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Airdoctor is a new air purifier brand with the headquarter in California, founded in 2018. At the moment, the company has just released only one product: the Airdoctor UltraHEPA Air Purifier. This device is advertised to be 100x more effective than ordinary air purifiers. This air purifier was once certified by the Energy Star, and it has an amazing 6-stage air cleaning system. Seems like a great air purifier to buy.

Airdoctor AD3000 UltraHEPA Air Purifier: Trusted Review & Specs

Overall the Airdoctor AD3000 UltraHEPA is a great air purifier, but the “100x more efficient than ordinary HEPA air purifiers” marketing fails to impress. Maybe it does everything it needs to stay at the price, but this Airdoctor air purifier still struggles to rise above the competition. Welcome to our in-depth Airdoctor AD3000 Review. Airdoctor AD3000 …