IQAir Atem Desk Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

IQAir isn’t a company to shy away from “blue sky” thinking. Over the past few years, we’ve seen IQAir launch only high-end air purifiers with a ridiculous price tag. But all look fairly sane next to its latest blue-sky air purifier: IQAir Atem Desk. To see why this air purifier is special, let’s read our IQAir Atem Review right now.

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iqair atem review

  • Top-notch performance
  • Advanced technology and fan power
  • Beautiful design
  • Impressive quiet
  • The lowest power consumption
  • 5-year warranty

  • The plug is quite bad
  • Only for personal use
  • No carbon filter

Rather than offering an air purifier with compact size like previous HealthPro Compact, or adding more types of air filters like GermGuardian or Coway, the IQAir Atem Desk takes things to a whole other level. That is because it features an unique term called “breathing zone clean”. Are you curious? Let’s find out in our IQAir Atem Desk Review.

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IQAir Atem Desk Price

The IQAir Atem still has an audience. Holding out against its bigger siblings, this portable air purifier continues to offer an unique and amazing experience no other current air purifier can muster.

Yet, it’s still a more than viable option for those looking for a low-cost IQAir air purifier. The IQAir Atem Desk is the most affordable air purifier in the line of high-range devices from this brand. However, the price of this personal air purifier is still far from budget. It costs $399, which is a fairly conventional price for a classier kind of mid-range air purifier, but not for a bedroom-centric air purifier.

Every element of the IQAir Atem is solid or better. Still, it’s hard to recommend when rivals in the low and mid-range are so incredibly strong. For around $200, you can get a powerful air purifier like Honeywell HPA300 or Coway AP-1512HH to clean a room of 300 to 400 square feet.

Actually, I’ve found a worthy challenger for the IQAir Atem, and it is the Dyson Pure Cool Me, the most powerful personal air purifier of Dyson. It doesn’t come with the smart features like IQAir Atem, but it has a layer of carbon filter to adsorb the gases and odors, something that IQAir Atem doesn’t have.

The new Molekule Air Mini is also worth to check, and this device comes with the same smart features like the IQAir Atem.

Set on an IQAir? Then go for it. However, it isn’t one of the stronger contenders in its class.

Top IQAir Atem Desk deals right now

IQAir Atem Desk Air Purifier HyperHEPA Filter. Swiss Made by IQAir, White.

#1 Rated personal air purifier, small enough to fit in your carry-on, perfect size for your work space. Free shipping and pay as low as $18/month.

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IQAir Atem Desk Design and Size

Visually, the IQAir Atem Desk looks simple and sophisticated. The design makes it resemble a disc, with a Sensor inside which respond to your touch. From the front of this air purifier is the name “Atem” at the center of the surface. There are two editions for this IQAir Atem Desk: black and white.

iqair atem review

Between the two surface-parts is a ridge with many intake air grill to draw in the polluted air. To indicate which is the air outlet grill, IQAir Atem Desk uses a PureJet diffuser. The PureJet diffuser surrounds the air outlet and aims straight to the user.

One more thing, IQAir Atem Desk is Swiss made, which means the highest product quality and manufacturing excellence is committed in the newest factory in southern Germany. This facility is by far better than any air purifiers which is made in China or other Asian region.

iqair atem desk review


Out of the box, IQAir Atem Desk goes with a power adapter with 3 regional plugs, and a trim gray desk stand. This stand supports the air purifier in directing the fresh air at the users.

This air purifier is truly one of the lightest air purifiers in the world, with only 4.4 lbs. This weight is only above the 3.4 lbs Blue Pure 411, and it is so compact to easily fit in your carry-on.

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IQAir Atem Desk Filters

This compact IQAir Atem Desk is the most simple air purifier in the world, not only from the appearance but also the internal. Inside your IQAir Atem Desk, you will have only one filter.

  • HyperHEPA filter – IQAir Atem Desk use a normal True HEPA filter which can capture more than 99.5% of all particles down to the 0.003 microns.

As you can see, there is no pre-filter in this air purifier. IQAir Atem Desk has a top-notch performance rating thanks to the unique IQAir HyperHEPA filter, which is created from a combination of synthetic and inorganic fibers. Any HyperHEPA filter made by IQAir is tested thoroughly to effectively filter air down to the 0.003 microns level. That’s smaller than most viruses. It is safe to say the HyperHEPA is the best HEPA filter in the world.

