GermGuardian AC4150 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Guardian Technologies informed us a few months ago that its next flagship would be very different from the rest of its air purifier line; however, for now, we will stick with the GermGuardian AC4150. Since our last GermGuardian AC4100 review, there have been more and more questions about why not make one for GermGuardian AC4150. You asked for it, and we will make it. Let’s read our GermGuardian AC4150 Review.

Updated: The GermGuardian AC4200 is now available with a new design and 100% ozone-free air filtration system.

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germguardian ac4150 review

  • Decent air filtration process
  • The Night Light function is cool for your kids

  • Quite noisy at highest setting
  • Low performance

Ever since we first published the GermGuardian air purifier review, I’ve been waiting to put the GermGuardian AC4150 through its paces more thoroughly. Back then, we were impressed with the surprisingly cheap price tags for even the most modern smart features, as well as decent air purification, which would have put them firmly in the mid-range price band. So, today, our representative is in GermGuardian AC4150 Review.

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GermGuardian AC4150 Price

Now the GermGuardian AC4150 has arrived, and it’s a little more expensive than the GermGuardian AC4100 at $79, So, with the Honeywell HPA020B already in the marketplace and in roughly the same price range, how does the GermGuardian AC4150 hold up?

I also found the new GermGuardian AC4200 to be available, which is completely 100% ozone-free. It comes with a smart design and better quiet operation for use in bedrooms.

If you want a $10 discount, you should look at our below deal for GermGuardian’s AC4150.

Top GermGuardian AC4150 deals right now

GermGuardian AC4150PCA 4-in-1 Kids Room Air Purifier, HEPA Filter, UVC Sanitizer, Air Cleaner with Night Light Projector.

The 11 inches Kid’s Room Air Purifier with HEPA Filter, Pink Edition. Added with a Night Light Projector to ensure a good night for your babies.

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GermGuardian AC4150 Design and Size

The inspiration for the GermGuardian AC4150 is clear – hold it up to a GermGuardian AC4100, and it’s immediately obvious that the American manufacturer has worked hard to improve its $50 air purifier and gain more market share. There are two color options: pink and blue, which are perfectly suitable for a kid’s room. If you want the Blue Edition, or GermGuardian AC4150BLCA, you can grab it for $10 off below.

germguardian ac4150 review

Put the obvious comparisons aside, though, and you’re left with a well-designed and spectacular-looking device. With a small size of 11.5 inches in height and 5.4 pounds in weight, this air purifier is one of the most compact air purifiers in the world. It is even lighter than the Levoit LV-H132, which is the best seller for compact air purifiers.

Guardian Technologies has run the signature back-to-front airflow process, with a full-size air output grill from the front and one air intake grill from the back. For a compact air purifier, I believe this design language is the best way to improve the fan power.

On top of this air purifier, you will find a projector with three optional rotating colors and images to create a nighttime adventure for your children. When the nightlight is on, you can choose between the Twinkle Moon and Stars, Sleepy Safari, or Under the Sea themes.

Other than the projector, the GermGuardian AC4150 is nothing different from the GermGuardian AC4100, with only one manual switch and one simple button.

germguardian ac4150 review


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GermGuardian AC4150 Filters

I don’t want to say the same thing twice, but as there is only one air purifier under the GermGuardian name, it is hard to find a unique air purifier (don’t mention the GermGuardian AC5900WCA). Yes, the GermGuardian AC4150 installs the same 3-in-1 air cleaning system as its siblings.

  1. Activated Carbon Filter – The normal carbon filter attacks smoke, cooking, and pet odors along with harmful VOCs emitted by common household products. In fact, this filter is a layer to be attached to the GermGuardian AC4150’s HEPA filter.
  2. HEPA filter – GermGuardian AC4150 only uses a HEPA filter to capture 99% of dust and allergens, including pet dander, mold spores, and plant pollen.
  3. UV-C Light – The unique 2-watt bulb with UV-C light to fight germs kills airborne bacteria, viruses, and mold spores.

