Aprilaire 2210 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Aprilaire launched the 2000 series of whole-home air cleaner, starting with the Aprilaire Model 2210. A bit old-fashioned in some ways, but more than capable of providing you with all that you’ll need from a MERV-13 air filter. Let’s find out in Aprilaire 2210 Review.

Updated: If you are looking for a common console air purifier for large rooms, you should check the Aprilaire Clean9550, Aprilaire Allergy9550, Aprilaire Allergy+Pet9550.

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aprilaire 2210 review

  • Great value for money
  • Huge coverage
  • Solidly built

  • MERV-13 filter is not the best
  • Low performance rating

Aprilaire is one of the few air purifier brands that invented the whole-home air cleaner system. The 2000 series is the next-gen of the popular 1000 series, and we can consider the Aprilaire 2210 as the upgrade of Aprilaire 1210 using MERV-11 filter. But other than that, are there any differences between these two models? In our today Aprilaire 2210 Review, we will make an in-depth comparison.

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Aprilaire 2210 Price

Aprilaire has completely removed the “2110 Model”, and starts the 2000 series with the Aprilaire 2210. It is reasonable, as we only demand the better version of the popular Aprilaire 1210. In case of the old Aprilaire 1110, we will have the Aprilaire 1410, and later, Aprilaire 2410 to do the job.

Competing for a similar audience, the Aprilaire 2210 offers the MERV-13 air filter, which is better in overall performance than the old MERV-11. But what is the exact cost to utilize the high performance?

Aprilaire 2210 costs $124 in the official Aprilaire website, which is $15 higher than the older model. However, as the MERV-13 can be used in Model 1210, I believe that buying the Aprilaire 2210 straightly is quite… unnecessary, unless you get a good deal on Breathe Quality.

Just like any whole-home Aprilaire air cleaners, the best alternative to Aprilaire 2210 is the Honeywell F200 (with MERV-13 air filter). Also, you can look for whole-home air cleaner from Skuttle. However, I just want to remind you that Honeywell F200 can be quickly upgraded to Honeywell F300, while you need to buy the Aprilaire 5000 all by yourself.

Top Aprilaire 2210 deals right now

Aprilaire 2210 Air Purifier.

The whole-home air cleaning system to help remove pollen, dust and mold spores. For room up to 2000 sq ft. MERV-16 filter.

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Aprilaire 2210 Design and Size

Quick comparison for design of Aprilaire 2210 with models 1210, 2310, and 2410.

  Aprilaire 2210 Aprilaire 1210 Aprilaire 2310 Aprilaire 2410
Height (inches) 22 22 20.4 17.75
Width (inches) 6.75 6.75 6.75 6.75
Depth (inches) 27.4 27.4 22 30
Weight (lbs) 18 18 15 17

As you can see, the Aprilaire 2210 is indeed the Aprilaire 1210 from the outside. It remains the same dimension, to be 22 inches in height and 27.4 inches in depth. So visually put both air cleaners side-by-side, you really can’t tell one apart from another.

Aprilaire 2210 just uses the same 20 x 25 air filter like Model 1210, and that’s why it weighs the same, to be 18 lbs. The UL classified cabinet is made of corrosion-resistant heavy gauge pre-painted steel. Moreover, the air cleaner has proprietary door design and Self-Seal technology to eliminate unfiltered air bypass, thus delivers MERV performance as rated.

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Aprilaire 2210 Filters

Well, the Aprilaire 2210 can be exactly the same as the Aprilaire 1210 from the outside, but what is inside this air cleaner? Let’s find out.

  1. HEPA filter – Just like other HVAC system’s filter, Aprilaire 2210 will use the MERV-13 air filter, which can remove 98% of pollen and mold, 97% of airborne bacteria and fungi, 96% of pet dander and other dust. Moreover, it can filter out nearly 75% of tobacco smoke and smog.

Using the MERV-13 air filter, the Aprilaire 2210 is a lot better than the original model 1210. You can see the chart below to compare the efficiency between the original 210 and 213 air filters.

  0.3 – 1 microns 1 – 3 microns 3 – 10 microns
210 filter (MERV-11) 37% 67% 92%
213 filter (MERV-13) 63% 88% 93%

As you can see, the MERV-13 filter is highly recommended to trap the ultra-fine particles, as small as 0.3 microns in size. Using the higher-quality air filter, Aprilaire 2210 can protect your HVAC system better, as well as improve the indoor air quality in your home.

However, you should notice that you can upgrade the air filter inside Model 1210 anytime, or switch to the MERV-11 filter with simple media change for the Aprilaire 2210. So to say, you should keep on using the old Aprilaire 1210 instead of this today unit.

You need to change the air filter annually for optimal performance. The 213 air filter costs $59, which is a bit more expensive than the old 210 air filter. There are also 213CBN and 216 (MERV-16) air filter for you to choose, with even much better performance.

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Aprilaire 2210 Room Coverage

All air purifiers under the 2000 series, including of Aprilaire 2210, are able to work with the whole-home HVAC system, and can clean the room up to 2000 square feet easily.

The Aprilaire 2210 is not a common air purifier with fan power, so we can’t measure its ACH and CADR rating.

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Aprilaire 2210 Sound

Without fan power, Aprilaire 2210 won’t produce any noise. And actually the Aprilaire 2210 will work in unison with your existing heating, ventilating, and cooling system (HVAC) to filter all contaminants in your air, so no way you can see it in your living areas.

So to say, this isn’t even a selling point of Aprilaire 2210, and you should bypass this section at all.

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Aprilaire 2210 Power Consumption

One of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” In fact, air purifier must be used for a long time to be efficient. And power consumption is one important criteria to review if this air purifier is good or not.

However, the Aprilaire 2210 is just a cabinet of one air filter. It doesn’t need the electricity, and you don’t need to check its power consumption.

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Aprilaire 2210 Additional Features

What could you possibly expect from an air filter housing like Aprilaire 2210, as well as any whole-home air cleaners made by Aprilaire. You should notice that the Aprilaire 2210 doesn’t come with a thermostat, just like the 3000 series. So well, it is unable to check the temperature.

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Aprilaire 2210 Customer Service

Aprilaire is one of the top air purifier brands in the U.S, and they are happy to assist you for any problems. Just call them toll-free at 800-334-6011, from Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m CST. You can also email them out of working hours, right in their Contact Us page.

Aprilaire grants you a 5-year warranty for any whole-home air cleaners, the warranty is on cabinet from the date of installation. Moreover, you are guaranteed by Clean Coil, to commit the professional cleaning in the next 10 years, at the cost of $100.

In case of Aprilaire 9550 series, the limited warranty is only effective for 1 year, and you don’t have the Clean Coil Guarantee.

Top Aprilaire 2210 deals right now

Aprilaire 2210 Air Purifier.

The whole-home air cleaning system to help remove pollen, dust and mold spores. For room up to 2000 sq ft. MERV-16 filter.

Our verdict

I don’t recommend using Aprilaire 2210 unless you really need the MERV-13 air filter to get to work early. The Aprilaire 1210 is more affordable, and you can always upgrade to the MERV-13 filter with lower cost than bumping on the Aprilaire 2210 immediately.

  • Cleaning Power
  • Portability
  • Features
  • Power Consumption
  • Price


An Aprilaire 1210 with MERV-13 air filter in box.