Aeris aair Lite Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Switzerland is not only the country of high-quality and long-history air purifier brands like Boneco and IQAir, but also the place of micro brands as well. Aeris aair Lite is the entry-level air purifier of one company like that. But don’t take it lightly, as the device itself stays among the mid-range segment. Today, we will make an in-depth discussion in this Aeris aair Lite Review.

Aeris aair Lite ranks B in our air purifier ranking list

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aeris aair lite review

  • Amazing air filtration system, no ozone
  • High-end Smart features
  • Low power consumption
  • Fairly quiet

  • Low CADR rating
  • No Activated Carbon filter
  • High filter cost

Aeris is just a small player in the competitive air purifier industry, but with Swiss origin, they are charging their devices with high-range price tags. Today, I’m happy to deliver the first Aeris aair Lite Review.

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Aeris aair Lite Price

We always have micro air purifier brands to compete in the low-range segment. It is quite reasonable, because the cheap air purifiers will help the company secure the upfront cost easily.

However, Aeris approaches in a different way, as they chose the mid-range to high-range as their playfield. The Aeris aair Lite is exactly one like that, coming without discount, but it made good impression for any users.

In Breathe Quality, we’re happy to be the first one to deliver an Aeris aair Lite Review – an air purifier which is sold for $499 in Aeris official website. This is the most affordable air purifier of this company at the moment, as the flagship is the Aeris aair 3-in-1 Pro.

However, in the mid-range segment, we have much bigger and better alternatives to the Aeris aair Lite. The Rabbit Air MinusA2, Oransi mod, Blueair Classic 405 and AIRMEGA 300S are the perfect solutions when you need a smart air purifier with high-quality air filtration system. Asking for cooling or heating functions? You should check the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool or Dyson Pure Cool Link immediately.

Other Swiss competitors can also be found in this price range, like the Boneco P400 and Boneco P500. They don’t offer the Smart Wi-Fi connectivity function, but with high-quality air filtration system from an air purifier leader, you will be satisfied for sure.

Top Aeris aair Lite deals right now

Swiss Made Smart air purifier/aair lite. Gray.

Eliminates allergies, asthma, dust, pet dander, bacteria with SerenityHEPA filter. Swiss Anti-microbial technology included.

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Aeris aair Lite Design and Size

As a smart air purifier, Aeris aair Lite comes with simple and clean as design concept. You will get a cylindrical air purifier with nothing to block the air cleaning process. However, as you can see, the Aeris aair Lite consists of many parts, and all are under Swiss Made quality.

aeris aair lite review


It isn’t as compact as common air purifiers in low-range segment, as the height of Aeris aair Lite is 18.5 inches. For the width, it is a bit chunky with 11.2 inches.

This air purifier comes with 3 different color options, and our today unit is a White, or Nimbus Cloud option. You can buy the Sailor Blue or Quartz Pink instead, depending on your taste. In addition, there are 4 other color options: green, pastel, red and sandstone for you to select on Amazon.

For example, below is the favorite blue option deal for you.

Aeris keeps the aesthetic design, seamlessly blending the ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) cover with fabric sleeves to make a simple preliminary filter for the air intake. The Aeris aair Lite also makes use of the bottom-to-top air flow system concept, with a simple (but obvious) 360° air intake.

On top, besides the air outlet, we have an intuitive touch panel with crisp LED lighting.

aeris aair lite review


This air purifier has a total weight of 15.5 lbs. You can grab it to anywhere in your house.

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Aeris aair Lite Filters

To decide the performance of one air purifier, normally we will check the quantity and quality of its air filters, including of the air filter types. Our today Aeris aair Lite comes with a typical 2-stage air cleaning system.

  1. Pre-filter – The Aeris aair Lite uses a F7 pre-filter, in conjunction with the ABS cover and fabric sleeves treated with anti-microbial coating, to pick up large pollutants like dust and pet dander. This pre-filter adds zeolite for odors trapping.
  2. True HEPA filter – Aeris aair Lite traps any fine particles as small as 0.3 microns with the H13 HEPA filter, having high efficiency up to 99.95%.

Aeris aair Lite has employed a H13 Medical-grade True HEPA to do the air cleaning tasks. Like so many high-end air purifier brands, the True HEPA filter can remove 99.95% of all particles down to 0.3 microns in size, such as allergens, mold spores, mildew, bacteria and fungi.

