Philips 2000i Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

After the debut of the Philips 1000i, Philips has tried to focus on what everyone actually wants out of an air purifier, a new smart design, and a good-looking appearance. The result is this Philips 2000i Series AC2889/41, which is decent, but it doesn’t quite deliver as impressively as we’d hoped. Today, we are reading the Philips 2000i Review to see if yet again, we are having one more amazing air purifier or not.

If you’re looking for the Philips 2000i, perhaps you should check the Levoit Core 600S instead, as it is the best air purifier at the moment.

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philips 2000i review

  • The VitaShield IPS is good
  • Smart features like Smart Sensor and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Great sensor

  • Many problems with app
  • Still low fan power for the price
  • Discontinued

Philips is one of the longest-history electronic and technology brands in the world, which is founded in 1891. They have just only jumped in the air purifier industry for a few years, but with a new mission of focusing on the healthcare of Philips, we can believe in this Dutch multinational brand for sure. Let’s see if the Philips 2000i can continue the momentum of the predecessors in our today Philips 2000i Review.

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Philips 2000i Price

The Philips 2000i is the result of years of forward momentum, combining the insane sort of smart features we’re used to seeing from the mid-range to high-range air purifiers like Rabbit Air MinusA2 or AIRMEGA 400S, and decent attempt to improve the better air flow design.

But the last Philips 1000i has had one thing to keep it from being the best: loads of good bits, but the most important part to upgrade – the Wi-Fi connectivity feature, has many bugs itself. It’s lacked the final piece of the puzzle to make it a market leader. The Philips 2000i, with a more expensive price, must not only improve the actual fan power, but also improve the core smart features to stand in the mid-range segment.

It’s no longer the flagship of this Dutch multinational company, the Philips 5000i is that, but the Philips 2000i still has its merits, and it’s now cheaper than ever. The Philips 2000i price has been steadily dropping to the point where you can now pick it up for $399 on the official website, and only $349 for the non-Wi-Fi Philips 2000. In Amazon, the price of this air purifier has been down a lot, which you can easily buy it with the official price of the previous Philips 1000i.

One of the early sticking points I had with this air purifier was the price – it came at a “normal” level, rivaling the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 and Winix HR1000. You will also find lots of tower air purifiers for this price range, like the Levoit LV-H134, GermGuardian AC9400W and of course, Blue Pure 121.

We also notice the presence of the Dyson Pure Cool Tower and Dyson Pure Cool Link in the same price range. These air purifiers, besides the True HEPA filter, are having an amazing cooling fan power to help you survive the summer time. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, with a little bit higher cost, will come with the heating power as well.

But will this air purifier deserve the price? Or should it be where it is now, in the semi mid-range budget, together with the Sharp FP-A80UW, Medify MA-40 and Winix HR900? We will find out later, but first you should check the price of this Philips 2000i right now.

The Philips 2000i is discontinued.

Top Philips 2000i deals right now

Philips Air Purifier 2000i, Wi-Fi Enabled, True HEPA filter for Large Rooms AC2889/41.

True HEPA Air Purifier reduces allergens, pollen, pet dander, house dust mites, gases, and odors and captures up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air that passes through the filter. Energy Star certified.

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Philips 2000i Design and Size

The Philips 2000i just only remains the same design concept from the previous Philips 2000, with not a slightest change in size, shape and even the display monitor. If you don’t check the box closely, you will mistake these items for sure. Remember that the non-smart Philips 2000 is model AC2885/40, and if you don’t trust the Philips app, you can buy the Philips 2000 Series AC2885/40 right now.

Again, Philips brought to us two air purifiers with the same appearance, and they are only apart from each other with the Wi-Fi connectivity function. While the body is much different from the Philips 1000i, it is more likely a 3D rectangle, and doesn’t have the rounded back like the predecessor. However, Philips separates two parts of this air purifier quite apparent, and in my opinion, this is just the sign of a cheap device. I like something which is more like an unibody, for example the Oransi mod or GermGuardian AC9200WCA.

For the size, this Philips 2000i is 24 inches tall, and it seems the small base is quite weak for the air purifier. I recommend everyone to keep your children stay away from this air purifier, especially when this Philips 2000i has a very attractive circular light on the front. Also, the cord length is about 6 ft, which is suitable for many common rooms in the U.S.

