Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

The Aprilaire 9550V is another high-performance flagship console design from Aprilaire that offers a great True HEPA filter, decent basic features, but a horrible annual filter cost. We held off for so long; however, it’s time for a trusted Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Review.

Aprilaire Allergy+Pet9550 ranks B- in our air purifier ranking list. We give the biggest and most thorough database of air purifier reviews in the world.

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aprilaire 9550v review

  • Great performance
  • New filter to deal with viruses
  • Sturdy design
  • Accurate Smart Sensor

  • Lacks of smart features
  • High filter cost
  • Only 1-year warranty

Aprilaire has prepared the latest Aprilaire 9550V as a device for the troublesome COVID-19 pandemic in recent years, but is it truly a good device to buy? Perhaps you should read our Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Review right away.

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Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Price

Aprilaire console air purifiers haven’t achieved such attention as the whole-house series counterpart, and Aprilaire seems not to care about that fact. The Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet is hardly an effort, especially when it doesn’t come with a fixed name from the start.

However, there is one thing that I must praise about the Aprilaire 9550V: the air purifier costs only $499, meaning it’s lower than both of its siblings, the Aprilaire Allergy+Pet9550 and Allergy9550. It could be the first time I see a brand reduce the price of its flagship, and I hope that more companies will learn from that.

All of Aprilaire’s console air purifiers are removed from its website, so perhaps the launch price of the Aprilaire 9550V is a bit different. Aprilaire is famous for its whole-house air purifiers and humidifiers, so perhaps the console line will be removed forever.

And it should be, because the air purifier is competing against things like the Sharp FX-J80UWWinix XLCLevoit EverestAirAirmega 300S and Rabbit Air MinusA2. Aprilaire had better make a proper lineup of console air purifiers, or not at all.

Top Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet deals right now

Aprilaire Virus + Allergy + Pet True HEPA air purifier 9550.

Removes up to 99.97% impurities in your room. Comes with signature virus + allergy + pet filtration. Zero ozone.

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Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Design and Size

The Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet is, again, identical to the Aprilaire Allergy+Pet9550Aprilaire Allergy9550 and Aprilaire Clean9550 before it. Well, it’s easy to mistake these air purifiers, so if you want to buy one, make sure to get it from authorized dealers instead of second-hand.

So, I will repeat the same thing about the design for this Aprilaire 9550V, and it is 27.5 inches in height and 17.25 inches in width. The air purifier comes in a rectangular prism shape with handles on both sides.

aprilaire 9550 virus+allergy+pet review

Source: Amazon.com

The front cover can be removed by pulling it away from the body, as it uses magnets to attach. Right at the center, you can see the small logo of Aprilaire on this air purifier.

The Aprilaire 9550V runs the same bottom-to-top air cleaning system, with the air inlet hidden behind the front cover. I don’t know the reason why Aprilaire still keeps this design, as it really hinders its fan power. As a result, the Aprilaire delivers lower fan power than most of its competitors while being louder.

There is a top control panel just behind the air outlet of the Aprilaire 9550V with electronic buttons. That’s one thing that I like about this air purifier, as more and more current devices come with touch control panels to be more modern, but from my experience, they are less durable.

aprilaire 9550v virus+allergy+pet review

Source: Amazon.com

The Aprilaire 9550V is no cheap air purifier, so it is quite heavy, at 26 lbs. You shouldn’t move this air purifier too much.

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Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Filters

The Aprilaire 9550V keeps the same 4-stage air cleaning system as previous models, with only the change of True HEPA filter.

  1. Pre-filter – Captures large to medium airborne particles like large dust, lint, pet hair, and fur. It can be cleaned by vacuuming or washed to remove buildup.
  2. Pet filter – The special fine pet hair and dander trap can reduce the airborne particles (mainly pet hair & dander). It’s easy to clean, reusable and can provide extra protection for the True HEPA filter.
  3. True HEPA filter – Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet uses the flagship True HEPA filter, which removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns like dust, pollen, mold spores, germs and other pollutants.
  4. Activated Carbon filter – Reduces household odors, VOCs and gaseous pollutants.

