SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

SilverOnyx has confirmed that, and they have finally released the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 as the next budget air purifier. Just because the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 is affordable, don’t count it out for the best air purifier under $100 budget. But why? You really need to read this SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Review.

The air purifier has been discontinued, so if you want a budget air purifier, you should look for the Levoit Core 200S instead.

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silveronyx 3-in-1 review

  • Great air filtration process
  • Smart Sensor for under $100
  • Beautiful design
  • Impressively quiet

  • Low CADR rating
  • Discontinued

Even in the United States, many of us may not know the SilverOnyx brand. It is mainly because the SilverOnyx is only a small brand, but they are growing in a fast pace to provide a lot of good to great electronic appliances like air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, pressure cookers and sound therapy. The SilverOnyx 3-in-1 is a small version of the previous successful model – the SilverOnyx air purifier. So, let’s read the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Review and find out if we should buy this air purifier or not.

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SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Price

If you are looking for the latest SilverOnyx air purifier, you are in the right place. The SilverOnyx has only released in the last year, and it raises a new budget bar for every device. I feel like this air purifier just wants to have some fun. It isn’t necessarily the most skilled at any one thing, but it’s hard to look away from a deal this good.

In terms of specs, the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 doesn’t really sit behind the previous SilverOnyx. Of course, you don’t have the UV-C light filter as featured in the predecessor, but the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 is still decent with the vital ion generator and the same True HEPA filter as its brother.

Again, the SilverOnyx definitely not for everyone. Still, going for as low as $79 price point, everyone can afford this great air purifier. Even if you love flagship air purifiers, it’s hard not to be impressed with the SilverOnyx 3-in-1, the new budget-priced ruler of air purifiers. This air purifier is discontinued.

In such low budget, only the AeraMax 100 and Airthereal ADH80 can compare with the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 with its built-in Smart Sensor. Others like Levoit LV-H132, GermGuardian AC4825 and Blue Pure 411 are only the non-smart devices, and that’s why the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 has everything to claim the throne in budget market.

Today, we have a very attractive deal for you, reducing the price point of SilverOnyx 3-in-1 to only $44. It will be only for a limited time, so grab it when you’re ready.

Top SilverOnyx 3-in-1 deals right now

SilverOnyx 3 in 1 Air Purifier for Home with True HEPA Carbon Filter, UV Light, Ionizer, Silver Edition.

Air Cleaner for Allergies and Pets, Smoke, Dust, Mold, Smokers. Quiet Air filtration with 2 fan speeds.

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SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Design and Size

Although this air purifier is targeted towards those on a budget, you wouldn’t guess it just by looks alone. The SilverOnyx 3-in-1 has a quite unique design in the market, only nearly resembles the Biota Bot MM108. A few noticeable borrowed examples are the thermos-shape and broad base, but in my opinion, this air purifier feels a lot more premium.

Obviously, cheaper build materials are used here, but if you have experienced even the $400 air purifiers, you will know that the most used material is always plastic. By using the plastic, the air purifier will be much lighter, and you can easily clean and vacuum the device later.

At the dimension of 9.4 inches in height and 7.5 inches in width, the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 could be the smallest-size air purifier in the world. And with a broad base, just like the previous SilverOnyx, you can put this air purifier on almost everything, from the table, the desk, the side table and even the kitchen. However, I must warn you, just like any other air purifiers, you must keep the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 away from the cooking appliances, gas appliances or fireplace. The ion generator is also one reason to keep this air purifier away from many other electronic appliances like the TV, speakers or computers.

This SilverOnyx 3-in-1 remains the classic bottom-to-top air filtration system, but it reduces the size of the air vents a lot. It is reasonable, because of the very small size from this air purifier, but it requires you to turn the air purifier back so the fresh air can be directed to you. I never see such a small air outlet grill like this SilverOnyx 3-in-1.

The button keys are located on top of this air purifier, and it doesn’t have the digital display screen like the SilverOnyx. But I still like this control panel, it is simple and elegant.

silveronyx 3-in-1 review


You can choose from two different color options: the White one and the Silver one. My testing unit is a White version, and as you can see from the picture below, it is hard to tell the difference between these two.

For the weight, the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 is only 2.9 lbs, and I can guarantee this is the most lightweight air purifier that I have ever tested and known. It is even smaller than the Blue Pure 411, Levoit LV-H126 and GermGuardian AC4100.

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SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Filters

As the most important criteria to decide one air purifier’s power, we need to review the performance rating of its air filters and the air filter types are used. We know the powerful 5-in-1 SilverOnyx, and we can easily tell that the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 will have 3 different stage in air cleaning system.

  1. Pre-filter – A mesh pre-filter, covered with the Activated Carbon filter to remove both the large particles like hair and pet dander, and the household odors like kitchen odor, pet odor and smoke.
  2. True HEPA filter – The SilverOnyx 3-in-1 uses the H13 True HEPA filter to remove 99.5% of dust and allergens up to 0.3 microns in size.
  3. Ionizer – Vital ionize destroys harmful airborne allergens. Can be switched on/off.

First, all the airborne allergens must pass the pre-filter of this air purifier. It is made of non-woven materials, and it is covered with a real Activated Carbon filter, so the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 can clean both the larger particles and things like formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, TVOC, smoke, and garbage odors in just the elementary filter.

Next, you will enjoy the H13-class True HEPA filter, which is also the most popular True HEPA being used in the market. It has high efficiency against the micro particles like pollen, dust mites, dust, mold spores, and textile fibers, however, the manufacturer only stated a rating of 99.5% for any particles with size of 0.3 microns.

