How to clean your carpets?

Today, it is common that you have a visit to a furniture department in some random store. Then, you quickly fall in love with a pretty and lovely carpet. You dream to have it in your beautiful living room, right? But just the thought of cleaning it make you stay away. Well, not just you don’t know how to clean your carpets, carpet is clearly a perfect spot for trapping contaminant and toxic particles like dust, dust mites, pet hair, pet dander, pollen, fungi and even mold.

We all want a new, clean and pretty carpet in your house to show our guest how beautiful your living room is. However, the main reason we need to keep it clean because the carpet can trap and then release back the contaminants back to the air we breathe in. So learning how to clean your carpet is urgent if you have one or more carpets in your house. Today, Breathe Quality will help you to clean your carpets.

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How to clean your carpets

Today we will show you how to clean your carpets of gum, wine stains, candle wax and more. Accidents can leave these nasty stains behind. If you want to keep your carpets clean, here are some cleaning tips and tricks from experts.

Remove chewing gum

Gum is the almost impossible problem to get it out. The best method is to apply ice cubes into the gum and wait until you freeze it. The process take you about 30 seconds. Once the gum is frozen it will be quite solid and you can use a spoon to lift it from your carpets. You shouldn’t use your bare hand because human’s temperature could melt it.

Remove candle wax

Candle wax is also the most common thing to see in your carpet. It will leave a ugly mark in your carpet. To remove the candle wax, you can use a white paper towel and put it over the wax mark. Then you can iron the paper, so the wax will melt and get on the paper towel. Be sure to use a white towel because the heat can transfer the color to your carpets.

Remove wine stains

To remove the wine stains, you could use club soda. You can use club soda properly by blotting the stained area, not rubbing it. After the stain is removed, use warm water to rinse that area. Then you can brush your carpets.

In order to dry that spot of your club soda, use a simple white towel. Then weigh it down with something heavy, so it can absorb the dampness. The process should take you one day to totally dry your carpets.

Hire steaming clean service

If you don’t have time and you are not a pro at doing cleaning work, you should consider hiring some cleaning service. Overall, you should use steaming clean, as dry clean can damage your carpets. With appropriate care and upkeep, the appearance and life of your carpets will go a long way making the entire look of the house being upgraded.

Prevention is always better

It is reasonable to have at least one carpet in your house. One practical method to keep your carpets clean is preventing it from trapping the dirt particles. You should check your shoes and your clothes before stepping into your carpets, especially when you were from outside. To keep your air quality better for you and your family’s health, also for your carpets not to trap these tiny contaminants, you should use an air purifier. Below are some lists of air purifier for specific purpose to help you go with it.

List of best air purifiers

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