Amaircare 4000 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

When it comes to air purifiers with high-range steel housing, the Amaircare 4000 gets the gold, but additional features and high price tag hold it back. Let’s check the honest Amaircare 4000 Review today.

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amaircare 4000 review

  • Strong, durable quality
  • High-quality air filter
  • High-efficiency fan/motor
  • High mobility
  • 5-year warranty

  • Quite noisy on high speed
  • Very expensive
  • Lacks of Smart features

Since 1994, Amaircare has been one of the top air purifier brands in the North America, thanks to their advanced and luxury AirWash models. The Amaircare 4000 is the powerful, high-quality HEPA flagship air purifier of the company, and it has all the power to tag along with other very expensive air purifiers in the world, like the Blueair Classic 680i, IQAir HealthPro Plus or LG PuriCare AS560DWR0. Get ready for our today Amaircare 4000 Review.

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Amaircare 4000 Price

If you’re picking the Amaircare 4000 for your home, it will be for the steel housing. Some will consider the Ultra VOC canister with more than 20 lbs of granulated carbon to be the golden feature, but since AllerAir 6000 and Airpura V600 can even be better, your call must be the high-quality construction.

Using what is great in the previous Amaircare 2500 and Amaircare 3000, the Amaircare 4000 is even better for a flagship. It has higher fan power to take care of even 2000 square feet area, higher mobility with 6 swivel casters, and the unique high-efficiency AC backward curved motor. That said, the Amaircare 4000 is the new best-in-class air purifier to beat.

And it’s a lot more expensive than the predecessors, asking you $999 for the standard version. Well, the Amaircare 4000 is a solid air purifier. No, really, it’s solid, weighing significantly more than the vanilla Amaircare 3000.

Its cost makes it hundreds more than the Austin Air Bedroom Machine or any air purifiers mentioned above. Only the IQAir GC MultiGas and some models of AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 are more expensive than this air purifier. Therefore this is one of the most expensive home air purifiers you can get right now.

I also suggest you to check the Airocide APS-200 PM 2.5 or Molekule Air for different air system, and see if they fit your home more than the traditional air purifiers or not.

Top Amaircare 4000 deals right now

Amaircare 4000 VOC CHEM Air Filtration System.

The top-end HEPA + VOC air purifier flagship of Amaircare. Can clean commercial area up to 2600 square feet. Get one for as low as $46/month.

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Amaircare 4000 Design and Size

If you’ve seen an Amaircare 3000, you’ve seen the Amaircare 4000. The look, feel, and dimensions are all virtually the same.

Of course, the Amaircare 4000 feels excellent, even if it is huge, but in air purifier world, huge means powerful. Measuring at 23 inches in height and 16 inches in width, the Amaircare 4000 is portable enough to fit in any room, any home.

It doesn’t only come with the good size, the Amaircare 4000 is extremely durable. Amaircare continues to use the housing of 24 gauge cold rolled steel, to guarantee good combination of cost and structural integrity. It’s also baked thermoset powder finish, so it is basically wear and tear resistant, and it doesn’t off-gas chemicals. That is something you’re hard to find in the plastic housing.

The Amaircare 4000 is the flagship and it has only one color option. To tell it apart from its previous brother, you can check the front speed switch of this Amaircare 4000, which isn’t available for the Amaircare 3000.

Amaircare 4000 uses full 360° air distribution, with a 6-inch air intake round connection. To distribute clean air evenly, it uses louver directed outflow, which directs air out of 4 sides simultaneously.

The Amaircare 4000’s weight is 55 lbs, meaning it doubles the current weight of Amaircare 3000. It is clearly for better power, as 20 lbs of the weight is from the VOC filtration canister. And don’t worry about lifting the air purifier, you will have 6 swivel casters for effortless mobility.

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Amaircare 4000 Filters

The Amaircare 4000 uses a standard 2-stage air cleaning system, using only mechanical filters to not emit ozone into the indoor air, which can cause asthma and other breathing issues. So the Amaircare 4000 is powerful and safe to clean the air.

  1. Pre-filter – Amaircare 4000 uses a foam 1/8-inch pre-filter to work up to 12 months. The pre-filter is necessary to capture large dust and debris before contacting the True HEPA filter.
  2. Main filter – Select between the True HEPA filter that filters out 99.97% of particulate 0.3 micron and larger or Ultra VOC canister with 24 lbs of granulated carbon, providing vital capture of chemical and gas pollution.

