ✓ SensorPod ✓ Value: 4.4/5 ✓Certified Review

Product Brand: TruSens

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 499

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The new TruSens Z-3500 gets the title of “the best air purifier for mold and mildew”.