Whirlpool WPT80 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

The Whirlpool WPT80 (Whirlpool Whispure WPT80) packs plenty of punch. But it might be let down by offering a slightly more fan power than the previous Whirlpool WPT60, which doesn’t bowl us over. Pity that, as Whirlpool is probably stuck with it for a while to come. In this Whirlpool WPT80 Review, we will see if the bigger means better.

Whirlpool WPT80 ranks B- in our air purifier ranking list

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whirlpool wpt80 review
  • Great performance for the price
  • Sleek design
  • True HEPA filter
  • Low CADR rating
  • Only 1-year warranty

The Whirlpool is a trusted brand for home appliances in the United States for more than 100 years, just like the Honeywell. The Whirlpool WPT80 is really important especially when the company has taken a lot of knocks from the development of core air purifier brands like Rabbit Air, Austin Air or the foreigners like Blueair or Coway. In our today Whirlpool WPT80 Review, we will see if the air purifier can muscle in on low-range territory, which has always been the most competitive one.

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Whirlpool WPT80 Price

The Whirlpool WPT80 is the latest air purifier of this company, and with the common tower concept that fits perfectly for a budget device. In an era that most of budget air purifiers are made in tower style, as evidenced by GermGuardian AC5250PT, AC5300B, AC5350B or Coway AP-1216L, the Whirlpool must change their typical block style into a much more proper one.

So can Whirlpool WPT60 and Whirlpool WPT80 still come to the rescue? We’re not so sure. The Whirlpool WPT60 which I recently got to review after a three-month wait, is a solid tower air purifier. The Whirlpool WPT80, which is still shorter than the older Whirlpool APT40010R, can run a bigger-size air filter and work in pretty much the same way. But the question is, will the change in size be worth the 50% increase in the price?

At the time of writing, the Whirlpool WPT80 clocked in at a price of $165, and what do you get for your hard-earned cash, then? Like I’ve said earlier, a bigger air filter and a better fan power, but these things are not enough to jump for another $50, especially when the Whirlpool APT40010R is still available out there.

For the same price, we can enjoy the air purifiers with better performance than this Whirlpool WPT80 a lot, like in the case of the Winix 5300-2, Winix 5500-2 and Winix C535. Others with same performance of this device can offer more fancy features, like the Smart Sensor in AeraMax 200, or Wi-Fi capability in GermGuardian CDAP4500BCA. So to say, the Whirlpool WPT80 can only focus on the discount to gain advantage over these air purifiers, and if you need one, you should grab it in our website.

Top Whirlpool WPT80 deals right now

Whirlpool Whispure WPT80B, True HEPA Air Purifier, Black.

Combination of True HEPA and Anti-bacteria Activated Charcoal Pre-Filter. Ideal for large rooms.

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Whirlpool WPT80 Design and Size

The Whirlpool WPT80, like a lot of other American air purifiers, shares its exterior styling with the previously substantially hyped Whirlpool WPT60, a modern tower air purifier from this company, and increase the size from 17 inches to 23 inches in height to perform a better air filtration.

Other than that, we have the same design concept from its small sidekick. Although being the more expensive of the two new Whirlpool devices, Whirlpool WPT80 shares the sleek appearance that can even rival the Korean style in Coway AP-1216L. This being said, if you choose the Whirlpool WPT80, you have a way much more appealing device in your home. Obviously the console air purifiers like AeraMax 200, Levoit LV-PUR131 or Honeywell HPA200 still exist, but the trend towards budget tower air purifiers is increasing all the time. And I have to say I am a fan of a tower air purifier thanks to the smaller base, meaning more space-saving for my room.

When it comes to the air flow system concept, the Whirlpool WPT80 is equal to devices like GermGuardian CDAP5500BCA or Honeywell AirGenius 3, as it has the traditional back-to-front air flow system. Based on the later product specs it soon becomes apparent that the Whirlpool WPT80 is intended to compete against these above air purifiers, and even the Honeywell AirGenius 4. Honestly, they are all good air purifiers, but I still prefer the Coway AP-1216L.

Following Whirlpool’s recent trend, the Whirlpool WPT80 will have two color options for the main housing, but whether you plump for a black or white you can be sure it’ll be bright. The white color option has a code name of Whirlpool WPT80P, with “P” for “pearl”.

whirlpool wpt80 review

There is no difference for the top control panel of this Whirlpool WPT80, with a total of 6 functional buttons to use. You can also spot the name of this air purifier – Whispure WPT80.

whirlpool wpt80 review

Source: Amazon.com

For the weight, Whirlpool WPT80 is 9.26 lbs, which is exactly like a large bag of sugar, or about 1 gallon of milk. So to say, you can easily grab the Whirlpool WPT80 anywhere in your house.

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Whirlpool WPT80 Filters

To check the performance of one air purifier, you need to know about the quantity of the air filtration system, as well as the air filter types being used. The Whirlpool WPT80 makes use of the traditional 2-stage air cleaning system in Whirlpool family.

