Whirlpool WP500 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

The Whirlpool WP500 (formerly named as Whirlpool AP51030K) might not have launched with the fanfare afforded to the company’s latest air purifiers, but this chunky air purifier is another in an ever-growing range of practical air purifiers. It truly does a great job, and let us tell you everything you need to know in this Whirlpool WP500 Review.

Whirlpool WP500 ranks B- in our air purifier ranking list

Update: Whirlpool WP500, or Whirlpool AP51030K is the last device in the old lineup of Whirlpool. If you like a new coat for this air purifier, you can switch for the brand new Whirlpool WP1000. Or you can top up $100 to select the flagship of this brand, the Whirlpool WPPRO2000.

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whirlpool wp500 review

  • Overall high-quality air filters
  • New design, new feature
  • Good CADR rating

  • High power consumption
  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Lacks of features

Brands like Whirlpool are always in trouble when looking for a partner to make their specific home appliances, and in this case, the air purifiers. In the case of Honeywell, they chose Kaz Incorporated, a well-known health care products manufacturer and distributor, to take charge of their air purifiers. However, back to Whirlpool, we don’t know much about Aroma Limited, and that gives us some doubt over their new products. Let’s see if this new air purifier is worthy in our Whirlpool WP500 Review.

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Whirlpool WP500 Price

The device is sold long time ago under the name of Whirlpool AP51030K, when it was under the distribution of a company named Master Brands HK Limited. It was changed into Whirlpool WP500 when under the accountability of Aroma Limited company.

To position the new name, this company also gave it different color options for finishing, Pearl and Black, to clear the old impression of a cheap product. The new Whirlpool WP500 is a little bit more premium, in my opinion, and it doesn’t matter at all because the Whirlpool WP500 is just a bait to lure consumers to buy the next-gen Whirlpool WP1000.

Other than that, it is a great air purifier that matches the performance of the old flagship – Whirlpool AP45030K. The price is nearly the same with the old device, and you can buy one Whirlpool WP500 with $289. Not a great deal? You can check Breathe Quality’s deal instead.

With the pure performance and fan power, the Whirlpool WP500 is another option for the ones caring about the optimal air filtration the most. It doesn’t have fancy features like the Levoit LV-H133 or Winix U450, and it clearly doesn’t try to follow phenomena like Winix AM90 and Medify MA-40. But there are much more things to consider the Whirlpool WP500, as you can see in our today review.

I have a great deal for you, at the time of writing, so the Whirlpool WP500 is now just $259. Again, this price is still nearly the same as the Whirlpool WP1000.

Top Whirlpool WP500 deals right now

Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier WP500 (new version of AP51030K), Pearl White color.

490 sq ft Filtration with True HEPA and Carbon Pre-Filter. Compact Odor Allergen Eliminator.

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Whirlpool WP500 Design and Size

The Whirlpool WP500 looks simply like a fairly straightforward console air purifier with large air intake grill on front and another top air outlet to release the fresh air. However, its curved edge styling make it a more sophisticate device to place in your room.

Featuring two new color options: the Pearl and the Black, the Whirlpool WP500 even has more selection that suits your taste than the modern Whirlpool WP1000. My testing unit is a Pearl model named Whirlpool WP500P, but if you prefer the premium Black version, you can search for the Whirlpool WP500B, or check the price as below.

whirlpool wp500b review

Good news is, with the new dimension of 24 inches (height) x 20.55 inches (width) x 10 inches (depth), the Whirlpool WP500 increases the surface area of its air filters, and therefore, improves its efficiency. If you need a comparison with the old Whirlpool AP45030K, I will show you in the Filter section below.

On top of this air purifier, there is no knob control like the predecessor, and Whirlpool switch to the traditional button control, as you can see below.

whirlpool wp500 review

Source: Amazon.com

Whirlpool WP500 weighs 25.5 lbs, and with a more convenient handle, we can move this air purifier much easier than the previous model Whirlpool AP45030K.

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Whirlpool WP500 Filters

To check the performance of one air purifier, you need to know about the quantity of the air filtration system, as well as the air filter types being used. The Whirlpool WP500 just uses the 2-stage air cleaning system like the previous Whirlpool AP51030K.

  1. Activated Carbon filter – Cover the HEPA filter is the layer of Activated Carbon filter, to help adsorb the odors, smoke and VOCs before the polluted air reaches the HEPA filter.
  2. True HEPA filter – We will have here a True HEPA filter, to capture 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as dust, pet dander, pollen, tobacco smoke, fabric fibers and mold spores.

Whirlpool WP500 uses a mechanical latch front grill which acts like a pre-filter before the polluted air contacts with the Activated Carbon filter. It has a safety switch to open and close easily.

The big selling point of this air purifier is its air filtration capability. It has a Medical-grade (not confirmed) True HEPA filter that is attached with the so-called Synthetic-based filter membrane, to remove any allergens as small as 0.3 microns in the air.

