Medify MA-15 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

We have come through a year of many disastrous events, most especially the COVID-19 epidemic. This year we don’t have many new air purifiers from the big air purifier brands, mostly because of the suspension of Europe and China’s borders. Yet Medify Air can bring two new models in this year, and we’re happy to make a review for their new Medify MA-15. It is a budget air purifier with more practical features than the previous Medify MA-14, and it is a strong debut for a budget Medify Air device. Okay, it’s time for our Medify MA-15 Review.

Medify MA-15 ranks C- in our air purifier ranking list. We give the biggest and most thorough database of air purifier reviews in the world.

Update: If you want an air purifier for large or extra-large rooms, you should search for the Medify MA-40 or Medify MA-112.

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medify ma-15 review

  • High-quality HEPA filter
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Unique silver color

  • Annual filter cost is high
  • Lacks of features

Medify Air could be the only air purifier brand making air purifiers in last year, and considering the increase in demand, I think the Medify MA-15 will be well expected. After 2 months of testing, we believe this is the most trusted Medify MA-15 Review you can find.

Medify MA-15 Price

The Medify MA-15 is a good all-around air purifier at a budget price, with a well-rounded HEPA filter that we all love from Medify Air. The new silver color taste is great, and we like to have more additional features on a more expensive Medify MA-14. Together with the Medify MA-25, perhaps it will be the year of Medify Air.

While there are some performance hiccups for a budget air purifier, especially when the CADR rating measured in cfm is a lot lower, the Medify MA-15’s value is clear, and it’s a welcome new contender in the budget (but not bargain) space.

Cheap air purifiers right now come with more features, and that’s why the Medify MA-15 will charge you for a bit more, at $69 officially. Comparing with the now discontinued Medify MA-18, however, it adds more additional features to play.

Get ready for the Medify MA-15, because it is still the main competitor of the wonderful Levoit Core 300. Game is a bit more difficult for Medify Air because we will see the new Levoit LV-H128 to beat the MA-14 model hard. Also, it is the playground for many strong air purifiers like Airthereal APH260, GermGuardian AC4200 or Filtrete FAP-C03BA-G2.

In the US, the Medify MA-15 is available at one the most major retailers – Amazon. You can check the latest deal for this air purifier from our website.

Top Medify MA-15 deals right now

Medify MA-15 S1, Medical Grade Filtration H13 True HEPA Air Purifier.

The newest air purifier of Medify Air, available with silver color option. Lifetime warranty. Free shipping and return.

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Medify MA-15 Design and Size

The Medify MA-15 looks higher-quality than the previous Medify MA-14 and it really matches the style of the new Medify MA-25, which in turn is the small version of the Medify MA-40. At 12.24 inches in height, the air purifier is in fact quite similar to the MA-25 model.

It removes the base from the previous model, making the Medify MA-15 one of the most portable air purifiers to use in small rooms. There are more curves for the MA-15 edition, trimming down the size and make it more “portable”.

The air purifier feels sleek, especially with the new silver color option. This is the most identical device to the Levoit Core P350. However, Medify Air doesn’t really prefer the popular cylindrical shape of the air purifier, and we don’t see this design language from their devices, apart from the Medify MA-Smart.

medify ma-15 review

But don’t judge the performance of the Medify MA-15 from its appearance, because the air purifier can hold two sets of air filters, and it makes use of the 360° air intake grill. The common bottom-to-top air flow system concept is used, which is easier to make than the MA-25 device.

At 6 lbs, the Medify MA-15 a bit lighter and thinner than comparative budget air purifiers.

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Medify MA-15 Filters

Medify Air seems to be in favor of making air purifiers without any ionizer, just like other budget brands like Airthereal and Hathaspace. Well, the 3-stage air cleaning system isn’t certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), but I believe it will soon be one.

  1. Pre-filter – A layer of pre-filter covers the True HEPA filter, to prolong the life time of the core filter, by trapping the large objects of pollutants like fur, hair and large dust.
  2. True HEPA filter – The True HEPA Filter (graded H13) that captures 99.97% of as small as 0.3 microns allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold and fungi particles.
  3. Activated Carbon filter – Uses substantial carbon filter with carbon pellets to remove toxic odors and formaldehyde.

