Dyson HP02 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Dyson HP02 is finally here in Breathe Quality office, to help us test and check the actual performance of this unique air purifier in the lineup of Dyson Pure Hot+Cool. Should you buy the Dyson HP02? Or you need to jump to the Dyson HP04? We will find out, in our today Dyson HP02 Review.

Dyson HP02 ranks C in our air purifier ranking list. We give the biggest and most thorough database of air purifier reviews in the world.

Update: We are now having the Dyson HP04 – the latest model of Dyson Pure Hot+Cool series. With nearly the same price as the predecessors, we should look for the HP04 model whenever in need of a Dyson Pure Hot+Cool.

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dyson hp02 review

  • Unique design
  • Smooth air output
  • Excellent additional features
  • Cooling and heating combination

  • Quite expensive
  • Out of date
  • Performance is very low

Dyson has been a well-known manufacturer of air purifiers since 1991, with the famous combination of cooling fan and air cleaning system. In addition, the heating feature is available in the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool series, with the Dyson HP02 is the second edition. In our today Dyson HP02 Review, let’s see what makes our today unit different from the previous HP01.

Dyson HP02 Price

Dyson HP02 is a worthy budget flagship of the Dyson HP04, holding its own with the extraordinary smart features and a much more comfortable price.

It is released not long after the original HP01 of Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, together with the Dyson TP02 of Dyson Pure Cool Tower series. Which means it packs almost everything the fourth edition has, at a lower price. You get the same design with more color options and high-end smart features but you’ll miss out the necessary new glass HEPA air filter. That’s the tempting compromise offered by Dyson.

To get the second edition of Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, you need to pay for $599. But you come here to get the exclusive Breathe Quality discount, you can have the Dyson HP02 for only $499.

It isn’t cheap, however, as the device is the main competitor with the Blueair Classic 405 and Rabbit Air MinusA2. Thanks to a high drop in price, both the Airmega 300 and Airmega 400 can offer the same features with much lower price point.

Top Dyson HP02 deals right now

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link, HP02 Wi-Fi Enabled HEPA air purifier, White/Silver.

The powerful Dyson Pure Hot+Cool will purify, heat and cool the air around you. Comes with the new smart Wi-Fi connectivity feature.

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Dyson HP02 Design and Size

It is truly confusing to tell the Dyson HP02 apart from the original Dyson Pure Hot+Cool. Well, the Dyson HP02 may have a silver color option for the amplifier, while the Dyson HP01 comes with an iron gray.

Other than the obvious change in color, the Dyson HP02 remains the same, with a signature oval amp. The dimensions of this device are 25 inches in height and 8.7 inches in width.

Like I’ve reviewed in the previous article, the oval shape take a bit less space than the round one from Dyson Pure Cool Link, but it can’t move the same amount of airflow streams. It is not a problem, really, because all Dyson models can move purified air for extra-large rooms.

There is also a Blue option for this Dyson HP02, blending with a dark gray color option for the base. The remote control of this device is also blue.

The Dyson HP02 doesn’t have the latest LCD display for the air quality and temperature indexes like the latest Dyson HP04, but the current LCD display is still beautiful to look at. It can help you check the Wi-Fi signal’s strength, too.

Just like any other Dyson air purifiers, the Dyson HP02 will run the bottom-to-top airflow system concept, together with the 360° air intake to draw in more polluted air at once.

It weight 8.6 lbs, just like the previous HP01 model. You can bring the air purifier from room to room.

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Dyson HP02 Filters

The Dyson HP02 isn’t the latest Dyson model, so it only uses the previous Evo filter to clean the air.

  1. True HEPA filter – With the glass HEPA filter, the Dyson HP02 is able to capture 99.97% all airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, bacteria and pet dander.
  2. Activated Carbon filter – Removes household odors, smoke and gases.

For a device at mid-range to high-range segment of the market, the Dyson HP02 is quite weak at adsorbing gases, smoke and odors, due to the inferior carbon cloth it uses. You should look for the Austin Air HealthMate or Austin Air Allergy Machine to get a more powerful air filtration system.

I tested both the Dyson HP02 and Dyson TP02 in a room of 200 square feet, and as you can see, the result was the same as the original Dyson Pure Hot+Cool edition. If you love the perfect efficiency for trapping any particles down to 0.3 microns, you should spend for the Vornado PCO575DC, Levoit EverestAir, Winix XQ and Rabbit Air A3.

dyson hp02 review

Our Dyson HP02 uses the same HEPA filter as the previous Dyson Pure Cool Link (DP01). You should change the filter annually, with the cost of only $69 for one genuine replacement.

