Honeywell HPA600B Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

It’s been a few years since Honeywell has been wielding its powerful air purifier collection, but here we are with the latest product in the Honeywell brand – the Honeywell HPA600B. Let’s take a look at the Honeywell HPA600B Review to see if this air purifier is worth replacing your tried-and-true Honeywell HPA300.

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honeywell hpa600b review

  • Solid performance
  • Modern and pretty design
  • Adds tons of additional features
  • Quieter than previous models

  • High cost of air filters
  • Covers less area, low CADR
  • Lacks of voice control

Honeywell HPA600B stands quite differently from other companions within Honeywell brand. This air purifier is how Honeywell responds to other high-range budget brands like Rabbit Air, Coway, or even Blueair. This is a big step in the right direction for Honeywell’s flagship, and we will find out if it is worth it or not in this Honeywell HPA600B Review.

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Honeywell HPA600B Price

The Honeywell HPA600B is the latest device from air purifier heavyweight Honeywell. It aims to offer the classic Honeywell experience to old-school folks who just believe in bulky air purifiers.

The jaw-dropping smart features are a huge accomplishment of the Honeywell HPA600B and see the company leapfrog other companies with its efforts. As for the rest of the air purifier, things are less clear-cut. The Honeywell HPA600B’s latest True HEPA filter appears to be top-notch, but a ridiculous fan power prevents this air purifier from being a must-buy. There are more things to consider if we should buy Honeywell HPA600B, but as the company’s first effort to reach the high-range segment, there are many inevitable compromises.

Made by Honeywell, the Honeywell HPA600B starts with a $699 price tag, compared to around $70 for the Rabbit Air MinusA2. In the mid-range segment, where other air purifiers bow down to the throne of the Rabbit Air flagship, Honeywell fires back with a slew of smart features in a classic, huge machine. The race is now more interesting, as you can get the Honeywell HPA600B for as low as $599.

The clear targets of Honeywell HPA600B are the high-range devices like the Airmega 400S, Blueair Pro M and Blueair Classic 605. The price of the Honeywell HPA600B is still far below that of the luxury IQAir HealthPro Plus, and it is on par with the IQAir HealthPro Compact. They are all at the highest level of the air purifier industry, and an attempt to compete with them is a brave move from Honeywell, but I am not ready to tell if it is a smart move.

The Honeywell HPA600B is still at the top of Honeywell’s offering, even when new smart air purifiers like the Honeywell HPA5200 and Honeywell HPA5300 are released.

Top Honeywell HPA600B deals right now

Honeywell HPA600B True HEPA Professional Series Black Edition (with Energy Star).

The well-known Honeywell HPA600B covered in black edition. Enjoy the latest smart air purifier of Honeywell brand.

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Honeywell HPA600B Design and Size

Honeywell HPA600B comes with only one Black edition; there is still no white edition for this air purifier like the others in the Honeywell “HPA” family.

When it comes to its air purifier division, you couldn’t accuse Honeywell of resting on its laurels. Certainly, the company launches new air purifiers more often than some people have hot dinners.

Honeywell HPA600B shows that Honeywell has truly moved on in terms of design. This is the first piece of hardware using a modern design. Give it a cursory glance, and you will easily separate it from old-school, classic-designed Honeywell air purifiers. Thanks to a gorgeous new controller, a more modern design, and top air filters, Honeywell finally feels like it has a fitting flagship.

Until recently, Honeywell had been clinging to its classic design, with an air grill on the whole body. Thankfully, it appears that Honeywell is finally ready to move on. Honeywell HPA600B is covered in a thick metal with a luxurious black color, both front and back, and has several intake air grills from the side and bottom. It feels well-made and modern.

Look a little closer; the design is still great for its fan base. Having multiple intake air vents will help this air purifier maximize the fan power easily.