Just like many air purifiers in the market today, the Medify MA-15 states clearly that it will use the H13 True HEPA filter to remove even the allergens down to 0.1 microns.

medify ma-15 review


In real-world test, however, the Medify MA-15 certainly isn’t ‘magic’ like its advertising. With low fan power, it achieved an average result between other contenders, trapping 99.5% of all allergens as small as 0.3 microns. It was behind the Filtrete FAP-C03BA-G2 and Hunter HP600, but you should get it instead of the Filtrete FAP-C02WA-G2 or LivePure Sierra.

medify ma-15 review

You will need the new filter for the Medify MA-15, which costs you $39 for a set and it can last only 4 months to comply the lifetime warranty. So, the annual filter replacement cost is really high.

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Medify MA-15 Room Coverage

Medify Air again claims that their customers can use the Medify MA-15 for a large room, up to 330 square feet. And it takes only 30 minutes to clean such space, so with a bit of mathematics, you can calculate the actual CADR rating of this air purifier.

The ACH of Medify MA-15 is 1X to 4X. This air purifier can exchange up to 4 times per hour in a room.

The CADR of Medify MA-15 is 88 cfm in general. Remember that Medify Air used m3/h for air flows unit, which they just said “CADR 150”.

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Medify MA-15 Sound

The Medify MA-15 is a cheaper portable tabletop air purifier option than the Medify MA-25. However, the less advanced fan motor makes the sound level of this Medify MA-15 to be up to 35 decibels (db) on lowest speed, even with lower CADR rating.

If you plan to use the Medify MA-15 in bedroom, and considering you are a light sleeper, you should only use it on low speed.

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Medify MA-15 Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” In fact, air purifier must be used for a long time to be efficient. And power consumption is one important criteria to review if this air purifier is good or not.

Medify MA-15 reduces the power consumption to just only 18 watts, which is the most energy saving device in the whole Medify Air family. Though it didn’t achieve the Energy Star rating like its brother Medify MA-14, I think it will be a much better investment thanks to its lower energy consumption and higher fan power.

If you run the Medify MA-15 for 8 hours per day, it would cost you only $6.4 each year.

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Medify MA-15 Additional Features

Medify MA-15 completes as the smaller and cheaper Medify MA-25, so it doesn’t forget to show off many additional features like a Timer to schedule the time off for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours.

It has a Child lock function, which is really, really useful to use in the house with curious children. Also, you don’t need to remember the replacement date because the Medify MA-15 has a LED indicator for filter replacement.

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Medify MA-15 Customer Service

Medify Air is a well-known air purifier company, especially in Amazon for some obvious reasons, and one being the excellent customer service. They provide easy access from both phone at 302-659-8104, and email at

Medify Air also guarantees your air purifier to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a lifetime period. To start the lifetime warranty, you need to submit a warranty registration within first 30 days, and commit to change genuine Medify Air’s filter every 4 months, 6 months or 1 year (depending on the product), as well as strictly follow the manual guide of Medify Air.

If you want to return the product, you must do it within 30 days of purchase with a valid receipt. Remember to include the original box and packaging materials.

Top Medify MA-15 deals right now

Medify MA-15 S1, Medical Grade Filtration H13 True HEPA Air Purifier.

The newest air purifier of Medify Air, available with silver color option. Lifetime warranty. Free shipping and return.

Our verdict

If you want a budget air purifier with so many features to play with, then the Medify MA-15 is a decent option, especially when it has a premium color to select.

Don’t buy the Medify MA-15 if you concern about the pure performance, because as you can see, there are many better options for even cheaper price.

Medify MA-15 Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
Medify MA-15 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Medify MA-15 Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: True HEPA filter ✓ Lifetime warranty ✓ Value: 3/5 ✓ Certified Review.

Product Brand: Medify Air

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 69

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Editor's Rating:
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Better pricing makes this air purifier more attractive, except its high annual filter cost to comply the Lifetime warranty.