Biota Bot MM108 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Biota Bot MM108 is the genuine desktop air purifier with great design, and in this segment, that’s a good start. The Nebraska startup has improved on a number of things that most popular brands missed and managed to keep the price low enough to be a contender in the list of best air purifiers for bedroom. What do you hope to see in this new name? Let’s check out in our Biota Bot MM108 Review.

Sadly, it seems the Biota Bot MM608I can’t be found online anymore. If you’re looking for the best air purifier under $100, the Levoit Core 300 is a great start.

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biota bot mm108 review

  • Competitive price tag
  • Plenty of power
  • Sleek and modern design

  • Isn’t certified by CARB
  • High power consumption for performance

Biota Bot is the only product from MamieMac Inc, a family business of Matthew Carter, which is specializing in only air purifiers and air filters. Since 2016, this American brand from Nebraska is developing constantly to be one of the best air purifier brands reviewed by Breathe Quality. The Biota Bot MM108 is the smallest child in this family, but it holds good power to rival even some giant machines of other brands. Now, we will back to the Biota Bot MM108 Review.

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Biota Bot MM108 Price

There is not only one, but three air purifiers from Biota Bot have been introduced to the air purifier enthusiasts, and we can think of it like a charm, right? True to their “small-town values”, MamieMac Inc is pushing forward with a compact air purifier that matches the power of even giant ones.

So here we are with the Biota Bot MM108, a device that targets the lowest range of market, with high expectations coming from the success of the Biota Bot MM208. If anything, it is also the victim of its own success, because one still-small firm is normally unable to stand the expectation.

As you may expect then, the Biota Bot MM108 is such a great device, with high-quality air filter sets. Sadly, it needs to raise the cost beyond $100, and settles the price of Biota Bot MM108 to be $129. It is quite reasonable for a compact device, but with good fan power and everything you could demand from the high-end devices.

But the Biota Bot MM108 is not the most powerful air purifier in this price range. The giant ones, however, can perform at least the same as our today unit, like GermGuardian AC5250PT or InvisiClean 4-in-1 Tower Air Purifier. There are even air purifiers that can perform in a much larger rooms, most notably the InvisiClean Aura and VEVA 8000 Elite Pro. If you value the performance above everything else, you should consider these other options.

But I still love the Biota Bot MM108, a precious compact air purifier with surprisingly strong performance, while the cost is still competitive in this low-budget market.

Top Biota Bot MM108 deals right now

Biota Bot #MM108 desktop air purifier True HEPA Ionic air filtering system with 5 stages of air purification.

Premium quality with strong performance for the price. Super lightweight and portable to use. Comes with the handy Smart Sensor.

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Biota Bot MM108 Design and Size

The single biggest advancement from the old compact air purifiers is the sleek design of Biota Bot MM108. I forgave the design of Biota Bot MM608I because it is meant for large rooms, but when the Biota Bot MM208 came round many people, myself included, wanted more than what was on offer.

Thankfully the compact air purifier has answered fan’s calls for a more premium design, still delivering its plastic body but with a luxury black color to make it feel a bit “metallic”.

The result is pleasing. It doesn’t have the cheap build like its brother, and we can easily find the adopt from design concept of this Biota Bot MM108 in newer devices, for example the SilverOnyx 3-in-1. But in my personal taste, the black option of Biota Bot MM108 is more favorable than the silver in this look-alike.

Biota Bot MM108 comes with a good finish, and it has two parallel air intake grills at the bottom. Like many desktop air purifiers, the Biota Bot MM108 runs a bottom-to-top air flow system concept, but with the power to hold two sets of air filters, the Biota Bot MM108 can prove better performance.

The top control panel of Biota Bot MM108 is, in my opinion, is stunning with LED light. However, you can’t turn off the light, unless you turn off the device unit.

biota bot mm108 review


This is one of the most compact air purifiers in the world, as the total weight of Biota Bot MM108 is only 3 lbs. Its height is also suitable for a desktop device, as it is just 12.2 inches.

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Biota Bot MM108 Filters

With the continuous trend of making affordable air purifier as the all-round device (air purifier with all air filter types) to increase the efficiency, the Biota Bot MM108 packs with as many air filtration stages as possible. As advertisement, the Biota Bot MM108 has a 5-stage air cleaning system, but only in one mechanical filter.

  1. Pre-filter – An elementary pre-filter helps you capture the larger particles like dust, hair and pet dander.
  2. True HEPA filter – Again, we have another True HEPA air purifier with ability to capture microscopic particles like pollen, dust, dust mites, fibers and mold spores.
  3. Activated Carbon filter – Removes odors from smoke, cooking and formaldehyde.
  4. Nano-Mineral Crystal Filter – With the thin granular carbon, the Biota Bot MM108 can improve the performance of adsorption.
  5. Ionizer – The negative ionizer can improve the efficiency of this air purifier by anchoring the allergens inside the mechanical filter. Can be switched on/off.