On top of the Honeywell HPA600B, beside the traditional outlet air vent, is the modern controller. There is one LED indicator for the precision sensor that continuously monitors the air quality and provides real-time feedback for you.

honeywell hpa600b review


This air purifier weighs 32 lbs, which is even a bigger machine than the 24-lb Honeywell HPA300. With the design of one handle for each side, it is not easy to move the Honeywell HPA600B from one room to another. However, with only 9.45 inches in depth and 24 inches in height, you can use this air purifier everywhere in your home. If you don’t like this design, the Austin Air Allergy Machine is much better with a set of 4 casters.

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Honeywell HPA600B Filters

You must expect many things from a $700 air purifier, and the most important thing you should consider is its air filtration system. Well, this is the strongest field of the Honeywell brand, so you will definitely benefit from these air filters from Honeywell HPA600B:

  1. Pre-filter – The pre-filter is washable and can be vacuumed. Not like other Honeywell pre-filters, you can preserve this one much better just by regularly cleaning or washing it.
  2. True HEPA filter – The Honeywell HPA600B utilizes the most powerful True HEPA filter to capture up to 99.97% of down to 0.3 micron contaminant particles like pet dander, mold, viruses, bacteria, and pollen.
  3. Activated Carbon filter – Now Honeywell separates the Activated Carbon filter from the pre-filter, so the pre-filter will last longer and you can clean the activated carbon filter in a more proper way. This Activated Carbon filter is able to adsorb the smells and odors from smoke, chemicals, and VOCs.

The Honeywell HPA600B’s True HEPA filter has advanced by leaps and bounds over previous Honeywell flagships such as the Honeywell HPA300. The HRF-Z2 filter is designed for only the Honeywell HPA600 model and has an antimicrobial coating to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the filter. This True HEPA filter also guarantees to capture airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns. This True HEPA filter easily matches even the most expensive air purifiers, such as the IQAir GC MultiGas or Blueair Classic 605.

honeywell hpa600b review


Well, there is no difficulty in setting up a test for this Honeywell HPA600B, with the attendance of Philips 5000i, Alen BreatheSmart and Alen BreatheSmart FIT50. Within an hour, they were all crammed into a 200-square-foot room. This test is really expensive, and you should not do it at home. As a result, the True HEPA air purifiers all scored an amazing efficiency of 99.97% of as small as 0.3 microns of particles like dust, dust mites, pollen, and even smoke. It is safe to say the performance rating of the new True HEPA filter from Honeywell HPA600B is the best in the world.

honeywell hpa600b review

Also, among the high-range air purifiers, the cost of the air filter for the Honeywell HPA600B is a piece of cake at only $139. With this air filter expected to last one year, the annual filter replacement of this air purifier is just average for the price. However, if you are using the lower models of Honeywell, $139 is really a jump in price, and you may not accept this. Okay, welcome to the high-range level.

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Honeywell HPA600B Room Coverage

Honeywell HPA600B is designed for a large room and is quite similar to its predecessor, Honeywell HPA200. I can put a Honeywell HPA600B in a 325-sq-ft room without any worry. At this price range, the room coverage of Honeywell HPA600B is not as impressive as that of other brands, like Rabbit Air MinusA2 with up to 825 square feet or Airmega 400S with 1560 square feet.

The ACH of Honeywell HPA600B is 5x. It is a tradition for Honeywell air purifiers to perform 5 air changes per hour. To achieve such a high ACH rating, the manufacturer has designed the Honeywell HPA600B to maximize the utilization of its fan.

The CADR of Honeywell HPA600B is 184 Dust/ 210 Smoke/ 205 Pollen (cfm). This CADR rating works well for a 325-square-foot room. I believe that the Honeywell HPA600B can even reach an area coverage of square feet, but remember that these specs are still lower than the HPA300. So, if your room is larger than 300 square feet, I strongly advise you to look into other air purifiers or the Honeywell HPA300.

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Honeywell HPA600B Sound

Perhaps the only problem is the high fan settings, which cause more noise when you run the device constantly. Honeywell HPA600B is not an exception, but you can run it at the lowest setting to reduce the noise it could make.