When it comes to the plastic version, the Philips 2000i doesn’t feel as nice as the rest of the market’s big hitters: the Alen BreatheSmart FLEX and Oransi OV200 feels a lot thinner, and I prefer the white color option in the AeraMax 300 and Sharp FP-F60UW. Moreover, you couldn’t stop looking at the Winix NK100 with a Design Award, or the Levoit LV-H133 with more beautiful display monitor. The Philips 2000i has its own beauty, but these air purifiers are more stylish for your taste.

However, the Philips 2000i does improve much for the design of the predecessor, and it keeps the air intake grill behind the front plate. The reason is clear, you don’t need to clean the air vent as often as you used to, and therefore make this air purifier much cleaner. It also improves the one-dimension air vent to a near 360° air intake system, which resembles the Honeywell HPA300, to deliver much more polluted air into the Philips 2000i each time.

You still have the traditional bottom-to-top air flow concept, which is also the most popular one in the low to mid-range budget. Beside the top air outlet grill, we have a brand new set of keys for the control panel.

philips 2000i review


This Philips 2000i weighs only 17 lbs, and you will find it harder to move it without the handle.

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Philips 2000i Filters

The most important part in any air purifier is the quantity and the quality of its air filtration process. The latter is decided both by the materials that made these air filters, and what air filter types are used. In this Philips 2000i, we will have a general 3-stage air cleaning system as below.

  1. Pre-filter – The polluted air must pass through a built-in pre-filter, where most of the large objects of contaminants, such as pet hair and even some kinds of pet dander and skin, are being held.
  2. Activated Carbon filter – The Active carbon filter reduces gases and odors, as well as many types of smoke and chemicals like formaldehyde and VOCs.
  3. True HEPA filter – The True HEPA Filter is the core of the VitaShield IPS, which captures 99.97% of as small as 0.3 microns allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold and even bacteria.

Right now, the Philips 2000i is running a 3-stage air cleaning system just like the previous Philips 1000i, which is also just like the Whirlpool WP1000 or Levoit LV-H133. Keep it in mind that the Philips 2000i is $100 more expensive than the predecessor, so you would normally expect more for the quality. Yes, we have a bigger-size True HEPA filter, meaning more filter media to capture the airborne allergens, but only that? Honestly, an investment in the Philips 1000i is much wiser than the Philips 2000i, if you only count on the pure performance.

philips 2000i review


But don’t forget that Philips has their own VitaShield IPS technology, with the core of a very high-quality True HEPA filter. This is a certified air filter that can even capture the tiniest viruses and bacteria like the Influenza A in H1N1 virus. Through rigorous tests, the True HEPA filter from Philips 2000i is able to deal with even the ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02 microns. If you are looking for their filter, you should search for the Nano Protect Pro HEPA filter.

To test the performance of this Philips 2000i, I decided to push it in a much more difficult test than the Philips 1000i. It must run all its power in a room of 200 square feet, for 1 hour. Beside the usual air purifiers in the same price range, I also put two air purifiers in the low-range, the Coway AP-1512HH, AIRMEGA 200M and AeraMax 300, to compare with the performance of this Philips 2000i. The result, Philips 2000i is really disappointing as it has the efficiency of only 99.9% for any pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. The aforementioned air purifiers, with lower price, is capable of dealing with more than 99.93% airborne particles.

philips 2000i review

Of course, a bigger True HEPA filter means a higher cost. The 1-year Nano Protect HEPA filter will cost you $79, and another $39 for the Activated Carbon filter that lasts only 6 months. If you want an air purifier with very low annual filter cost, you should check the Sharp FP-A80UW, Austin Air HealthMate Jr or Austin Air Allergy Machine Jr right now, because their air filters can last from 2 years to 5 years.

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Philips 2000i Room Coverage

The manufacturer’s suggested room size this time is still very unbelievable like the old time, and Philips recommend you to use the Philips 2000i in a room of 850 square feet. This is even larger than what the Alen BreatheSmart FLEX or Oransi OV200 claimed. If you check the AHAM certified room coverage of this Philips 2000i, it is only 277 square feet. However, I don’t think that you can use this air purifier for such room size.

The ACH of Philips 2000i is 5X. This air changes per hour rating is really, really high and the Philips 2000i can clean your room as often as 15 minutes.

The CADR of Philips 2000i is 179 Dust/ 198 Smoke/ 211 Pollen (cfm). This CADR rating is only a bit higher than the Philips 1000i, and it is not much higher if you compare with the CADR rating of an air purifier like the GermGuardian AC4900CA or GermGuardian AC4825. Well, the CADR rating doesn’t tell how well an air purifier can clean your room, but with this CADR rating, your Philips 2000i will take more time to clean the room.

