IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

No sense in beating about the bush. IQAir GC MultiGas is the best air purifier the company that invented the modern air purifiers has ever made. This assertion, by default, arguably makes the IQAir GC MultiGas the best air purifier in terms of performance. Today, we will have an IQAir GC MultiGas Review to check why this deluxe air purifier is the best high-end air purifier in the market at the moment.

Once the IQAir GC MultiGas was the best air purifier Breathe Quality can recommend. Still, this air purifier has enough credibility for its amazing performance and unmatched durability.

IQAir GC MultiGas ranks B- in our air purifier ranking list. We give the biggest and most thorough database of air purifier reviews in the world.

In Breathe Quality, we have reviewed all air purifiers under these sections. Also, we guarantee that:

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iqair gc multigas review

  • Perfect performance rating
  • Well-built with highest quality materials
  • Remarkable Technology and Fan Power
  • Extra large room coverage for 1125 square feet
  • Impressive quiet
  • 5-year warranty

  • In high-range segment
  • No Smart Sensor

IQAir is the world leader in air purifying industry, with more than 50 years since the foundation in 1963. It is safe to believe that no other company comes close to IQAir in the field of Indoor Air Quality innovation and expertise.

Admit it. The fact you are reading this review reveals you are intrigued, if not outright tempted, by this extra high-range air purifier. But that price! IQAir GC MultiGas would be a staple choice in public rather than at home. However, no one can deny the power of this air purifier and that’s exactly why you should scroll down and read the IQAir GC MultiGas Review now.

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IQAir GC MultiGas Price

Like we said earlier, the price is beyond common home using. But you get what you pay for.

Yes, the IQAir GC MultiGas is the best air purifier IQAir’s ever created, but that’s not really a surprise – it’s the new one. The bigger question is: what’s actually changed, given the design is so similar to the more affordable IQAir HealthPro Plus? Well, it is designed mostly to deal with smoke, and I bet there is no others could beat the IQAir GC MultiGas in this field.

The flagship of this brand, IQAir GC MultiGas is a giant air purifier with not many opponents in the same price range. Trust me, a $1299 air purifier deserves that. The only capable air purifiers can head on IQAir GC MultiGas right now are Oransi Erik 650A and Blueair Pro XL, but with a far more unimaginable price tag.

I notice that the Winix T1 is also a capable opponent with the IQAir GC MultiGas. Moreover, the Korean brand also make a similar design concept as the flagship of IQAir.

Top IQAir GC MultiGas deals right now

IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier Medical-Grade HyperHEPA Filter. Swiss made

#1 Rated room air purifier for multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), odors & smoke. The GC MultiGas combines HyperHEPA particle filtration with powerful gas and odor filtration.

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IQAir GC MultiGas Design and Size

My first impression for this air purifier is from the smart design. Physically, IQAir GC MultiGas has exactly the same appearance with its brother – the IQAir HealthPro Plus. These siblings isn’t much bigger than any common large room air purifiers, with a 28 inches in height. IQAir GC MultiGas is just a little bit taller than the big Blueair Classic 605, but IQAir has used curves at the bottom to almost disguise the size of the air purifier and make it shorter.

IQAir GC MultiGas is Swiss made, and this is the first sign of outstanding quality, unique and superior design. That being said, this air purifier packs all the design tweaks and material choices that debuted with the previous HealthPro Plus: a stainless steel body, a bottom-to-top air flow structure and a set of 4 wheels for mobility. But what I can’t help wowing is the high quality manufacturing of this IQAir GC MultiGas. Clearly, the 3D Ultra Seal is not a bluff. It makes the filter media is staying 100% sealed in the filter frame to prevent any internal leakage, and therefore increase the actual efficiency of IQAir GC MultiGas.

Like we said, IQAir GC MultiGas possesses a bottom-to-top air flow. That means this air purifier has a big intake air vent at the bottom, and an air outlet grill on top. Traditionally, an air purifier with this air flow will lay a lot of dust from the surface it stands in, reducing the effectiveness of the air purifier. But IQAir makes the distance from this air purifier’s intake air vent to the ground around 2 inches. Also, you will have 4 casters to increase this distance, and fix the problem of this structure.

