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Enviroklenz is the air purifier brand of the Timilon Technology Acquisitions LLC, registered in 2016. Actually, the Enviroklenz brand isn’t all about air purifiers, but don’t take it lightly. Its air purifiers are only in the high-range segment, with high-quality performance and power to deal with all kinds of airborne pollutants. The company has only two models: the Enviroklenz Mobile Air System and Enviroklenz Mobile UV.

Enviroklenz Mobile Air System Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

With strong air filtration system, the Enviroklenz Mobile Air System is easily the challenger for things like Austin Air HealthMate Plus, AllerAir 5000 or Amaircare 3000. Plus the very good customer service from the company makes the Enviroklenz a good pick for high-range budget. Okay, let’s check our today Enviroklenz Mobile Air System Review. Enviroklenz Mobile …