Aprilaire ups the game for its newest Apriliare 9550V, with a True HEPA filter attached to a new alumina oxide Activated Carbon filter, which increases the efficiency of trapping pet and cooking odors. However, for no reason, the company added “Virus” to the name of this air purifier. It doesn’t make any difference with the previous Aprilaire Allergy+Pet9550.

It makes sense if Aprilaire has replaced older units with the new Aprilaire 9550V, as you can’t find the Aprilaire Allergy9550 and Allergy+Pet9550V anymore.

So to say, the performance of the Aprilaire 9550V is still very good, capping at 99.95% of trapping airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in a room of 300 square feet during 1 hour. It is, however, not as good as the Blueair HealthProtect 7470i and Oransi mod, but you should remember that the Aprilaire air purifier is cheaper.

aprilaire 9550v virus+allergy+pet review

Sadly, you need to pay more for the air filter replacement, which is $129 per year. That’s too much for an air purifier at this price range, and it drastically reduces the “Annual Cost” ranking of the Aprilaire 9550V.

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Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Room Coverage

The Aprilaire 9550V is suggested for rooms up to 495 square feet by the manufacturer, which is the same as the Aprilaire Allergy+Pet9550. However, you can use the air purifier for rooms up to 600 square feet easily.

The ACH of Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet is 4X. The air purifier will clean the suggested room size every 15 minutes.

The CADR of Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet is 320 cfm in general, which is the same as its brothers. One more thing to believe that it’s just old units with new set of air filters.

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Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Sound

Aprilaire doesn’t care to fix its design, resulting in the Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet being very noisy on its highest speed, up to 65 decibels (dB). It is quite reasonable for an air purifier with such high fan power, but I hope that it could be a little better.

On its Sleep Mode, the Aprilaire 9550 is only 30 decibels, which is like a whisper. It is not as good as other brands, but it is enough to sleep without disturbing.

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Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” In fact, air purifiers must be used for a long time to be efficient. And power consumption is one important criterion to review to determine if this air purifier is good or not.

The Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet has a rated power of 80 watts, and it has the best CADR/watt ratio in its family. However, the air purifier is not Energy Star-rated.

If you run the Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet for 8 hours each day, you need to pay $29 each year.

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Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Additional Features

All air purifiers under the 9550 Series, including the Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet, are the best air purifiers this company can deliver. They all come with the Smart Sensor, which has the ability to detect changes in indoor air quality and then adjust the fan automatically based on the environment’s needs.

We have a Turbo Mode in addition to the three basic fan speeds to maximize the fan speed. Also, there is a Sleep Mode, which dims the light automatically, sets the fan speed to low, and turns on a timer for 8 hours. Thanks to the light sensor, the Sleep Mode will turn on automatically if there’s no ambient light.

There is a Control Panel Lock function to prevent others from changing the current setting on this air purifier.

Finally, we will have a LED indicator for filter replacement. Whenever the filter cartridge is at 90% of its capacity, the air purifier will beep three times to notify you when the power is on. Also, the LED indicator will flash until you get a filter replacement.

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Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Customer Service

Aprilaire is one of the top air purifier brands in the U.S., and the company will assist you with any problems. Just call its customer service toll-free at 800-334-6011, from Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. CST. You can also email outside of working hours; the address is right on the “Contact Us” page.

Aprilaire grants you a 5-year warranty for any whole-home air cleaners; the warranty is on the cabinet from the date of installation. Moreover, you are guaranteed by Clean Coil to have the professional cleaning done within the next 10 years, at a cost of $100.

In the case of the Aprilaire 9550 series, the limited warranty is only effective for 1 year, and you don’t have the Clean Coil Guarantee.

Top Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet deals right now

Aprilaire Virus + Allergy + Pet True HEPA air purifier 9550.

Removes up to 99.97% impurities in your room. Comes with signature virus + allergy + pet filtration. Zero ozone.

Our verdict

The Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet seems to be the old air purifier with new filters, and while the upfront cost is better, the maintenance will be more expensive with a higher annual filter replacement cost.

Aprilaire 9550V Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Aprilaire 9550V Virus+Allergy+Pet Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: True HEPA ✓ Value: 3.7/5 ✓ Certified Review.

Product Brand: Aprilaire

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Product Price: 499

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A combination of good performance and very expensive annual filter cost.