On top of this air purifier is a handy handle so you can move it easily. Most importantly, as IQAir said, IQAir GC MultiGas is using the unique EvenFlow Diffuser technology with 320 Degree air delivery. It makes air filtration process quietly and evenly distributed in all directions. Moreover, you will find a 4-key touch-pad with 16 character 2-line LCD display here.

iqair gc multigas review


From both front and back of IQAir GC MultiGas, you will have a locking arm to seal the air purifier. There are two colors available for these main locking arms, which you can choose either light gray or blue.

IQAir GC MultiGas is an air purifier for large room, so it can’t be lightweight. This air purifier weighs 44 lbs and is 10 times heavier than the popular Blue Pure 411. I believe that the add-on of 4 casters is necessary for anyone using this air purifier.

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IQAir GC MultiGas Filters

IQAir high-end air purifiers were already ahead of the pack in performance terms, but the IQAir GC MultiGas blazes ahead with the unrivaled air filtration process. As the most important criteria to decide one air purifier’s power, an air filter’s performance is the actual power of its device. And IQAir GC MultiGas is just powerful because of these air filters:

  1. HyperHEPA filter – The pre-filtration of this IQAir GC MultiGas is a real True HEPA filter, which can capture 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns, and 95% of particles as small as 0.003 microns.
  2. Cartridge-based activated carbon filter – Made with the highest quality ABS plastics, this filter can remove VOCs and odors effectively.
  3. Cartridge-based chemisorption – This stage destroys harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, by an oxidation process inside a chemically active alumina pellet.
  4. Post-filter sleeve – A post-filter sleeve wraps each gas cartridge to prevent media dust from being released.

This is not the typical 4-stage air cleaning system. IQAir GC MultiGas runs a powerful HyperHEPA air filter, which is at its core a True HEPA filter with an incredible performance. Normally, a True HEPA filter can capture 99% the fine particles as small as 0.3 microns like household dust, bacteria, dust mites, pet dander and mold spores. But the HyperHEPA technology allows its mechanical filter to capture even the ultra-fine particles, like tobacco smoke, soot and viruses.

In short, HyperHEPA air filter can capture up to 95% of particles down to 0.003 microns, the smallest particles that exist. Notice that this highest efficiency is only for a surface area of 32 square feet. Moreover, even though the pre-filter is powerful, IQAir GC MultiGas just use HyperHEPA Pre-Filter H11, a lower-class HEPA filter than its brother – IQAir HealthPro Plus.

However, the reason this air purifier is the best air purifier for smoke is because of its double gas-phase cartridges. These double gas-phase cartridges is composed of an activated carbon adsorption and alumina pellet chemisorption media, to control of a wide range or specific chemical substances and odors. Also, the activated carbon is made with the highest quality, non-off gassing 12 lbs of ABS plastics. IQAir guarantees that you can count on years of reliability and sturdiness of this system in cleaning odors and smoke.

The last but not least is the micro-charged post-filter sleeves. These sleeves wrap the cartridges inside and remove any additional particles released from them. The combination of this high quality sleeves and HyperHEPA is the reason why IQAir GC MultiGas can reduce most of the ultra-fine particles in the air.

I would love to show the result of our performance test for the high-end air purifiers like IQAir GC MultiGas, but sometimes I wonder if it matters or not. Like this time, I used this IQAir GC MultiGas, along with the Winix T1Oransi Erik 650A and Blueair Pro XL, in a room of 1000 square feet and let them all run in 1 hour. I must admit that it is difficult to have all these ultra luxury air purifiers for testing, and I give my greatest appreciation to Amazon, Blueair, IQAir and Oransi.

iqair gc multigas review

There is no doubt in the perfect result, as all of them score the ultimate 99.99% efficiency to trap any airborne allergens as small as 0.3 microns.

iqair gc multigas review


With such high quality of this non-woven glass microfiber HyperHEPA filter, I don’t dare to expect a cheap cost of filter replacement. For each time you change the filter, you are charged of $199, which is equal to a typical low-range air purifier. And you need to change the IQAir GC MultiGas’s filter annually. Thankfully, both the cartridges and the post-filter sleeves can last for approximately 2 years and a half, based on average daily usage of 10 hours.

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IQAir GC MultiGas Room Coverage

I must remind you again that a top-line air purifier is always for large room. The cost of an air purifier is mostly because of the high quality of its components and the fan power. A higher fan power machine means a better room coverage.

For a high-range air purifier like IQAir GC MultiGas, it is no less than 1125 square feet. IQAir GC MultiGas’s room coverage is among the largest ones available at the moment.