  1. Activated Carbon filter – Cover the HEPA filter is the layer of Activated Carbon filter, to help adsorb the odors, smoke and VOCs before the polluted air reaches the HEPA filter.
  2. True HEPA filter – We will have here a True HEPA filter, to capture 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as dust, pet dander, pollen, tobacco smoke, fabric fibers and mold spores.

Just like the new console air purifier Whirlpool WP500, Whirlpool WPT80 has a mechanical latch front grill which acts like a pre-filter to trap the large objects of pollutants, like hair, lint and fur. It has a safety switch to open and close easily.

This Whirlpool WPT80 is a standard True HEPA air purifier through and through. It is attached with the so-called Synthetic-based filter membrane, following up by the Whishield Anti-bacteria Activated Carbon filter to reach the threshold of removing 99.97% of any airborne particles down to 0.3 microns.

In the last test with the smaller Whirlpool WPT60, I also found the better performance of this Whirlpool WPT80 in a room of 100 square feet, and under 1 hour of consecutive running. However, the difference in performance is too small for any WPT60’s user to upgrade.

whirlpool wpt80 review

Speaking of the new air filter, you need to pay $55 for the True HEPA filter that can only last for 1 year. The anti-microbial carbon filter is also more expensive, as a package of 4 filters will cost you $41, instead of $31 in the Whirlpool WPT60.

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Whirlpool WPT80 Room Coverage

The Whirlpool WPT80, with much more fan power than the predecessor, is able to clean a room of 220 square feet with ease. This is also the same performance of tower air purifiers like Honeywell AirGenius 3 and Honeywell AirGenius 4, but nowhere near the power of Coway AP-1216L or Coway AP-1512HH.

The ACH of Whirlpool WPT80 is 5x. This air purifier can clean your room every 12 minutes.

The CADR of Whirlpool WPT80 is 152 Dust/ 142 Smoke/ 162 Pollen (cfm). With such CADR rating specs, the Whirlpool WPT80 can clean a room of 220 square feet fairly good.

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Whirlpool WPT80 Sound

Again, we have here the Quiet Partner system, an in-house technology to guarantee the silent operation for Whirlpool electronic appliances, including of the Whirlpool WPT80. And with a much lower fan power, we can expect the quietness from this air purifier.

On the lowest speed, the Whirlpool WPT80 has a noise level of only 35 decibels (db), which is even quieter than the noise level of library. For an air purifier mainly in bedroom, the silent operation is truly valuable.

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Whirlpool WPT80 Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” An air purifier is meant to run for a long time to be efficient, that’s why many air purifier brands consider the energy-saving standard, mostly in the rate of Energy Star, is one important selling point.

To hold a much more fan power, the Whirlpool WPT80 needs 43 watts to keep it operate. I believe that the Whirlpool WPT80 deserves its Energy Star rating for energy saving.

For using a Whirlpool WPT80 8 hours per day, it would cost you just $15 per year.

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Whirlpool WPT80 Additional Features

Nothing changed from the previous Whirlpool WPT60, as the Whirlpool WPT80 only has the Sleep Mode, to allow your air purifier to run at the lowest sound operation, as well as a basic timer. It doesn’t have the air sensor like the old Whirlpool APT40010R, which is a little bit disappointing.

You still have the Child lock function, which locks all the current settings until you press the unlock button again, to prevent your children accidentally press the buttons and change the air purifier settings.

Finally, we still have the LED indicator for filter replacement.

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Whirlpool WPT80 Customer Service

Whirlpool is a global leader in making major home appliances, and with more than 92000 employees and 65 manufacturing and technology research centers, this company dedicates a lot in the customer service field. You can easily reach them via email at info@whirlpoolairpurifiers.com and/or info@aromalivingstyles.com, or via phone at 866-666-1168.

The warranty policy of Whirlpool is only for one year. From the second through fifth year, the limited warranty is only on the air purifier motor. Also, the Aroma International Limited (which covers the supply and warranty for Whirlpool air purifiers) will not pay when your air purifier is used in other than normal, single-family household use. How they can check that is still unknown.

Top Whirlpool WPT80 deals right now

Whirlpool Whispure WPT80B, True HEPA Air Purifier, Black.

Combination of True HEPA and Anti-bacteria Activated Charcoal Pre-Filter. Ideal for large rooms.

Our verdict

The Whirlpool WPT80 is attractive, and when the price is down more, it’s even better. Although the Whirlpool WPT60 still here to offer a cheaper price, a double in CADR rating means your new Whirlpool WPT80 can clean twice as fast in the same room coverage, so you can enjoy the fresh air more often.

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Annual Cost
  • Design
  • Price


A decent air purifier, but the Whirlpool WPT80 still lacks the air sensor from Whirlpool APT40010R.