Moreover, I suggest you regularly clean the air filters of the Honeywell HPA600B to reduce the noise the fan could make. With a separate pre-filter with an activated carbon filter, it is much easier to clean and vacuum the pre-filter, reducing the huge amount of dust sticking to your air filter.

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Honeywell HPA600B Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” In fact, we need to run an air purifier for a long time to be efficient. And power consumption is one important criterion to review to determine if this air purifier is good or not.

The power consumption of the Honeywell HPA600B is around 44 watts at the highest setting, earning it the Energy Star rating for being energy efficient. With an air purifier for a large room, this number is impressive. Compared to a HPA300, the Honeywell HPA600B consumes only 1/3 the amount of energy as its predecessor. This power consumption can even beat Rabbit Air MinusA2 or Levoit PUR-131, which are famous for their low power consumption.

Let’s do some quick math: if you are using the Honeywell HPA600B for like 8 hours per day, it would cost you up to $20 per year. Among the Honeywell air purifiers, this air purifier is now the energy-saving champion.

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Honeywell HPA600B Additional Features

For high-end air purifier devices, people not only demand the high efficiency of air filters but also the additional features one could offer.

Honeywell HPA600B comes with tons of smart features out of the box, which is a step up from the previous models from this brand. It has done quite well with the smart sensor thing, as you could run the air purifier and just let it be for the whole time. Honeywell HPA600B’s Smart Sensor adjusts the fan speed automatically based on the air quality in your room, saving energy for you.

Honeywell has also included smart features such as Bluetooth device control. Raise the phone up, come to the app, and you can control your Honeywell HPA600B anywhere. I have good experience with the air purifier app from Honeywell.

Just like other Honeywell air purifiers, the HPA600B can detect and switch to Night Mode to help dim the light and reduce noise.

Also, you don’t need to remember the date to replace your air filters. Honeywell HPA600B has a LED life indicator to remind you of this date.

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Honeywell HPA600B Customer Service

Honeywell is a market leader in air purifiers, but its customer service is not as friendly as that of competitors. You can reach customer service via the mailbox at the Honeywell Store at 407 N. Quentin Road, Palatine, Illinois. But I suggest you call 847-701-3038 for any support questions. Or you can email for any problems you experience while on the site or after buying a product. Honeywell is available from Monday to Friday.

It doesn’t have free shipping like Rabbit Air or Alen, and you must notify customer service within one business day of any problems with a third-party shipping service like USPS or FedEx. Otherwise, it will not accept liability for any merchandise damage during transit. Also, the shipment can take up to 10 business days from the date that the order is shipped.

The hardest part is when you want to return one Honeywell air purifier, as you only have 30 days from the date you receive your item to process your return. If there is no transit damage or workmanship defects, you won’t receive the shipping charge (on both the original shipping charge and the return shipping charge) and will have to pay a 10–30% re-stocking fee.

Honeywell’s warranty policy is also among the longest in the industry, with up to 5 years of coverage.

Top Honeywell HPA600B deals right now

Honeywell HPA600B True HEPA Professional Series Black Edition (with Energy Star)

The well-known Honeywell HPA600B covered in black edition. Enjoy the latest smart air purifier of Honeywell brand.

Our verdict

Honeywell HPA600B is a good upgrade from your current Honeywell air purifiers if you really can afford the price. This air purifier almost fixes all the disadvantages of other Honeywell air purifiers, like the noise, the power consumption, and even the dim light. If you are a fan of the HPA300, you may love this air purifier because the Honeywell HPA600B’s air filters are among the best. However, you should remember that the CADR of the Honeywell HPA600B is much lower than the only $200 HPA300. So if you have an extra-large room, you should consider buying other air purifiers.

Honeywell HPA600B Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
Honeywell HPA600B Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Honeywell HPA600B Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: True HEPA ✓ Bluetooth: Great ✓ Value: 4.1/5 ✓ Certified Review.

Product Brand: Honeywell

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Product Price: 699

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Great for hardcore Honeywell fans and power-users. Otherwise, you should look for a Rabbit Air MinusA2.