Vornado PCO575DC Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Vornado PCO575DC is a modest step up from the current Vornado budget king – the Vornado AC550. Vornado finally made the choice to discontinue the Vornado PCO500 to make way for the Vornado PCO575DC (which is the direct successor), this air purifier will be the best one you can get from this company. So, let’s finish our today Vornado PCO575DC Review to see if it fits your home.

The Vornado PCO575DC has been the best air purifier for mold for 5 years. Its superb and reliable UV-C light filter can quickly kill the viruses and microorganisms.

Vornado PCO575DC ranks B in our air purifier ranking list. We give the biggest and most thorough database of air purifier reviews in the world.

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vornado pco575dc review

  • Impressive high ACH rating
  • Advanced Silverscreen technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Intelligent control with dual sensors
  • Strong customer service

  • A bit more expensive
  • A bit high filter cost

Vornado celebrated their 65th birthday with two new models, in the name of Vornado PCO375DC and our today Vornado PCO575DC. With dual air filtration system, the Vornado PCO575DC is the flagship of this company, holding everything you could expect from a model starting with ‘5’ in this family: strong fan power and more air filters. It is enough to satisfy your requirements? If not, let’s discuss further below for Vornado PCO575DC Review.

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Vornado PCO575DC Price

Vornado has long positioned themselves in the mid-range segment, thanks to their affordable high-end technology – the Silverscreen chamber. The Vornado PCO575DC will continue to uses this system, which you can check right in its name (PCO means Photo Catalytic Oxidation, the process of Silverscreen chamber).

The Vornado PCO575DC is the most premium offering in Vornado’s lineup, offering double the air filtration system, better fan power and the new Energy Smart feature that you can’t find in its cheaper siblings. It is also covered with the new 10-year warranty of Vornado for the motor, which can compare with Oransi‘s high-range systems.

The good news is, with a lot of upgrades you can read in this review, the Vornado PCO575DC just starts the same as the old Vornado PCO500, to be $439 on Vornado website. You can get a much better price from Breathe Quality, as usual.

The mid-range market continues to go from strength to strength, which means there’s some serious competition for the Vornado PCO575DC. Both Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0, Oransi mod Jr and Oransi Max sees some serious discounts in price, and you can’t skip checking the trio Dyson Pure Cool Link, Dyson Pure Cool Tower or Dyson Pure Hot+Cool.

Even when you focus on having an air purifier with UV-C light filter, there are GermGuardian AC9200WCA and TruSens Z-3000 with cheaper price around here, and they both are the best air purifiers for mold and mildew, just like our today Vornado PCO575DC. Of course, with such competition, that’s great for you, the consumer, as it means there’s a range of great low cost devices available.

Top Vornado PCO575DC deals right now

Vornado PCO575DC air purifier with True HEPA and carbon filtration to capture allergens, smoke, odors, and Patented Silverscreen technology, White.

Dual air filtration system, together with the best Vornado fan power. Advanced Patented Silverscreen technology. Energy efficient.

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Vornado PCO575DC Design and Size

If you check the price tag before picking up the Vornado PCO575DC, you will just think of it as a new color option for the old Vornado PCO500. They both have the same launching price, and they are … really much the same.

Just like the Vornado PCO375DC, out goes the somewhat premium jet black color option in favor of a more classic white tone that’s being used in cheaper models. While the new color has a slightly cheap and plasticky feel to it, the V-shape side air grills are quite attractive to see.

Another sign that this is isn’t a premium air purifier is the location of the air sensors, which are placed right behind the air outlet. Now you may get the false result of your current indoor air quality, because this Vornado PCO575DC will sometimes measure the air output (the clean, fresh air). Why Vornado changes the air sensors’ location from the smaller PCO375DC to be like this PCO575DC? I don’t know.

Talking more about the dimension, the Vornado PCO575DC is just the taller air purifier of the two new models, with the height of 24 inches. Other dimensions remain the same. By connecting the air inlet and outlet with the same patterns, the Vornado PCO575DC looks sleek, and it can easily match any decor.

Vornado PCO575DC changes the color for Vornado logo from red to gray, and there is a symbol of Energy Smart at the bottom of this air purifier. Always check this symbol to confirm the latest air purifiers of this company.