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Philips 2000i Sound

The Philips 2000i is meant for at least a medium to large room, but with such weak fan power, we can believe it still has the quiet operation that you need for a bedroom. And don’t forget the Philips is one of the best electronic companies in the world, and their products are really worth your money.

The lowest noise level of both the Philips 2000 and Philips 2000i is only 20.5 decibels, which is as quiet as the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0. This is also the noise level of the rustling leaves, and I believe that it is a lot better than the Philips 1000i, while I can barely hear any sound from the smaller air purifier, too.

Even if you switch to the highest setting, the noise level of this Philips 2000i is only 52 decibels (db), which is still better than the Alen BreatheSmart FLEX and Honeywell AirGenius 6. This is some kind of white noise, and it can help you sleep faster if you select the right fan speed.

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Philips 2000i Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” In fact, air purifier must be used for a long time to be efficient. And power consumption is one important criteria to review if this air purifier is good or not.

Philips 2000i uses the latest DC motor to achieve low power consumption for the CADR rating. However, this time the Energy Star rating of this air purifier is quite worse than the previous Philips 1000i, as with a much lower CADR rating, this Philips 2000i consumes more, to a maximum of 44 watts.

For 8 hours of using the Philips 2000i per day, it would cost you around $16 per year. It is just only $0.05 per day to keep your indoor air quality as good as possible.

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Philips 2000i Additional Features

Philips 2000i is $50 more expensive than the Philips 2000 because of only one thing, the Wi-Fi connectivity function. Via a smartphone app, you can control your air purifier easily, change the fan speed, set a schedule, or even see your filter lifetime. Though the app still receive many negative reviews, the developer are trying everything to fix all the bugs, and give you the best smartphone app as possible. Remember that the app can also show you the current outdoor air quality in your region.

philips 2000i review

Philips 2000i has one of the best Smart Sensor. The Dutch multinational company calls it the AeraSense, and this sensor can detect even the slightest change in indoor air quality with high accuracy. As the response, this Philips 2000i will automatically adjust the fan speed to match the current change in particles. You can also use the Allergen Mode to deliver the turbo speed performance manually.

Philips 2000i has a Night Sense Mode to automatically turn down the lights and fan speed when the room is dark. As an air purifier for bedroom, this function is also a great-to-have feature. The dimmed light and the low sound help you sleep better. However, when you run this Night Sense Mode, by default you will turn off other Auto modes.

The Child lock function is also one great thing to have, as it prevents unintended changes in settings. Remember that it won’t prevent your child to push the air purifier out of the table, so you still need to be careful.

And yes, the best part of this Philips 2000i that’s certainly something the rest of the market hasn’t seen yet, is the indicator for filter replacement. It still alerts you when it is time to replace the filter, but if the filter is not replaced promptly, both the Philips 2000 and Philips 2000i can stop functioning to avoid ineffective purification. So to say, you can’t be all lazy and forget about replacing the air filters annually.

Finally, you will have a Timer function in this Philips 2000i as well.

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Philips 2000i Customer Service

Philips is the giant in electronic appliance industry, with over 100 years in history. You can contact their customer service team and get personal help for all your product related questions. They provide an online store FAQs so you can find the manuals easily. Apart from that, Philips provides an exclusive support service, and you can call us at 888-744-5477, or via live chat everyday.

Philips is available in the United States, and they offer the Free shipping policy and a 30-day return guarantee for all their products. If you find their air purifiers any defects in material or workmanship, you are covered with a 2-year warranty.

Top Philips 2000i deals right now

Philips Air Purifier 2000i, Wi-Fi Enabled, True HEPA filter for Large Rooms AC2889/41.

True HEPA Air Purifier reduces allergens, pollen, pet dander, house dust mites, gases, and odors and captures up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air that passes through the filter. Energy Star certified.

Our verdict

Philips 2000i is not worth the money to upgrade from the previous Philips 1000i, especially when it has such low fan speed. Sure, the new design is tempting, but you should aim for the performance, and clearly the Philips 2000i is not one of this.

Philips 2000i Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
Philips 2000i Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Philips 2000i AC2889/41 Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: True HEPA ✓ Smart Sensor ✓ Value: 4.1/5 ✓Certified Review.

Product Brand: Philips

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 349

Product In-Stock: SoldOut

Editor's Rating:
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The Philips 2000i is not worth your money like what the Amazon’s Choice Philips 1000i can do.