However, you should notice that this IQAir Atem Desk doesn’t have any activated carbon filter, and therefore is unable to eliminate the smoke, smells and odors from cooking, pets or chemicals. For a $399 air purifier, a lacking of activated carbon filter is unlikely to happen.

iqair atem desk review


Remember, you need to replace the HyperHEPA annually, based on average daily usage of 10 hours on highest fan speed.

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IQAir Atem Desk Room Coverage

IQAir Atem Desk defines a new term: “the breathing zone“. This air purifier doesn’t take time to clean the air in your room, instead, it immediately delivers clean air to your breathing zone, which is a bubble space around you and you alone. The only thing you need to do is directing the PureJet diffuser and blanket yourself in pure air. The efficiency of area is around 3.2 square feet.

The ACH of IQAir Atem Desk is incomparable 20X. Yes, you are not wrong. This air purifier will clean your breathing zone every 3 minutes.

The CADR of IQAir Atem Desk is only 18 cfm. Remember that this air purifier only clean air in a space of 3.2 square feet around you, so the CADR rating is not a mandatory spec.

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IQAir Atem Desk Sound

As a compact air purifier mostly used in bedroom and working space, we expect IQAir Atem Desk to be one of the most silent air purifiers available. And in fact, this air purifier operates quietly.

With 3 fan speeds, IQAir Atem Desk has an amazing noise level of 20 decibels at the lowest setting. Even at highest setting, the noise level is only 44 decibels (db), which is just a little bit higher than the library noise level standard. You will hardly hear anything from this IQAir Atem Desk.

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IQAir Atem Desk Power Consumption

As one of the most criteria when deciding to buy an air purifier, one of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?”. In fact, an air purifier needs to run for a long time (usually more than 8 hours) to be efficient. For a personal air purifier like IQAir Atem Desk, you can use it for a whole day.

So you must be amazed with the lowest possible power consumption of this IQAir Atem Desk. The energy consumption at 3 fan speeds is respectively 1.5, 2, 3.4 watts. The standby mode only consumes 0.5 watts at maximum.

For using IQAir Atem Desk 10 hours per day, you will need to pay maximum of $1.5 annually. $1.5 for using an electric device in one year, that’s incredible.

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IQAir Atem Desk Additional Features

The IQAir Atem Desk is really a simple air purifier. But it uses the most modern technology to control and program this air purifier effectively.

Instead of a physical button, this IQAir Atem Desk use a sensor to touch and turn it on. Also, you can increase or decrease the fan speed with this 1-touch button.

IQAir Atem Desk doesn’t go with a remote control like others from IQAir brand. You need to download an iOS/Android app to control it via bluetooth. The app is able to control up to 4 Atem air purifiers at once. Using the app, you can easily check the filter replacement indicator, or control the fan speed of this IQAir Atem Desk.

IQAir Atem Desk is an air purifier without a Smart Sensor, but it has a proximity sensor to turn off automatically when the user is away.

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IQAir Atem Desk Customer Service

With 50 years in this air purifier industry, IQAir is clear of their mission than any other brands. They have been awarded for a lot by many reputable organizations and press articles.

With an expert support team to work 24/7, you can reach IQAir easily via email.

Their air purifiers always have a 5-year warranty, the highest time period to guarantee no defect at all. For the high-end machines, 5-year warranty period is also recommended.

Top IQAir Atem Desk deals right now

IQAir Atem Desk Air Purifier HyperHEPA Filter. Swiss Made by IQAir, White.

#1 Rated personal air purifier, small enough to fit in your carry-on, perfect size for your work space. Free shipping and pay as low as $18/month.

Our verdict

For personal use, nothing can beat the IQAir Atem Desk. This air purifier is not just sleek and compact, it is a real deal for any types of ultra-fine particles.

IQAir Atem Desk Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
IQAir Atem Desk Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

IQAir Atem Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: HyperHEPA filter ✓ Wifi: Good ✓ Value: 4/5 ✓ Certified Review.

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IQAir Atem Desk is an expensive personal air purifier, but you get what you pay for.