To save space inside the air purifier, GermGuardian’s AC4150 combines both an activated carbon filter and a HEPA filter into one physical filter. I am surprised that Honeywell HPA020B can bring the True HEPA filter (which is better than GermGuardian AC4150 in terms of performance) for $79 air purifier; however, I am not disappointed with the GermGuardian AC4150. With an UV-C light bulb, this air purifier can still kill bacteria and some viruses as small as 0.3 microns.

germguardian ac4150 review

Also, the activated carbon filter is necessary to absorb smelly odors from diapers or your kids’ clothes. Nobody can stop the children from doing what they want, but an air purifier is required to keep these outdoor allergens outside your home.

germguardian ac4150 review


You need to change the HEPA filter every 6 to 8 months. But don’t worry about the filter cost, it is only $24, and is only higher than Levoit LV-H132 or Blue Pure 411 a little bit.

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GermGuardian AC4150 Room Coverage

The GermGuardian AC4150 is just the same air purifier with the same size and fan as the AC4100. As a result, the GermGuardian AC4150 is only suitable for a 100-square-foot room.

The ACH of GermGuardian AC4150 is 4X. In the suggested room size, it will clean your room every 15 minutes.

The CADR of GermGuardian AC4150 is 60 Dust/ 35 Smoke/ 68 pollen (cfm). With a relatively lower CADR rating than the AC4100 and Honeywell HPA020B, the GermGuardian AC4150 should be used in a very small room.

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GermGuardian AC4150 Sound

The GermGuardian AC4150 is famous for its quiet operation on the lowest setting. However, it will generate an unavoidable sound while running on high. If you are running on the highest setting, please remember not to do that when you sleep.

For a quiet air purifier, I suggest you check out the Levoit LV-H132 or Blue Pure 411.

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GermGuardian AC4150 Power Consumption

To be one of the best air purifiers, a device must strictly pass our Breathe Quality test after long-term use. Also, one of the most frequently asked questions in Breathe Quality is, “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” We can all agree that power consumption is one important criterion to review to determine if this air purifier is worth your money or not.

Using a 2-watt UV-C bulb, the GermGuardian AC4150 has a great power consumption of 45 watts. The power consumption is not as great as that of the Levoit LV-H132 or Blue Pure 411, but it is still acceptable for a compact air purifier.

For using a GermGuardian AC4150 for 8 hours per day, it would cost you up to $17 per year.

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GermGuardian AC4150 Additional Features

Beside the famous Night Light projector, sadly, the GermGuardian AC4150 has no additional features. Again, you should not expect much from this price point, as you can’t find a better air purifier with lots of functions.

If you want more features, especially a Smart Sensor for this price, you should look for the AeraMax 100 or Levoit Core 200S.

It is also superseded by the latest GermGuardian CDAP4500BCA, which was released in 2017, so you should not expect much from an under $100 air purifier.

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GermGuardian AC4150 Customer Service

There is not much to say about the brilliant support from Guardian Technologies’ customer service. Anyone can get active support from the American brand. The company also makes the instruction manuals available online to help you answer common questions on your own. But if you can’t find a solution, just contact customer service via phone at 866-603-5900 or via email at Just like any other brand, the office will be open from Monday to Friday.

Guardian Technologies occasionally offers free shipping as well as a significant discount on all products (typically 10% to 20%). Whenever you find the air purifiers are not as great as you had thought, you can return them within 30 days of your original receipt of the order. And don’t worry about the warranty policy of Guardian Technologies, as it warrants its products to be free of defects in materials or workmanship. You can register for a warranty for up to five years.

However, for the GermGuardian AC4150 and GermGuardian AC4100, you will only have a 1-year warranty.

Top GermGuardian AC4150 deals right now

GermGuardian AC4150PCA 4-in-1 Kids Room Air Purifier, HEPA Filter, UVC Sanitizer, Air Cleaner with Night Light Projector.

The 11 inches Kid’s Room Air Purifier with HEPA Filter, Pink Edition. Added with a Night Light Projector to ensure a good night for your babies.

Our verdict

There’s no denying the GermGuardian AC4150 is a fancy air purifier for your kid’s room. But at $79, you can find a “true” air purifier by looking for the Honeywell HPA020B, or you can upgrade to a $100 Levoit LV-H132 or Blue Pure 411 for better performance.

GermGuardian AC4150 Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
GermGuardian AC4150 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

GermGuardian AC4150 Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: HEPA filter ✓ Size: 5 lbs ✓ Value: 2.7/5 ✓Certified Review.

Product Brand: Guardian Technologies

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Product Price: 79

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In the most low-range segment of the market, GermGuardian AC4150 aims at kids and kids only.