Like many compact air purifiers at the moment, Biota Bot MM108 uses a True HEPA filter as the core layer of filtration. This is also the most effective method to deal with airborne allergens, and in this Biota Bot MM108, the efficiency can be further increased with the ionizer. The portable device releases 10 million ions per second, thus electrically charge the air molecules to fall onto the mechanical HEPA filter.

However, the Biota Bot MM108, like its brothers as well, is not certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to meet the safety standard of not releasing too much ozone. Ozone is the number one cause of asthma attack, as well as many other respiratory issues. Though this company promises that their air purifiers don’t generate large quantities of ozone, we hope to check a CARB certification later.

Finally, you have not only one, but twice the layers of carbon filter for Biota Bot MM108. It can improve the efficiency of adsorbing odors, which is really necessary for a device in bedroom.

I have made a lot of tests for the low-range air purifiers, especially the compact ones like Biota Bot MM108. But looking at the specs of this device, I can believe in its performance to match even things like GermGuardian AC5250PT or AeraMax 100. In a room of 100 square feet, and after 1 hour, I rigorously run the Biota Bot MM108 and ended up with a satisfied result, this air purifier can clean 99.9% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns. I can see the ionizer plays a impressive role in this result, however, it can’t run continuously to push the efficiency beyond the threshold of 99.9%.

biota bot mm108 review

We need a pack of two air filters for this Biota Bot MM108, and the air filter can last for 6 – 12 months of use. The cost for a genuine air filter is $24, which is still cheaper than most others in the same price range.

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Biota Bot MM108 Room Coverage

Biota Bot MM108 doesn’t try to deceive others for large room coverage. Instead, the compact air purifier is suggested for small room, only 160 square feet.

biota bot mm108 review


The ACH of Biota Bot MM108 is 2X. To be fair, the fan power of Biota Bot MM108 does a pretty decent job, and it will exchange the air every 30 minutes.

The CADR of Biota Bot MM108 is 100 cfm in general. At first, I only expect half the actual CADR rating for such a compact air purifier, and what could I say, the Biota Bot MM108 is beyond my imagination.

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Biota Bot MM108 Sound

One thing you should expect from a bedroom air purifier, and this should be the most important thing – the silent operation. There have been some negative reports regarding the high noise level from air purifiers in the same price range, but the Biota Bot MM108 actually improve things on its own.

You can see just how quiet the Biota Bot MM108 performs right now. On lowest speed, the Biota Bot MM108 is only 30 decibels (db), such noise level of the whisper. You will hardly hear a sound from this desktop air purifier when sleeping.

Of all 60 reviews on Amazon, I haven’t found even one negative reviews of the noise level from this Biota Bot MM108, so you can be sure with the silent operation of its fan.

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Biota Bot MM108 Power Consumption

An air purifier is designed to run for a long time to be more efficient, making the high-priority question in Breathe Quality is: “Do air purifiers use a lot of energy?” To know the answer, we will need to check the power consumption of this air purifier.

The power consumption of this Biota Bot MM108 is truly amazing, as it is only 8 watts on lowest speed. The thing is, Biota Bot users will be happy with the energy bill of using this compact air purifier.

If you run the Biota Bot MM108 for about 8 hours each day, you only need to pay $3 each year.

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Biota Bot MM108 Additional Features

It’s difficult to find an air purifier with Smart Sensor with only $129, and in reality, the number of affordable air purifiers with such high-end features is easy to be counted.

But what is the Smart Sensor? Biota Bot MM108 has an air sensor that can automatically adjust the fan speed depending on air quality. The process is automatic, and this feature can help reduce the energy cost a lot.

Other than that, the Biota Bot MM108 has a Timer to schedule the time off of this air purifier, once the selected time has elapsed.

However, the Biota Bot MM108 doesn’t have the LED indicator for filter replacement, so you need to check the filter regularly for optimal performance.

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Biota Bot MM108 Customer Service

There is only one problem with the Biota Bot products, and it is the customer service. As a small company, MamieMac Inc can only provide contact as email, at the address of

They don’t state the policy on their website, but you can make a refund within 30 days for any reasons making you not satisfied with their products. Moreover, all Biota Bot are backed up with a 3-year warranty, which is good enough to rely on the devices.

Top Biota Bot MM108 deals right now

Biota Bot #MM108 desktop air purifier True HEPA Ionic air filtering system with 5 stages of air purification.

Premium quality with strong performance for the price. Super lightweight and portable to use. Comes with the handy Smart Sensor.

Our verdict

The Biota Bot MM108 is quite more expensive than other popular compact air purifiers in the same bracket, but it has its own reasons. The CADR rating is high enough to deal with a small room, and its air filtration system is composed of, somehow, many air cleaning stages. Our only problem, if there is one for this air purifier, is the vague support for the device.

Biota Bot MM108 Air Purifier: Trusted Review in 2024
Biota Bot MM108 Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Biota Bot MM108 Reviews and Specs (Air Purifier Trusted Reviews in 2024). ✓ Cleaning Power: True HEPA+ionizer ✓ Value: 3.7/5 ✓ Certified Review

Product Brand: Biota Bot

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 129

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A great Levoit LV-H132 alternative, but with higher price.