From the specs paper, I can conclude the Whirlpool WP500 (or Whirlpool AP51030K) will stay the same performance as the previous Whirlpool AP45030K. However, I made another test for this air purifier, in a room of 300 square feet, and let it run in one hour. I also used the Levoit LV-H133, Winix HR900 and Winix U450 as the testing samples to compare with the performance of this Whirlpool WP500. As the result, our Whirlpool WP500 ended up with high efficiency of 99.9% for trapping any particles down to 0.3 microns. However, the Winix U450 was still better, with 99.95%.

whirlpool wp500 review

The Whirlpool WP500 (and the Whirlpool AP51030K) uses the air filter 1183054K, which costs you around $94. You can also buy the air filter 1183054KC, which is a combination of both True HEPA and Activated Carbon filters. This new air filter will cost you $115, resulting in a saving of $20.

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Whirlpool WP500 Room Coverage

With an old fan of the previous Whirlpool AP45030K, the new Whirlpool WP500 didn’t disappoint us with a large room coverage of up to 490 square feet. It is backed up with a high CADR rating, which is also another selling point of Whirlpool air purifiers, something that is non-existent in many other well-known brands like Oransi OV200, Sharp FP-F60UW or even Philips 2000i.

The ACH of Whirlpool WP500 is 5x. Just like Honeywell, the Whirlpool air purifiers are designed to clean a room more often than other brands, and the Whirlpool WP500 can clean a room every 12 minutes.

The CADR of Whirlpool WP500 is 328 Dust/ 309 Smoke/ 331 Pollen (cfm). Like I said earlier, the Whirlpool WP500 is especially designed to clean a large room.

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Whirlpool WP500 Sound

Whirlpool is truly a brand that clearly emphasizes (in writing and speaking, of course) the importance of the silent operation for their products. The Whirlpool Whispure WP500, right at its name, is meant for a quiet running just like the whisper.

But despite of the advertisement, and the so-called Quiet Partner system, the Whirlpool WP500 has a minimum noise level of 40 decibels, which is quite higher than the minimum threshold of other brands. The Levoit LV-H133 runs at only 25 decibels, or Oransi OV200 trims it down to just 30 decibels.

Fortunately, the highest noise level of this Whirlpool WP500 is really good, as it reaches only 49 decibels (db), which is similar to the noise of your electric air conditioner at 100 feet. As a result, the Whirlpool WP500 is a recommendation to use in the quiet places, like your bedroom or office.

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Whirlpool WP500 Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” An air purifier is meant to run for a long time to be efficient, that’s why many air purifier brands consider the energy-saving standard, mostly in the rate of Energy Star, is one important selling point.

The Whirlpool WP500 runs at 104 watts power consumption, which is again a huge drawback even for an Energy Star air purifier. Do you know that the GermGuardian AC9400W runs at only 48 watts, and the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 is even lower with only 29 watts?

For using a Whirlpool WP500 8 hours per day, it would cost you up to $37 per year.

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Whirlpool WP500 Additional Features

For the new Whirlpool WP500, this American company still sticks with the traditional way to control, so you shouldn’t expect any Smart features in this air purifier. Actually, it is quite common for an air purifier running without fancy features in our country, especially when looking at the Honeywell or Austin Air.

The Whirlpool WP500 is still better than the previous Whirlpool AP25030K or Whirlpool AP45030K, because it has brought back the great Sleep Mode from the Whirlpool APT40010R. It will allow your air purifier to run at the lowest sound operation, and you can set a timer for this mode, up to 8 hours.

If your family has a child, you can enjoy the fresh air uninterruptedly thanks to the Child Lock function. It will lock all the current settings until you press the unlock button again. This feature will also be available on the Whirlpool AP51030K. This model is really old, and I advise to not use this version anymore.

Finally, we still have the LED indicator for filter replacement.

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Whirlpool WP500 Customer Service

Whirlpool is a global leader in making major home appliances, and with more than 92000 employees and 65 manufacturing and technology research centers, this company dedicates a lot in the customer service field. You can easily reach them via email at info@whirlpoolairpurifiers.com and/or info@aromalivingstyles.com, or via phone at 866-666-1168.

The warranty policy of Whirlpool is only for one year. From the second through fifth year, the limited warranty is only on the air purifier motor. Also, the Aroma International Limited (which covers the supply and warranty for Whirlpool air purifiers) will not pay when your air purifier is used in other than normal, single-family household use. How they can check that is still unknown.

Top Whirlpool WP500 deals right now

Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier WP500 (new version of AP51030K), Pearl White color.

490 sq ft Filtration with True HEPA and Carbon Pre-Filter. Compact Odor Allergen Eliminator.

Our verdict

The Whirlpool WP500 is a good contender with the powerful fan, and some new features compared with the previous Whirlpool AP45030K. But with a much higher price and a slightly lower performance, what is the reason to buy this air purifier over the well-known Honeywell HPA300?

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Annual Cost
  • Design
  • Price


The Whirlpool WP500 is quite good, but not great enough to bring Whirlpool into new level.