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Dyson HP02 Room Coverage

The Dyson HP02 has the same room coverage as the predecessor. It is recommended for room of 126 square feet by the Energy Star.

Because this air purifier is also a fan, we don’t have the ACH and CADR ratings. Dyson told that high CADR rating doesn’t mean better, so it doesn’t quote any CADR score for its products.

The ACH of Dyson HP02 is 4X. However, if you are running the air purifier in 400 square feet, expect it to clean for only once per hour.

The CADR of Dyson HP02 is 50 cfm in general. It is far too low for an air purifier in this price range. The maximum airflow of Dyson HP02 is 53 gallons per second, equal 425 cfm. It is a lot lower than the Dyson Pure Cool Link version.

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Dyson HP02 Sound

The Dyson HP02, with the same internal fan power, can keep the noise level as low as 40 decibels (dB), which is pretty awesome for an air purifier with such high fan power like this. It is as quiet as the library mode of some electric appliances.

On highest speed, I measured the noise level to be 57 decibels, which is still reasonable for an air purifier with cooling and heating fan features. It is only the white noise, and in fact, it can help you sleep easier.

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Dyson HP02 Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” In fact, an air purifier must be used for a long time to be efficient. And power consumption is one important criteria to review if this air purifier is good or not.

Dyson HP02 consumes only 36 to 44 watts for air purifying purpose. If you want to use the heating feature, you need to know that the Dyson HP02 has rated power of 1575 watts. It is still reasonable than most personal console heaters, though.

If you only use the Dyson HP02 to clean air, and run it 8 hours per day, you only need to pay $16 each year.

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Dyson HP02 Additional Features

As one in the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool series, the Dyson HP02 can either cool or heat your room, so you can save the precious space by combining all three different devices into one.

Because the Dyson HP02 is originally a fan, it has an oscillation setting to move the air back and forth, as well as 10 fan speed settings with uninterrupted stream of purified airflow (named Air Multiplier technology). It also features the new Jet Focus control, for focused personal heating or fast, even room heating.

Just like the Dyson HP04, the Dyson HP02 can be controlled with the Dyson Link app, voice control from Amazon Echo, or with a simple remote control. This air purifier is truly the flagship budget for what it costs.

Talking about our remote control, it is still magnetic, so you can stick it with the air purifier easily. The remote is designed wise, in a meaning of minimalism.

dyson hp02 review

Source: Amazon.com

The Dyson HP02 can operate by itself, thanks to the advanced Auto Mode, adjusting the fan automatically and accordingly to the environment.

You can monitor the Dyson HP02 in the Night-time Mode, to dim all the lights and set the fan power to the lowest. Or you can switch to the Timer setting, to set the air purifier off from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

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Dyson HP02 Customer Service

Dyson is one of the best brands for its impressive customer service. Once you are Dyson’s customer, the company promises to help you even after your warranty has ended, which is something that not many brands dare to do.

To reach its support, you can either search for it yourself in the thorough online guides, or you can contact easily with this line: 866-693-9766. If you can’t call the customer service (for example on Sunday), you can email it at questions.us@dyson.com.

Most importantly, you should be Dyson’s customer to have access to its exclusive VIP loyalty programs. Once registered for the warranty, you can enjoy Saving Events to help you save 20% on your next purchase, as well as reminders for free preventative maintenance checks at a Dyson Service Center. Finally, you will have access to a VIP hotline for 24-hour support: 866-664-9004.

Like many big brands, Dyson provides free shipping for its products. You can return an order with free shipping as long as you are within the 30-day money-back guarantee. This could be one of the most generous offers for refunds among any air purifier brands.

Dyson only has a 2-year warranty for both labor and parts on its air purifiers. For such expensive air purifiers, the warranty is a bit short.

Top Dyson HP02 deals right now

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link, HP02 Wi-Fi Enabled HEPA air purifier, White/Silver.

The powerful Dyson Pure Hot+Cool will purify, heat and cool the air around you. Comes with the new smart Wi-Fi connectivity feature.

Our verdict

Dyson HP02 is a smarter version of Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, but it doesn’t have such high-quality Activated Carbon filter like the flagship Dyson HP04.

So, for just slightly less money, the Dyson HP02 isn’t a good recommendation anymore. You should at least get the Dyson HP04 for better support from Dyson.

Dyson HP02 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs in 2024
Dyson HP02 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool (HP02) Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: True HEPA ✓Cool Fan+Heater ✓ Value: 3.4/5 ✓Certified Review

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