This air purifier runs the traditional bottom-to-top air flow system concept, which is always the best air flow direction to utilize the maximum fan power. For an air purifier that extends the ACH rating to 12X, it is really important to design the Vornado PCO575DC like that.

The most premium part of design, and also the most different part, is the top control panel, using sleek, touch-sensitive navigation with soft buttons. The air quality indicator is now bigger, so you can check it easier.

vornado pco575dc review

Source: Amazon.com

For the weight, our today Vornado PCO575DC is 19 lbs, and this is the heaviest air purifier of this American company. Make sure you don’t move this device much.

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Vornado PCO575DC Filters

To check the performance of one air purifier, normally we will check the quality and quantity of its air filters, as well as the air filter types being used. The Vornado PCO575DC runs the signature 4-stage air cleaning system, which is defined as ‘beyond’ HEPA level.

  1. Pre-filter – A permanent, washable pre-filter covers the True HEPA filter, to extend the life time of the core filter, by trapping the large objects of pollutants like fur, hair and large dust.
  2. True HEPA filter – With the True HEPA filter, this air purifier can capture 99.97% of as small as 0.3 microns allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold and fungi particles.
  3. Activated Carbon filter – The honeycombed carbon filter adsorbs odors, freshening the air inside your home.
  4. Silverscreen Chamber – Using an UV-C light filter, this Silverscreen technology can destroy and disable the harmful gases, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), viruses and bacteria.

Anyone who are familiar with the Vornado air purifier system, will come across the word “beyond HEPA level”. Actually, Vornado has always offered one of the best True HEPA filter experiences around, precisely because they makes their filter in-house.

In keeping with that, the Activated Carbon is made with honeycombed structure, so it is much more efficient and lasts longer. The new advanced carbon filter of Vornado can last for 1 year, while typical carbon sheet can last only for 6 months.

However, the unique selling point of this Vornado PCO575DC is the Silverscreen technology. It is a patented titanium dioxide media, which reacts to UV-C light to destroy viruses and bacteria in the safest way. Typical UV-C light filter can only kill the microorganisms, while the Silverscreen can even break down the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from chemicals.

This process is named “Photo Catalytic Oxidation”, or “PCO”. It creates hydroxyls and breaks down the VOC molecule into harmless molecules like H2O and CO2. The Silverscreen can last for 5 years, but you still need to replace the UV bulb every year.

vornado pco575dc review

Source: Amazon.com

The Vornado PCO575DC proved itself in a test of 200 square feet, within 1 hour to run continuously. As you can see from the chart below, our today reviewed unit is compared with only the top air purifiers of other American brands, like Orect AirInstinct, Oreck Air Response Turbo, Oransi Max and Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0. Still, the Vornado PCO575DC had the highest efficiency of trapping any particles down to 0.3 microns, at 99.95%.

vornado pco575dc review

For the filter replacement, we still use the air filter MD1-0022 and MD1-0027, but this Vornado PCO575DC will need double these filters. That being said, the filters cost $78 and $32, respectively.

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Vornado PCO575DC Room Coverage

The Vornado PCO575DC is recommended for rooms up to 258 square feet by the manufacturer. In fact, with its actual CADR rating, the recommendation is quite humble. I think it can run in area of 350 square feet, though the performance will drop significantly.

The ACH of Vornado PCO575DC is 6X to 12X. It bears the highest ACH rating of all air purifiers in Vornado family, and it could easily be the best air purifier for high ACH rating in the world. If you use the Vornado PCO575DC in small area of 100 square feet, it can clean every 5 minutes, for a total of 12 times per hour.

The CADR of Vornado PCO575DC is 175 Dust/ 192 Smoke/ 166 Pollen (cfm). Together with the Vornado AC550, this is the best fan power you can get from one Vornado air purifier.

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Vornado PCO575DC Sound

To keep the noise level as low as possible, Vornado expands the newest model with 10 different fan speeds. The lowest noise level could be achieved with a very low fan speed, called Sleep Mode, and I’ve measured it to be only 35 decibels (db) at 500 rpm speed. That is a big enhancement for an air purifier with higher fan power than Vornado PCO375DC.