Again, I made a test for the Aeris aair Lite, in a room of 200 square feet and under 1 hour. I chose the Oreck AirInstinct, Oransi Max and Aprilaire Allergy9550 to compare with our today Aeris aair Lite. The result, Aeris aair Lite had an impressive efficiency of 99.93% for trapping any particles down to 0.3 microns. However, this result was still below the Oransi Max and Aprilaire Allergy9550.

aeris aair lite review

The Aeris aair Lite needs filter replacement every 6 months. Make sure to use the genuine aair Lite filter set, which costs you $99.

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Aeris aair Lite Room Coverage

The Aeris aair Lite, just like its name, is suggested for medium to large rooms, of only 350 square feet. If you want an air purifier for extra-large rooms, you should aim for the Aeris aair 3-in-1 Pro.

The ACH of Aeris aair Lite is 2X to 4X. This air purifier can clean your room as frequently as 4 times per hour.

The CADR of Aeris aair Lite is 185 cfm in general, which is quite low in mid-range and high-range segments. An air purifier with low CADR rating will take more time for a full cleaning.

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Aeris aair Lite Sound

Aeris aair Lite marketed itself with the whisper quiet operation. And to be honest, quiet operation is always the strength of a Swiss air purifier company, and Aeris is not an exception.

The average noise level when you run the Aeris aair Lite is only 35 decibels (db), which is a lot lower than the noise from the library. On lowest speed, the noise level is exactly like the whisper, so you can sleep comfortably and deeply without any interruption.

Even on highest speed, the Aeris aair Lite is measured to have noise level of only 55 decibels. It is audible, but you won’t be annoyed with such noise.

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Aeris aair Lite Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” because we need to run an air purifier for a constant long time, and power consumption is really a thing to consider.

With DC motor and low fan power, the Aeris aair Lite has an average power consumption of only 25 watts. Even if you run the air purifier on highest speed most of the time, the rated power just reaches 50 watts.

If you run the Aeris aair Lite for 8 hours per day, you will need to pay from $9 to $18, depending on the most-used mode.

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Aeris aair Lite Additional Features

The best selling point of this Aeris aair Lite lays on the smart features, which is also the reason it is in mid-range segment. You don’t need a remote control, because you can always connect with this air purifier via a smartphone’s app.

Aeris aair Lite has a Smart Sensor named asense, which helps this air purifier track all indoor air quality, and then it can adjust the fan power automatically based on the environment’s need.

Like so many air purifiers in the market, Aeris aair Lite has a Sleep Mode, to lock the setting on lowest and dim all the light. It also provides a Child Lock, to prevent any accidental changes of settings.

Finally, we have a LED indicator for filter replacement. Never use the outdated air filter.

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Aeris aair Lite Customer Service

Aeris is just a new air purifier company, and their website doesn’t provide much information about their customer service. If you have any question, please contact them via Contact Us page, or live chat with them.

You can get a full refund without any reason for the first 7 days from the purchase date, however you need to cover all the shipping cost. Or you can exchange the device within 30 days, if it’s defective due to manufacturing failure.

Aeris provides a simple 2-year warranty for their air purifiers, including of the main components such as the fan, the body and the Wi-Fi module. Remember that the warranty doesn’t cover malfunctions caused by misuse of the device by the users.

Top Aeris aair Lite deals right now

Swiss Made Smart air purifier/aair lite. Gray.

Eliminates allergies, asthma, dust, pet dander, bacteria with SerenityHEPA filter. Swiss Anti-microbial technology included.

Our verdict

Aeris aair Lite shows how brave the Swiss company is. They dare to enter the mid-range market without any heritage from the past. But their air purifiers come in a good direction, as the mid-range Aeris aair Lite has high-quality air filtration system, accurate sensor and overall good Wi-Fi connectivity function.

It isn’t all about the glory of Aeris aair Lite. For the price, you only get an air purifier with very low fan power. And even with such low fan power, both its noise level and energy consumption are too high. So to say, there are many interesting alternatives to choose over the Aeris aair Lite, especially when it is often unavailable.

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Annual Cost
  • Design
  • Price


Overall great “Swiss Made” air purifier for the price.