The ACH of IQAir GC MultiGas is an excellent 5X rating. This air changes per hour rating is reasonable for a high fan power air purifier like IQAir GC MultiGas.

The CADR of IQAir GC MultiGas is 350 cfm overall. But the IQAir GC MultiGas can reach the godlike CADR rating of 776 cfm. To achieve such high fan power, IQAir invented a better New Edition Fan, with 3D optimized design. This fan motor system can run at astonishing 1325 m³/h rating at 2750 rpm. Also, because each fan is individually balanced and uses steel ball bearings, it can last for many years.

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IQAir GC MultiGas Sound

With such high fan power, usually we can’t expect a quiet air purifier. But not in this case, as IQAir GC MultiGas uses a aerodynamics fan design and 8 shock absorbers to further reduce noise. As a result, this IQAir GC MultiGas operates in a very silent mode.

With 6 fan speeds, IQAir GC MultiGas only runs 25 decibels at the lowest setting. With a 3 times better CADR rating than Rabbit Air MinusA2 or AIRMEGA 400S, the noise level of IQAir GC MultiGas is simply too good to be true, which is even quieter than the noise level of the quiet rural area.

At the highest setting, IQAir GC MultiGas is much noisy, with a noise level of 59 decibels (db). However, this is far more acceptance compared with other high-fan-power air purifiers like Blueair Classic 605 or Blueair Pro XL.

If you are aiming for an IQAir GC MultiGas, this air purifier will be silent wherever you put it in. No matter your home or your office, this IQAir GC MultiGas has the best performance while keeping the ultimate silence.

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IQAir GC MultiGas Power Consumption

As one of the most criteria when deciding to buy an air purifier, one of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?”. In fact, an air purifier needs to run for a long time (usually more than 8 hours) to be efficient.

While the power consumption of IQAir GC MultiGas is relatively low with only 20 watts at the lowest setting. But with 6 fan speeds, you will burden an energy consumption of 135 watts level at the highest setting. Overall, the average power consumption is 70 watts, which is still all right for a long term.

For running an IQAir GC MultiGas 8 hours per day, you will need to pay from $7 to $48 annually, depending on which mode you run the most.

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IQAir GC MultiGas Additional Features

People will always have high expectation for a high-end air purifier like IQAir GC MultiGas. Pity that, you won’t have the trending Wi-Fi capability function in this air purifier. To control this IQAir GC MultiGas, you can use the remote control added in the box. With only one remote control for this device, IQAir GC MultiGas will fit home use the most.

Also you don’t have the Smart Sensor, the ability to automatically adjust the fan speed according to the actual air quality in your room. This function is necessary in modern air purifiers, to help reserve the energy and increase the filter’s lifetime.

Moreover, IQAir GC MultiGas still has the additional features like an Advanced Timer (to program of operating hours and weekdays) and an Advanced fan speed selection to set up a fixed fan speed at a desirable time period. Also, like any other air purifiers, this machine will offer a LED filter replacement indicator, to help you know when to buy a new filter for your IQAir GC MultiGas.

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IQAir GC MultiGas Customer Service

With 50 years in this air purifier industry, IQAir is clear of their mission than any other brands. They have been awarded for a lot by many reputable organizations and press articles.

With an expert support team to work 24/7, you can reach IQAir easily via email.

Their air purifiers always have a 5-year warranty, the highest time period to guarantee no defect at all. For the high-end machines, 5-year warranty period is also recommended.

Top IQAir GC MultiGas deals right now

IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier Medical-Grade HyperHEPA Filter. Swiss made

#1 Rated room air purifier for multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), odors & smoke. The GC MultiGas combines HyperHEPA particle filtration with powerful gas and odor filtration.

Our verdict

IQAir GC MultiGas is different and outstanding than most of air purifiers from other brands. But sure, it’s expensive, and for a common home use, it is not for everyone. However, if you need a medical-grade air purifier to have the best deliverance from smoke, allergies and asthma, you need look no further than IQAir GC MultiGas.

IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

IQAir GC MultiGas Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: HyperHEPA filter ✓ CADR: 300 ✓ Value: 4/5 ✓ Certified Review.

Product Brand: IQAir

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 1299

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It’s expensive and won’t be for everyone, but IQAir GC MultiGas is just flawless for every personal use.