Switching to the strongest fan power, you will enjoy the Quick Clean mode, but at 1500 rpm speed, the noise level could reach 66 decibels. It is really noisy, and you shouldn’t use this mode while sleeping.

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Vornado PCO575DC Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” In fact, air purifier must be used for a long time to be efficient. And power consumption is one important criteria to review if this air purifier is good or not.

When putting the Vornado PCO575DC through the standard Breathe Quality test, it truly proves the Energy Smart feature. With fan power that consumes nearly 150 watts in the Vornado AC550, is just 70 watts in our today reviewed unit. Vornado said that the Vornado PCO575DC can save 80% more energy, thanks to its advanced DC motor.

If you run the Vornado PCO575DC for 8 hours per day, it would cost you $25 each year. A lot better if compared to other Vornado models in the past.

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Vornado PCO575DC Additional Features

High-end air purifiers need high-end additional features. The sentence is especially correct in the case of common personal air purifiers like Vornado PCO575DC. One must-have feature for a mid-range air purifier is the Smart Sensor, which is conducted by both the dust and odor sensors of Vornado PCO575DC. It is displayed in color language, and the indicator is big enough for you to constantly check the indoor air quality.

Moreover, the Smart Sensor can activate the Auto Mode, for smart controlling your air purifier. It detects the changes of the environment, and responds by changing the fan speed accordingly.

And don’t forget the variety of 10 fan speeds, allowing the Vornado PCO575DC to go as low as the Sleep Mode, which is recommended for bedroom. The control panel can automatically dim the luminous display automatically in low light situations. In addition, the Sleep Mode overrides other settings, even the Auto Mode, so you can sleep well without worrying.

Highest fan speed of the Vornado PCO575DC called Quick Clean Mode, a necessary setting for quickly cleaning your room. Remember that the highest setting conveys loud sound, so you shouldn’t use this mode while sleeping.

There is a simple Child lock function, to guarantee that you have continuous air cleaning, without any interruptions by your children or pets.

Finally, we will have the LED indicators for filter replacement, available for HEPA filter, carbon filter, Silverscreen tray and UV bulb.

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Vornado PCO575DC Customer Service

As an U.S firm based, Vornado gives the best customer service to any local customers. If you are from outside the U.S, don’t worry as they have subsidiaries in 12 different countries in the world.

The company not just back you up, they also hear from you. If you have any feedback, feel free to contact Vornado. You can live chat with them, from Monday to Friday, within their chat hours. Or else, you can call them directly via phone at 800-234-0604 or via fax at 316-733-1544. If they are out of office, I recommend you to email them at help@vornadobaby.com or help@vornado.com, depending on your product.

To guarantee your satisfaction, unopened air purifiers are free to return within 30 days. Remember that the shipping costs are non-refundable. You should check their FAQs page for more information.

Most of Vornado air purifiers are covered with a 5-year warranty, including of the Vornadobaby products, against material and workmanship defects, from the date of purchase. The flagships of Vornado, however, increase the satisfaction guarantee to 10 years. Not so many companies would dare to extend the warranty duration like Vornado.

Top Vornado PCO575DC deals right now

Vornado PCO575DC air purifier with True HEPA and carbon filtration to capture allergens, smoke, odors, and Patented Silverscreen technology, White.

Dual air filtration system, together with the best Vornado fan power. Advanced Patented Silverscreen technology. Energy efficient.

Our verdict

Vornado has made a fairly significant step forward with their PCO family this year, and the Vornado PCO575DC is without doubt the finest of the two.

That said, the Vornado PCO575DC offers a strikingly day-to-day experience, thanks to the advanced air filtration system and high fan power, bearing the highest ACH rating possible in the world. Its energy consumption is undoubtedly better, but it’s only slightly lower for a common CADR rating in the mid-range, so I doubt it can get an Energy Star rating soon.

Overall, this flagship is still worth a lot more money, so when you can get a deal from Breathe Quality, don’t hesitate to grab this Vornado PCO575DC right away.

Vornado PCO575DC Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
Vornado PCO575DC Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Vornado PCO575DC Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: True HEPA filter ✓ Silverscreen ✓ Value: 4/5 ✓ Certified Reviews

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Best flagship of Vornado.