There is also one layer of nano-mineral sieve absorption, which is made of granular activated carbon. By absorbing the additional unwanted particulate matters, this layer is a great way to increase the lifetime of the Activated Carbon filter.

Finally, we still have the common Anion generator. This stage of air filtration can release the negative ions and remove airborne bacteria and toxins. But, just like the SilverOnyx, the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 is not tested and certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to meet an ozone emission concentration limit of 0.05 parts per million. So this air purifier can trigger asthma and other breathing issues, and you need to turn the ionizer function off immediately.

To test an under $100 air purifier like this SilverOnyx 3-in-1, I only put it in a room of 100 square feet and let it run for 1 hour. The testing samples this time were the famous Levoit LV-H132 and GermGuardian AC5000. It clearly the winner was GermGuardian AC5000, as it can clean a room of 100 square feet with high efficiency of 99.9% for any particles as small as 0.3 microns. The SilverOnyx 3-in-1 can only clean with efficiency of 99.8%, and the Levoit LV-H132 is 99.7%.

silveronyx 3-in-1 review

Good news is, the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 only costs you $19 for the air filter replacement. You should replace the filter cartridge every 6 months, and this is a very ideal fee for keeping your indoor air fresh and clean, right?

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SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Room Coverage

This time, the company doesn’t set a room size suggestion for their SilverOnyx 3-in-1 anymore. From the ACH and CADR rating of this air purifier, I believe the suitable room size should be 100 square feet.

The ACH of SilverOnyx 3-in-1 is only 2X. With 2 fan speeds, the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 can clean your room every 30 minutes.

The CADR of SilverOnyx 3-in-1 is still 83 cfm in general. That’s why I recommend to use this air purifier in a space of 100 square feet, as you will enjoy the fresh air twice per hour, and it is much better than use it against a larger space.

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SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Sound

The SilverOnyx 3-in-1 continues the silent operation from its brother – the SilverOnyx. You should know that the weak fan power always means the less noise. For the price, this is a generous reason that, ideally, should keep the air purifier at noise level of only 25 decibels. And yes, this is exactly the noise level of the whisper, and it is even quieter than the famous Levoit LV-H132 and GermGuardian AC4825.

Even if you run this air purifier at the highest setting, it will only produce a noise level of 45 decibels (db). It is just around the noise level of library, and you won’t hear any sound from this SilverOnyx 3-in-1 for sure.

I expect everyone will buy this air purifier and use it on their desks, or the side tables in their bedrooms.

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SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Power Consumption

In Breathe Quality, one of our most FAQs is “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?”. In fact, an air purifier needs to run for a long time (usually more than 8 hours) to be efficient, and therefore, power consumption is an important criteria to decide which air purifier to buy.

Focusing on the power consumption, the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 can grind the rated power to only 8 watts, such low power consumption that can beat all other air purifiers in every price range. You should know that the common power consumption of the Levoit LV-H132 is 28 watts, and I thought this is a very low power consumption, which is also the highest power consumption of our today air purifier.

For running the SilverOnyx 3-in-1 8 hours per day, you need to pay only $3 to $10 annually. I guess that’s why you can use this air purifier 24/7, without thinking twice about the energy bill.

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SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Additional Features

To save cost for the SilverOnyx 3-in-1, clearly the company needs to sacrifice something. Fortunately, they keep the Smart Sensor, but this time you must use the feature by default. This SilverOnyx 3-in-1 has an air quality indicator on the top control panel, which shows you the current indoor air quality. However, it is affected by water vapor, fumes, sprays and it can be inaccurate many times. So, you should move the device to another room to test the indicator. If the indicator is red, the air purifier will automatically run on highest speed to clean the room faster.

Out of the convenient Smart Sensor, we won’t have the Sleep mode anymore. You don’t have even the Dim Light setting, or Auto Mode. You will have a Timer setting, but it is only fixed at 2,4 and 8 hours to be turned off.

Finally, we still have the electronic filter replacement indicator. You don’t need to put a reminder, as this air purifier will always alert you on time.

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SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Customer Service

Beside from the great products, SilverOnyx truly concerns about the customer service, and this is one thing that I highly recommend you to choose this brand. If you want to buy their air purifiers, you will have the wonderful free shipping. But remember, your orders must be over $99 to meet the policy’s requirement. All domestic orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail, and need 3 to 5 business days to complete the shipment.

If you have any questions about your order, or a specific product, you can reach them via phone at 801-341-2845, or via email at Their working days are from Monday to Friday.

In case you aren’t happy with the SilverOnyx’s air purifier, you can return the items within 30 days of delivery, and of course you are responsible for return shipping costs. They only provide an 1-year warranty for their air purifiers, but I believe it is enough to test your air purifier.

Top SilverOnyx 3-in-1 deals right now

SilverOnyx 3 in 1 Air Purifier for Home with True HEPA Carbon Filter, UV Light, Ionizer, Silver Edition.

Air Cleaner for Allergies and Pets, Smoke, Dust, Mold, Smokers. Quiet Air filtration with 2 fan speeds.

Our verdict

The SilverOnyx 3-in-1 is an interesting device to buy. It has better fan power than most of the most-buy air purifiers like Levoit LV-H132, GermGuardian AC4825 or Blue Pure 411, and you can always rely on its Smart Sensor. The only thing you need to concern is the ion generator, but you can always turn this function off. It is discontinued, though.

SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: True HEPA + Ionizer ✓ Smart Sensor ✓ Value: 3.5/5 ✓Certified Review.

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