The Amaircare 4000 is the most customizable air purifier in the whole portable air purifier series of Amaircare. The default air filter you will get comes with 20.8 lbs of granulated carbon (with an additional 3.2 lbs for high demand) for cases requiring extreme chemical and gas pollution capture. Amaircare will refill upon request, and the manufacturer recommend to change the filter every 6 months.

Or you can replace the filter with a HEPA filter, which is basically the same as the previous Amaircare 3000. However, the Amaircare 4000 has better fan speed, and it can run a lot better it bigger space. In our test for room up to 300 square feet, the Amaircare 4000 was the best air purifier at capturing 99.98% of any particles down to 0.3 microns, the same result with the Blueair Classic 605. Other air purifiers like the AIRMEGA 400 or Oransi EJ120 had slightly lower performance than our today unit.

amaircare 4000 review

You should know that all Amaircare HEPA filter can last as long as 5 years, so the actual annual filter cost is very small. Let’s check our link below for the complete filter replacement.

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Amaircare 4000 Room Coverage

As the flagship, the Amaircare 4000 is really for bigger rooms. It can handle any rooms up to 2000 square feet, and if you use the VOC canister, the Amaircare 4000 is even suggested for 4500 square feet.

The ACH of Amaircare 4000 is 2X to 4X in a room of 560 square feet. If you try to use this air purifier in the room of 2000 square feet, it will exchange the air only one times per hour.

The CADR of Amaircare 4000 is 300 cfm in general. It is just the same CADR rating of the junior series of Austin Air, so I really don’t think the Amaircare 3000 can clean your large room quick enough.

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Amaircare 4000 Sound

Amaircare uses the super AC backward curved motor to ensure the continuous operation with low noise level. Indeed, the noise level of this Amaircare 4000 is only 43 to 61 decibels (db). It is similar to a ground fan’s noise level.

If you are planning to use the Amaircare 4000 for your home use, make sure to switch the fan speed to the lowest while sleeping. It is similar to the library’s noise, and you won’t notice any sound.

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Amaircare 4000 Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” In fact, air purifier must be used for a long time to be efficient. And power consumption is one important criteria to review how much energy this air purifier will consume.

The power consumption of the Amaircare 4000 is the whole new level from the Amaircare 3000 at 125 watts, but it’s still more energy saving than the ducted air purifiers like Amaircare AirWash 7500, Amaircare AirWash 10000 or Amaircare Multi-Pro BOSS.

If you use the Amaircare 4000 for at least 8 hours each day, it would cost you $45 per year.

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Amaircare 4000 Additional Features

Just like Airpura, Amaircare doesn’t give any additional features for their air purifier users. Well, at least you get a filter light indicator to remind you when to change the HEPA filter. That’s better than most other high-range air purifier brands.

Actually, even for the high-end ducted air purifiers of Amaircare family like the Amaircare AirWash 7500 or Amaircare AirWash 10000, you won’t find any additional features.

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Amaircare 4000 Customer Service

As a Canadian air purifier company, Amaircare really focuses on their customer service. You can call them toll-free at 800-268-7732. Their main number is 905-565-9488. Or, you can email them at

Amaircare offers 5-year warranty for the motor and fan parts of the air purifiers. All other component parts are warranted for only 1 year. It is more than enough to secure your air purifier.

Top Amaircare 4000 deals right now

Amaircare 4000 VOC CHEM Air Filtration System.

The top-end HEPA + VOC air purifier flagship of Amaircare. Can clean commercial area up to 2600 square feet. Get one for as low as $46/month.

Our verdict

The Amaircare 4000 is one of the most expensive air purifiers on the market right now, and you should consider whether you need to spend this much on your air purifier. It has limit on fan power, too, which is easily defeated by other flagships. Of course, if you want the luxury housing though, it may be for you.

Amaircare 4000 Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
Amaircare 4000 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Amaircare 4000 Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: True HEPA ✓ Value: 3.3/5 ✓ Certified Reviews

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Amaircare 4000 is the flagship from the Canadian air purifier company, but do you need such an expensive device?